Pysops Operations On Americans

There’s an important story (and life lesson) going on right now that you probably haven’t heard about.

psychological operations in the United StatesTitled “Fracking Companies Using ‘Psychological Warfare’ Tactics To Silence Critics?, it reveals the corporate use of U.S. military veterans trained in ‘psyops’ — engaging in psychological warfare against Americans.

This is actually about a lot more then fracking (injecting chemicals deep into the Earth to push out gas), but how American companies feel about Americans and the great lengths that they will go to get what they want.

You should read it. Industry is taking a militarized approach even here in the United States to obtain a forced “consensus” and public “acceptance” through fear, intimidation and division of communities.  They’re using American veterans to do this.

Also be sure to read, “Gas Fracking Industry Using Military Psychological Warfare Tactics and Personnel In U.S. Communities“.  Here, you will find how corporations are now calling Americans “insurgents” in their own communities because they simply disagree with a company policy.

If you don’t know about fracking — this is a highly dangerous, toxic practice that is destroying water wells, aquifers, streams and air quality, and the lives of thousands in America and in communities around the world.  But like I said — this is about far, far more then fracking. It’s about how corporate America, especially the so-called “energy industry” is willing to engage in combat operations against Americans in order to increase their profits.  They don’t care who gets hurt or the damage that they are causing either.

Psyops on U.S. citizens is technically “illegal” — but anybody with half a brain still functioning knows that it’s being used here on a widespread basis.  The propaganda arm of the U.S. Government for example uses psyops against Americans constantly, and so does nearly every other interest group in America. The “divide and conquer” strategy we’re all familiar with is a part of this.  So is the anti-climate science organizations, the coal and oil industry and many, many other so-called “interest groups” (whose only ‘interest’ is in more profits) in America and around the world.

What this means is Americans are being highly manipulated and always have been.

It is industry and business that ‘creates markets’ (which are actually artificial) through public manipulation and coercion.  An unrestricted market, oft thought of as the panacea of a so-called “free society” is really just a description for unregulated industry to do whatever the hell they want. They bring forth as many products as they possibly can, “competing” with other companies for your dollars.  To do so, they advertise they’re products quite heavily, insisting that you have to buy them through appeal, desire, sex or need.  The competition is fierce — and ruthless.

In a truly free society, we would not all be victimized by their incessant manipulations and constant demands to buy their products, we would actually be protected against it. We fall for their propaganda and promotions, coming to accept our “need” for the endless stream of products that they produce.

This all leads to gigantic profits — and gigantic landfills, filled with discarded waste and toxic substances. The marketing of Americans begins with industry and business, who now offer all of us far in excess of what we “need” and primarily focus us all on what we’re told to want.

Remember vinyl records?  8 track tapes? The transistor radio?  Boom boxes?  Sony Walkman? Then along came the MP3 players, already superseded by the ubiquitous cell phone.  Improvements all, with each successive generation, but at what cost to planetary resources, community health or company profits?  We never seem to question this endless stream of constant growth, improvement, and innovation until it’s too late.  We may indeed have better toys to play with — but at what point in time will we finally realize their true costs to all of us?

Industry and business must compete with other businesses in order to stay “in the game”, otherwise they are swiftly eclipsed by better innovation and technology, cheaper products, and faster delivery.  This all fuels the so-called “growth” of our economy, better, bigger, faster, and more, our entire country is organized around this basic concept.  But it’s quite evident that this is the wrong way to go about our existence here — our very lives are now being threatened by this endless expansion and fabricated “demand” fostered by industry.  But they’ve absolutely no intention at stopping, because they’re existence, their “life blood”, their very purpose for being here, depends upon them improving the so-called performance (technology) envelope and maximizing their profits.

It won’t take long for you to realize that the endless destruction of the Earth is being done by businesses, corporations and industry as integral to their profit margins. They go hand in hand, slicing, dicing, extracting and exploiting all the resources of the Earth into tinier and tinier chunks, bringing “to market” in a fabricated, artificially created public “demand” through propaganda, “better” technology and innovations.  We quite willingly participate in the endless destruction by buying their products, in an endless loop of complicit behavior.  We’re as guilty as they are.

So when you read about pysops being used on Americans in America, this then should come as no surprise.  It’s long been a part of our society.  Americans must “have it all” and they do — thanks to helpful and profitable corporations that brought all these newfangled trinkets to us and their constant advertising, which is just a polite name for psychological operations.

