Pucker Lost

I’m getting the last laugh on Pucker Carlson’s most recent firing (he’s been fired from all the major networks now). Most of you probably don’t remember that I was immediately banned off of Twitter several years ago because of a post I’d made about Carlson and his need to be fired.

This was in the pre-Musk days of course, but Twitter’s heavy handed reaction to my post was pathetic and absurd. But hey, it was their platform, so whatever.

Funny how the times have changed. Now you can go on Twitter and support hatred, violence, insurrection, racism and whatever violent fantasies you can image and Musk will still be there for you, supporting your “free speech”. And yet, Pucker is gone from the airwaves… at least for now. Good riddance. This ball of human slime has done enormous damage to this country with incessent lies, accusations and insinuations. He SHOULD have been fired and banned from the air YEARS ago.

So chalk up one for me. Here are a few other Carlson posts: Learning How To Grift, Still The Same.

Dominion won that case against Fox News and the lies spewed by Carslon, et al., as expected. It was open and shut. I’m looking forward to the Smartmatic 2.7 billion dollar suit bankrupting this propaganda network. They should win and probably will.

I’m truly sick of fake news, fake “reviews”, fake people, fake everything. You probably are too. Dishonesty, grift and manipulation of minds is more rampant then ever. You can’t escape from this crap unless you simply disconnect from everything.



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