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[This is a followup to the issue I’ve been discussing with Rainlover — the suppression of dissent and opinion by site owners, journalists – Admin]

There is a an interesting article (interview and video) with Julian Assange and RT reporter about the control and flow of information.  Assange asserts that this control is happening on an international level now, controlling virtually everything that we know.

Actually, I suspect that he’s right. Intercepting data (knowledge of all kinds) is very evident. What people “know” is generally what only what’s shown. What is shown is a tiny subset of everything that is going on. I cover this briefly in What We Know.

On a personal level (blog author), I’ve experienced huge amounts of suppression. There are topics, points and counter-points that just don’t get published. You won’t find them anywhere. Actually, next to nothing gets published elsewhere anymore with only one tiny exception.

It’s so consistent that it must mean that something is going on. I can say that because I’m able to review the blog activity right here on the same topics.  Post views generally range into the hundreds and some well into the many thousands.  But these same posts or comments or links related to them that I’ve tried to get on other sites never show up.

This does not concern me, other then I’m wasting my time. I run my own blog to ensure that I’m not wasting my time.

But these articles I write are just a tiny subset of another tiny subset of yet another tiny subset of what kind of control (suppression) is taking place.  Assange also asserts that a totalitarian grip will be suddenly enacted upon the nations of the world, controlling virtually all information.

Assange provides an example of Iceland and Facebook users. 80% of Icelanders are using Facebook.  This “informing” (which is really what it actually is) of Icelanders on their activities, friends, relationships is generating hundreds of US national security letters every day.

Consider what this means.  The information is being accessed by US Intelligence and passed out to hundreds of agencies.  Facebook users are unaware of all this.  The country is Iceland — so what do you suppose this means for Americans online?

Assange states that ‘turnkey totalitarianism is now completely built‘ and can be switched completely on at any time, by simply turning the key.

He also say’s ‘it is cheaper to intercept every individual rather that it is to pick particular people to spy upon‘.

Many years ago, I had opportunity to meet with someone who did not have the same world views as Americans.  Over the course of days, it became REALLY clear that what Americans believe is entirely unique to us. That is, our worldview, the knowledge and the information we possess, is incredibly one-sided, even stunted.

Anybody that has traveled has probably experienced this.  The ‘stupid Americans‘ misnomer is oft-applied to all of us.  But how does this even happen?

This can only happen one way — by controlling the information.

Riding Alone With HitlerLet me put this into perspective now.  The topic was World War II.  Americans (to this day) ‘believe’ that we won the war, correct?  How many other nations also believe this?  Did you know that the answer is “not many”?

What is incredible about this is how the information gets passed, filtered, suppressed or as they say, “history is rewritten” (which is also information). In the Internet age, it is REALLY easy to rewrite history, even “current” history in just a few keystrokes.

Americans are ‘convinced’ we won the war — but there are millions upon millions of people who do not see it that way.  For over 50 years, they do not see it that way.  Neither did their children (now old) or even their children.

In effect, the control of information, who has it, what it says and how it is used, has long been in the hands of the puppet masters.  It’s not relevant who you think ‘won the war’. What is relevant is millions upon millions of people disagree, which points to how the information they posses is being controlled.

We should all actually agree on the war — if we all had the same information.  But we don’t.

Americans are convinced they THEY have all the information and that their view is the correct one.  I can assure you, they don’t. And to be perfectly clear so there is no misunderstanding, I’m not talking about “the war”. We have very little information in reality — on everything.

It’s like that down to the smallest detail now. What we know is a segmented fragment of the truth. It’s done to manipulate entire nations. No place is this more evident then in the United States.

There are plenty of other examples of course, including how the people of North Korea view their own leaders and place in the world, Japan was very much like this for hundreds of years and so forth.

It is not just limited to “history” and things that have happened in the past.  It applies very much to what is happening right now, current events, news, media of all types and what people know and believe. Trying to wade through these deceptions is like swimming directly into a rip-tide — it can’t be done, you do not have the strength or the endurance to succeed.  So a few writers try crossing the current to calmer waters with some modest success (sometimes).


Update: I just found this online — Wikileaks Suspect Chokes Up at Hearing

Go read the comments by posters. The vast majority of commentators are quick to call for torture, assassination and rape of Manning — without a TRIAL (which establishes proof of a crime).  This should shock the hell out of everyone. Acting as judge, jury and executioner, the majority posters truly believe that simply because he is in prison (untried), it’s perfectly ok to simply shoot him.

If you do not see something seriously, seriously wrong with this attitude, you’re reading the wrong blog.  This is not about Manning and whether is he guilty or not — this is about how Americans in particular, are willing to act on what they believe, which is pure propaganda. If some of these had their way, there would be lynching tomorrow — trashing the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and everything America allegedly stands for.

Many of the comments come from alleged veterans who, despite basic training and instruction in the Constitution (required), truly believe that in this case, Manning simply has no rights at all (virtually none) and calls for his death are perfectly acceptable. To a one, they’re all making judgements based upon propaganda — nothing has been proven in regards to guilt, “Americans killed” or any such thing.

