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Back in 2012, I shut commentary off on this blog. I’d issued a warning about how comments were being tracked and monitored by various agencies. Freedom Off – Data Mining On. Since then, commentary has been renenabled, but the points I raised are as valid as ever.

Now I learn that smartphones are being targeted with ultrasonic ‘beacons’, which can be used against you too.

“We spot ultrasonic beacons in various web media content and detect signals in4 of 35 stores in two European cities that are used for location tracking. While we do not find ultrasonic beacons in TV streams from 7 countries, we spot 234 Android applications that are constantly listening for ultrasonic beacons in the background without the user’s knowledge.”

All in all, ultrasonic tracking poses a potential threat to privacy if carried out without the consent or knowledge of the user. The researchers stated in their paper that “Our findings strengthen our concerns that the deployment of ultrasonic tracking increases in the wild and therefore needs serious attention regarding its privacy consequences.”

Apparently, the ‘sponge behind your ears’ is considered a valuable asset to some. I wish it were true. Money is not the only measure of value, or whether or not the sponge is capable of earning and spending more of it, enriching the corporations that are behind all of this.

This post is not about privacy, or freedom. It is about using and protecting that sponge to your best benefit. We are absorbing everything being thrown at us, but it’s definitely not all good. Which is why it is important to be careful about what you read, see, hear, watch and pay attention to. Protect your sponge. Only you can do that.

Nobody else will in other words, and what is unfolding faster and faster in the world today is how we are each being manipulated by this assault of information, marketing, advertising and news. They’re creating legions – hordes, entire armies of connedsumers of information. Clear headed thinking is almost extinct now, and in its place are parrots and zombies mumbling stupid slogans and mindless responses.

Trump cashed in on this big time (as every candidate always does) with his “Make America great again” which obviously isn’t happening. He lied to us (as they all do) and we went along with it (many of us – not this writer). I reiterate what I wrote many times before and found in the first link above – the United States is the most manipulated nation on Earth. I base this claim on actual observations, but admittedly, I don’t have that first-hand opportunity to observe what is happening in other countries. I just know that it is very, very bad here and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

I’ll leave this post short and not so sweet. Protect your sponge people. Be careful with what you absorb.


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