If you’ve ever wondered why there are so many dumb and stupid people in America, you could point to the psychological operations that they have all been subjected to.  They’re “stupid” (believing in stupid things) by design.  It’s not the least bit “accidental” or even a characteristic of their individual intelligence (which is just as good as anybody else’s in the world).  They’re “stupid” because they’ve adopted lifetimes of programming — instructions that began as early as birth, taught to them by their parents who also embraced some dumb ideas. Most remain “stupid”, failing to seriously question anything, which I honestly cannot excuse.  If America has anything “free”, it’s easily accessed information.  If someone won’t use it, they’re at fault for choosing to remain ignorant.

Let me give you an example.  Why would any society willingly eject trillions of tons of toxic pollution into the atmosphere, century after century?  We all know we breath these toxins in and out everyday, building them up in our bodies with long-term carcinogenic effects. Yet we keep doing this, even engaging in smoking tobacco and other substances — all known to harm us and impair our lives, causing severe health problems.  Endless reams of education and free information on these issues hasn’t stopped the problem.  Why?

What society would knowingly pollute and destroy the environment in which it lives, constantly engaging in an ever increasing cycle of destruction and pollution? All voluntarily?

Because there is a great deal of programming (propaganda) going on that counteracts common sense and what we know to be wrong, and because we’re too vested now to change our way of life (abandon the gasoline engine for example).  So we keep on doing this, despite all the known health hazards of what we are doing to ourselves.  But now we’re facing a really terrifying monster of runaway climate change as a direct result of our programmed indifference and acceptance to the propaganda.

Fracking is well known to be terribly destructive to the environment and has a lot of opposition, but industry doesn’t care in their desire for more profits — and is engaging in psychological warfare against communities and individuals. But they’re not alone, this is a practice that can be found throughout our entire society.  You can easily find it if you but look.

Any organized resistance is swiftly infiltrated and countered from within. There is also manipulation of the members and participants.  If you’ve ever attended a public meeting, protest, or organization, you can witness this first-hand.  Examine the American media — which is the worst in the world when it comes to reporting information. Highly controlled (owned) and manipulated, our “news” is pure propaganda designed to inject their thoughts into your head. In between, every 9 minutes or so, is a ream of stupid, inane “commercials” to convince you to buy something.

Open up any glossy magazine from any publisher and you’re senses are visually assaulted with the plethora of crap they’re trying to sell.  “Advertising” is considered a respectable industry — but is it really? Isn’t it just propaganda, with fake smiles, heavy makeup, sex appeal and unrequited desire plastered on every page?

I don’t advertise — because I consider the practice abhorrent in truth.  You need to decide for YOURSELF what you need, not someone else “telling” you.  My own website can be easily found, but that’s as far as I’m willing to take it.  From there, it’s up to you to READ and EDUCATE yourself on what you can do.   I won’t even engage people that are basically saying “tell me what to buy”.  I simply point them to long-published articles and say “read this”.  Otherwise, I’d be like everyone else — trying to loosen up the dollars in your pocket.

The truth is — I’m not willing to perpetuate a societal practice that says “let me do your thinking for you”.  This leads to even more stupid, ignorant (and dependent) people. When I see this going on every where I look, the thought that I cannot shake from my mind is “greed”.  Unmitigated, unabashed GREED.

It’s not helping.  It’s not improving things. It’s not making for a “better society” or even better “preparedness” in the industry I’m in. It’s only about profits, self-promotion and constant expansion.  It’s a primary cause of what is wrong with this country and in the world today.  Greed has led us to the brink of environmental collapse and widespread destruction. Propaganda and advertising has deliberately blinded the awareness and knowledge of how bad this has now become.  Profits have fueled endless expansion in a finite world.


I’m living with less and so are you.  This is NOT the same world I grew up in. It has RADICALLY changed and NOT for the better.  I lay awake at night and ponder it all, quite often.  I never realized that when I was young that this was actually as good as it was going to get. I thought, like all young people do, that I’d be “free” one day to do what I wanted, go where I wanted, live how I wanted.  But looking back, I now realize how wrong I was.

What is “left” now, what remains, is considerably less then what I once had available to experience.  The places I hiked, fished, hunted, explored, backpacked — are either gone, restricted, private property now or paved over.  The wilderness areas I enjoyed require permits and permissions slips, limited group sizes or restrictions on stay.  They’re trampled down, picked over, heavily abused “reserves” now that aren’t pristine.  Campgrounds are either gone now or overflowing with screaming kids, motorbikes or fleets of R.V.’s.

I find this all very, very tragic.

I am NOT free to go where I want, do what I want. There are more rules on travel now then ever before. I refuse to support the TSA and fly ANYWHERE. Travel now means you run the gauntlet of a police-state.

With age comes responsibility.  But age also comes means “decline” in reality.  The world you live in is a very different place then what you grew up in.