There is a VERY DANGEROUS trend here being established. If America EVER heads down this road — it’s virtually over for the entire country.  We’re getting close — too close to this being realized.

Anybody can be tossed into prison now, for anything.  This isn’t guilt.

How is this possible?  Read on.


We easily forget that we’re really not free to read whatever we want. It seems like we have free speech and the freedom of information because we have so much of it, but actually, we don’t.  The Obama Administration (following in the hoofsteps of Bush) has done quite a lot to suppress information, including whistleblowers. The ridiculous assertion by the United States that Assange is an “enemy of the state” is a good example.

The amount of information is not the issue.  Amount doesn’t mean “all”.  Amount doesn’t mean accurate.  It just means a large amount, and what you will come to find, is it actually means “a large amount of propaganda”.

It would not be inaccurate to say that propaganda controls what we believe. This statement applies to all people, all topics, all information, all subjects.  Going further, propaganda governs our actions. We are actually the victims of incessant propaganda coming from all venues and sources in life.

I find Assange’s assertions correct, irregardless of what you may think of the man (which isn’t relevant, i.e., we need to stop killing the messenger and listen to the message).  This is the entire point to this blog entry.  We need to listen to the message — and going further, identify what we’re not being told or allowed to see.  This is absolutely vital.

Too often I see where we discount the message because we don’t like the messenger. Inane comments about Al Gore, Obama or some other figurehead come to mind. The blogs and comments and new sites are full of this kind of ridiculous finger-pointing. It’s really pretty stupid, and only shows just how biased and manipulated people really are. This is the work of propaganda, to filter out (or out-shout) any information deemed undesirable.  It’s practiced virtually everywhere.

The propaganda poster image above is real and representative of thousands of others used during World War II.  This tactic is highly improved and VERY efficient at gaining peoples attention, trust, money and participation.  Every single ad in America is nothing but propaganda.  Television commercials, glossy magazine pictures, even the radio (voice propaganda) is chock-full of this mind-warp material.

Our news media is also pure propaganda, specifically designed to create a passive population. This is actually the reason we exhibit so much apathy and indifference (along with horribly poisonous diets). The American mind is “dead” and blithely unaware of what is actually going on. There is simply too few sources permitted to inform and educate us to everything we should know. What does get aired or published is highly controlled.  Any “dissent” you see in the comments online is also filtered (or excluded).

This is certainly not “freedom of speech”. That’s an illusion.

The work of others in this field is vitally important.  Assange thinks they can “switch us all off” and perhaps he is right. As much as I like the Internet, I also think it is extremely dangerous. Not just for what stupidity people post online, but for the dependency we have exhibited, and what it does for us.

The control of information now rests in the hands of a few — and many, many, MANY (did I say many?) websites and authors are actively helping this sort of activity by suppressing dissent. In effect, they’ve fallen for the propaganda themselves. They’ve become willing, independent agents for the Stasi in other words, controlling a tiny piece of the information superhighway.  They’re assisted by hordes of their faithful legions (posters, moderators and such like) who viciously and jealousy guard their sacred altars.

The best defense is to read everything you can get your hands on, where you can glean the things you’re not being told. I’m trying to avoid an oxymoron here, but information and material is often passed over. If you read the material yourself (all of it), you will find important facts, points and information that will have a large impact upon your worldview and understanding.

It’s tiring, no doubt, but necessary. No news source, website or article contains enough by itself (usually). Some personal ‘investment’ time in your knowledge will be necessary.

The alternative is to do nothing but ‘accept’.  Accept what is published, aired, discussed or shown at face value.  That’ll get you far in this world (it really will, I’m not being facetious here, ignorance is rewarded). But is will also lead to the world we have today.  Remember the one that is falling apart? That is exhibiting all kinds of signs and evidence of collapse, fracture, disrepair and falling dominoes?  How do you suppose this happened?

Propaganda supports apathy and indifference.  Propaganda, defined as almost all information now being published by any means, supports the status-quo.  Some of it looks slightly different, but really isn’t. Propaganda is the flow and control of information that has created the world we live in today.

For some of us (who are comfortable), this is all “good”.  For billions of others, it’s actually pretty bad. And depending on what end of the drone strike you’re on, your propaganda controlled mind-set has a hell of a lot to do with everything.


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    Perhaps one more stab at a “controversial news” site?


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    Sometimes I am stunned at how prophetic Orwell was:

    “…Indifference to objective truth is encouraged by the sealing off of one part of the world from another, which makes it harder and harder to discover what is actually happening. There can often be doubt about the most enormous events… .The calamities that are constantly being reported — battles, massacres, famines, revolutions — tend to inspire in the average person a feeling of unreality. One has no way of verifying the facts, one is not even fully certain that they have happened, and one is always presented with totally different interpretations from different sources. Probably the truth is undiscoverable but the facts will be so dishonestly set forth in that the ordinary reader can be forgiven either for swallowing lies or for failing to form an opinion.”–9_Bennett.html

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