Propaganda Headlines

The hidden costs of owning a superyacht – Why is this “news”? How many people that can afford a superyacht will need to read this kind of pandering pablum?

Croatia yacht holidays in demand once again… – And this is news, how?

520ft mega vessel has four giant sails, eight decks… – More flaunt your obscene wealth in the face of the little people while the real issues of the world keep being ignored.

Transparent pool 100ft above ground making people sick… – Definitely a vitally important thing to know for all the billions of people on the planet that will NEVER even see a transparent pool.

Southwest Is America’s New Factory Hub. ‘Cranes Everywhere’… – What could possibly go wrong in a dust bowl dry region of the country experiencing a mega-drought? Or is that maga-drought? Maga-doubt? Oh, I get it! MAGA-REDOUBT!

Three child policy won’t solve China’s birth rate crisis, say experts – These are lousy ‘experts’. 1.4 billion people in a single country even the size of China is a HUGE problem. In a world that needs fewer people, advocating for more is just stupid.

Neighbors Fear Bear-Themed Compound Will Be Next Ruby Ridge – More whackadoodle idiots setting themselves up for Armageddon, End Times, The Final Conflict, Race Wars … (fill in the blank). This is about 40 miles from here. I also know who Savage is and would not put this guy out if he was on fire.

Nikki Haley accused of hypocrisy for posting beachside pic after Memorial Day attack on Kamala Harris – 2.1 trillion dollars could have bought the entire country of Afghanistan… Americans fake their patriotism with beer and bbq anyway, so what’s the big deal here?

Every day I check the news to see what the last 24 hours or so has brought. Every day it’s just more of the same propaganda. Nothing of substance is addressed. Empty promises abound, and bad decisions and bad people get more bold. Extremism in wealth inequality, injustice, indifference and distractions power the news cycle.

Most news stories are worthless. Most news website are worthless. Picking out the relevant information is a daily chore. The news is literally stuffed with absolutely useless fluff designed to perpetuate lies, greed, growth and advertisers.

The manipulation of media, government and the citizens of the country is now extremely prevalent, so here are two article that are actually worth reading:

Leaked Video: Dark Money Group Brags About Writing GOP Voter Suppression Bills Across the Country

Republican attacks on democracy are a national emergency. Will Democrats ever fight back?

For me, there is ample evidence that America is falling faster and faster towards fascism. With a large percentage of the country supporting this (mind blowing) the outcome will indeed be civil war. Meanwhile, many media outlets are stuffing the minds of Americans with utterly useless fluff, completely failing to prepare, inform and educate the citizenry of what is occurring. Either they are ignorant of what is unfolding, or they don’t want to discuss it.

And this one should also be read: Are Democrats sleepwalking toward democratic collapse?

There is growing evidence (every single day) that the American “experiment with democracy” will soon be over.


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