Where do you want to be when the nations are required to retreat to their respective corners in a post-oil world?

How much more war will we see for oil resources?

Where will that war be?

Who will supply the warm bodies for those wars?

How many bodies will enough?

When will enough be enough?

What price are we really willing to pay to keep our present lifestyles?

Do you want your children to go to war?

Will you help, hinder or just stand aside?

When will you be angry enough to stop contributing to the problem?

Do Americans really support torture and genocide despite their objections?

Isn’t what we do more revealing then what we say?

What punishment would be fit for Bush & Company for their crimes against humanity?

How soon could we expect to see justice?

What will the world look like in 50 years?

What will the world look like in 5 years?

How can we prepare for the changes that are forthcoming?

Will climate change wipe out all life on earth?

Where will we live if our weather changes so severely that there is no more water?

How will your children manage to survive without modern agriculture?

What will Americans do if the oil currency is no longer in dollars?

What happens when transportation becomes so expensive that the shipment of goods prohibits their manufacture and transportation?

What can be done if your local community simply cannot produce any food due to soil, water, climate, skill or labor shortages?

How will you get to work if gasoline costs exceed 50% of your monthly income?

Just how much oil is really left anyway?

What plans are being made for an oil-depleted world?

Can we count on any of them, today?

What happens if the nations power grid goes down due to extreme demand and the high costs of maintaining the infrastructure?

What do you do if the creditors demand payment in full because of the meltdown of the US economy?

How much debt can the US economy absorb?

Will your job even exist in 10 years when your mortgage lasts 30?

How many Iraqi civilians must die before Americans stop supporting this war with blood, taxes and bodies?

What happens when China decides to spend it’s 1.2 trillion dollar cash reserves?

Will the 2008 election make any difference in the shape of things to come?

Are there any candidates that can do anything more then extend empty promises like all politicians of the past?

Does voting even work anymore?

Will there even be a 2008 election?

Who is really worth voting for?

Can politicians actually fix anything?

Does the media hold the key to American beliefs?

What happened to education in this country?

Why have we lost all common sense?

How sustainable is our present way of life?

What will happen if we continue on this course?

How much time do we have left?

Will we find any answers?

Where are they?

Do we regard our current way of life as being irreplacable, non-negotiable, or is that something that someone else said?

What exactly do we believe?

Isn’t our true beliefs exhibited in our behavior?

Shouldn’t we judge by what we see, not by what we say?

Will hypocrisy always be rewarded?

Will an accounting come finally due?

When will that be?

Do we believe everything we hear?

Why do we watch television anyway?

Is life really that boring?

How come the news we watch never seems to present both sides of the story?

How much news is being censored in this country?

Why do other news sources report news we never hear about in America?

Does the world revolve around the United States?

Does the world revolve around the opinions expressed by the Whitehouse?

What do people really think?

How come we can’t stop this war?

Why don’t we stop this war?

Just how powerless are we really?

Does anybody even care about the truth anymore?

Why does ignorance get rewarded and honesty and integrity get punished?

Why aren’t politicians honest?

Are there any honest people anymore?

What is the secret agenda?

How can we honestly look ourselves in the mirror and say to ourselves, “I’ve done the best I can”?

What exactly do we want?

What is the most important issue to each one of us?

Why are we all in so much debt?

How come debt is such a huge portion of our lives?

Does anybody even know what real money is anymore?

Can’t we have an honest and ethical government?

Why not?

Are we all condemned to ride this merry-go-round and never able to get off?

Is this how people are really supposed to be living?

Is this the best we can do?

Was it always this way?

How was it different?

Where is the exit?

How come I can’t find it?

Is it really like this for every human alive on the planet today?

How come I can’t just quit?


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2 thoughts on “Questions!

  • July 11, 2007 at 9:00 pm
    My maternal grandfather had the same answer to every question, “Uh huh”.
  • July 12, 2007 at 4:34 am
    I could answer, or rather offer an answer for every one of these questions, but each would simply be one of many possibilities, and would no doubt be little more than an educated guess and/or opinion, probably of little value to anyone besides myself.

    I’d like to think I’m not that egotistical.

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