Prices II

The proverbial stinketh is hitting the fan folks, prices are skyrocketing like mad:

Schedule 80 black steel pipe prices, per foot:

2″ at $112 per 21′ stick
2.5″ at $175 per 21′ stick

Local building supply place (Zig’s) won’t quote prices anymore – the price is what it is at the moment of purchase – take it or leave it. And the longer you leave it, the higher it goes.

What we’re witnessing is the collapse of the modern civilization. It will come by degrees and if you’re not paying attention, you’re going to get boiled alive. You’ll get boiled anyway, but if you’re wondering if it’s time to jump out of the pot – now’s the time.

Price hikes I’ve been watching –

Metals – all types, aluminum, copper, iron, steel, tin, zinc, and of course gold and silver. Anything made out of metal is increasing in price, in many cases, rather dramatically.

Materials – lumber, drywall, faucets, fixtures, cabinets, any processed or manufactured material. Construction costs are skyrocketing, with building costs at unbelievable heights.

Consumables – Food, milk, tires, electricity, fuel, propane, diesel, oil, consumer products like paper, clothing, soap, etc. All of this comes from oil or requires oil for it’s manufacture, processing, production and distribution, and demand is constantly increasing as the supply goes down.

Other – pretty much everything. In fact, I don’t know of anything that is staying steady.

This is all expected, but it’s now happening fast. Strangely, a lot of people who must be woefully uninformed, believe that prices will come down sometime soon. I have no idea where such optimism comes from. Demand is outstripping the available supply with the linchpin being the price and availability of oil. Nothing is going to change that, not even if a huge gigantic oil field were to be discovered. The world’s refinerys are running at maximum capacity anyway.

And no such discovery is forthcoming, or even likely to happen from this point on. The known oil fields in the world have already been discovered, tapped and depleted. What production remains is now in decline with no real viable alternative in sight.

Except one.

Stop consuming. Start conserving. A fundamental change in our present lifestyles is required. Soon, it will be a life or death issue, and if our present course of action is any indicator, we’re going to choose death.


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One thought on “Prices II

  • July 21, 2006 at 4:37 pm

    yeah, well, I’ll reduced my 3 to 4 kWh/day consumption of electric (in summer, 2-3 kWh/day in winter) when the McMansites cut down to ‘only’ 30-40 kwh/day!!

    At the rate that metals are rising, it pays to go to a commercial bank, get a loan at any interest rate and buy metal (etc) for resale next month.. Obviously, when the global shit goes south, the bank can kiss my ass (if they could find it -or even give a bush about my relatively palty exposure

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