Rampant Inflation in 2011?

The Economic Collapse Blog has an article on this topic: Rampant Inflation in 2011? The Monetary Base Is Exploding, Commodity Prices Are Skyrocketing And The Fed Wants To Print Lots More Money

But what is even more troubling is the dramatic spike in commodity prices that we have seen in 2010.

Wheat futures have surged 63 percent since the month of June.  Wheat has recently been selling well above 7 dollars a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade.

But wheat is far from alone.  In his recent column entitled “An Inflationary Cocktail In The Making“, Richard Benson listed many of the other commodities that have seen extraordinary price increases over the past year….

*Agricultural Raw Materials: 24%

*Industrial Inputs Index: 25%

*Metals Price Index: 26%

*Coffee: 45%

*Barley: 32%

*Oranges: 35%

*Beef: 23%

*Pork: 68%

*Salmon: 30%

*Sugar: 24%

*Wool: 20%

*Cotton: 40%

*Palm Oil: 26%

*Hides: 25%

*Rubber: 62%

*Iron Ore: 103%

Now, as those price increases enter the chain of production do you think that there is any chance that they will not cause inflation?

Do you think there is any chance at all that producers and retailers will not pass those costs on to consumers?

It is time to face facts.

Those cost increases are going to filter all the way through the system and your paycheck is soon not going to stretch nearly as far.

Inflation is coming.

There’s more at the link above.

And this article is how prices at Wal-Mart are skyrocketing already: Wal-Mart prices going up – The mega-retailer has been raising prices faster than mainstream grocery stores, losing some of its discount lead.

It’s pretty clear everybody is barely keeping their heads above water, the “Proof Is In The Numbers, America Is Getting Poorer”


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