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This should make you mad:

It tells how, between 2009 and this year, the ATF instructed agents to turn a blind eye to hundreds of AK-47 assault rifles, sniper rifles, and revolvers purchased from gunshops in Phoenix and en route to Mexico. They hoped to eventually recover them from crime scenes and build a complex conspiracy case that might take down the leaders of a major drug cartel. Exposed: The secret guns sting that backfired on the US

Good god these people are f*cking stupid. You should read the link.

Of course, this is the same incompetent and notorious ATF (again), who made global headlines with their botched “raid” on Randy Weaver and Waco.

The “plan” it seems is “recover weapons from crime scenes” by enabling the crimes to happen!

Kind of like when the FBI gave real explosives to the ‘terrorists’ to blow up the World Trade Center (first attack).

Your protectors are (often) completely clueless and incompetent to boot.  Seems that ‘collateral damage’ to Americans is just as acceptable in North America as it is in Iraq or Afghanistan.


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