Raping Faster

Image of the world’s largest digging machine. Now we can do it faster.

Still missing in all the dialogue, decisions and directions being taken by humans, is the now blatantly obvious need to slow down, scale down and step back.  Use less, build less, grow less.  This is the only path to sustainability and human survival (which is now highly doubtful).
The continued “advancement” of human civilization is absolutely destroying the planet, faster and faster.  Gigantic machines, space warfare and our consumer society aside, the real problem is us and our repeated failure to understand the human role in the global ecosystems.

It’s not to build, brand and buy as fast as possible, but to learn to coexist.  Clearly, this is something we don’t even understand. Since we cannot even live with each other, we’re not going to be able to live with other beings either, and thus we go, raping and plundering, destroying whatever we touch and wondering why it all turns to dust before our eyes.


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