When you were young, you had few responsibilities beyond brushing your teeth and making your bed.  You were expected to go to school and get “educated”.  After school, you could do the things you wanted, which included dreaming what it would be like to be an adult, finally free of the institution that governed you (school, church, parents, whatever it was for you, probably all three).  Then when you were finally “cut loose” and told “go take care of your own self now” you found out really, really fast that this new life wasn’t going to be as easy as you thought (unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth).

I started off on my own the day after high-school graduation, packing my truck and hitting the road. I was 17 then.  Unencumbered by wife or children or debt, it was “fun” for a while, but I was constantly broke like any young person.  Working at various jobs, quitting the ones I hated (all of them) and trying something else was my new “way of life”.  But where was my freedom that I had envisioned?

I had new freedoms — but new responsibilities too.  Eventually I got married and had a family — even more responsibilities.  Putting nose to the grindstone was the answer — work hard, get ahead, make money, do whatever is asked of you by your “employer”.  Selling myself for wage slavery, I did as I was expected.  I hated all of it.  The only thing that mattered to me was my family.  Meanwhile, the entire world ground on, growing, expanding, becoming bigger, consuming more — and stealing away cherished places and even memories.  I hated this even more.

I’ve gone back to see the old neighborhood(s). They’re not the same. It’s quite shocking.  And very depressing.  Is this what it means for all of our memories?

I finally made my escape, many years later, but looking back on it all, I now realize that I was never as free as I was when I was a child.  And I never will be again.  My needs were met, and my imagination knew no boundaries.  My activities were incredible, always off doing something, interacting with friends, hiking, biking, exploring, camping, fishing, going to the movies — and of course, that hated institution, school.  My “freedom” would finally come when I came of age and the moment I did (for me, it was high school graduation) I hit the road.

Between then and now — like every other American — I was subjected to the same propaganda and advertising and false teaching of the meaning and value of life as everyone else and what it takes to “get ahead”.  I’ve come to realize that most of this is a great big lie intended to do nothing more then gain access to my pocket (and my time) — and by complicit if silent consent — go along with the ongoing rape and destruction of the places I live.  And the places you live.

Propaganda is a way of life to all of us now.  We’re older, wiser and more experienced, but we’re still subject to the incessant “advertising” and promotion that goes on all around us.  Corporate growth is “good”, economic decline is “bad”.

How so?  Why is this (still) considered true?  Why can’t decline be good?  Why can’t slowing down our economy be better then speeding it up?  Because we fail to count the costs — we believe in the propaganda instead.  Psychological operations notwithstanding, we CAN program ourselves to see through the bullshit and the dependency that this fosters in every American.  Do we really NEED another trinket to place on our shelves, to be discarded and replaced with yet another one next year? Or next month even?

They say that if you don’t know where you’ve been, then you will have no idea where you are going.  I’m certain that this is true.  I know where I’ve been — and what I’ve lost along the way, and I look ahead with a certain fearfulness and dread at what the future will bring.  We’ve lost so much now that what is left is literally the “dregs” remaining now at the bottom of the barrel.  All the low-hanging fruit has been long since consumed and used up.  But we’re not slowing down enough, we’re not restricting ourselves enough, we’re still plunging ahead as if it doesn’t matter.

We’re making a fatal mistake.  We’re still falling for the propaganda — the great, big psyops operation that encompasses our very lives, that tell us that we must always, constantly move ahead.

It’s all a lie.

I’d love to have the life I once had, but I know that I never, ever will.  It’s poignant and sad, but it’s also true.  I can’t bring myself to help participate in the ongoing decline of our world and I’m literally dumfounded by those that do.  They’re ignorant, often willingly, knowingly and with forethought and malice, like these evil fracking companies, but they’re joined by thousands upon thousands of businesses that are just like them.  The only thing I can do is to help point that way ahead to something different that we all want and need — a new way of living that does not embrace the lies, propaganda, fabricated “needs” and false belief systems that support the evils going on in our world.  It’s not a solution however, but it is a way of life and the only one I’ve found worth living as I pass through his place.

If you’re really going to counteract the psyops going on in your own mind, you’re going to have to deprogram yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Pysops Operations On Americans

  • October 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm
    Admin, there appears to be a certain amount of evidence that people like you or me are extremely rare, and it is simply part of human nature for actions and evaluations to be dictated by shall we say the more primitive instincts as opposed to rational thought and a regard for objective reality.

    I saw a pretty interesting documentary that I embedded today, at the end of this post, if you haven’t seen it: “The Century of the Self” and also some of the writings of Reg Morrison – have you heard of him?

  • October 14, 2012 at 2:19 pm


    No, haven’t seen these videos before, thank you. Pretty interesting how they orchestrated all of this.

    I also think your right. NO amount of graphs, better rhetoric or math is going to change anything. Logic doesn’t rule us. Emotions and basic instincts do.

    Being terrified may be the only “hope” there really is.

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