Pretenders To The Title

I haven’t met or even heard about a true “conservative” for fairly long time now. Most conservatives today have misappropriated that title to hide their desire for fascism and control over others. True conservatives do none of those things.

True conservatives act upon and believe the following:

1) Live and let live, i.e., mind their own business;
2) Support the Constitution and not try to overthrow it;
3) Respect the right and lives of others and not try to interfere, change or regulate it;
4) Don’t brandish firearms and threaten other Americans;
5) Don’t join groups seeking to overthrow the United States;
6) Keep their religion to themselves as a private matter as prescribed in the Bible (not all true conservatives are Christian);
7) Act with prudence and forethought versus reactionary fear-mongering;
8) Live peaceably without fear or fear-mongering;
9) Obey the laws of their State and government;
10) Embrace humility, morality, and the knowledge of human limitations;
11) Respect justice, law and order, and the systems that support it;
12) Recognize that science and higher education deserve their proper place within society and civilization;
13) Don’t actively undermine institutions that are seeking the betterment and well-being of mankind;
14) Don’t posture, pretend, lie or act with bravado and bullshit.

My family was conservative as I was growing up and their values became my values. But I saw their values change as they got caught up into different memes and political agendas. Today’s so-called conservatives actively reject most or even all of the points above as a means towards attaining their own goals. They deny the claim that they reject or do not follow the above principles, but their actions always speak louder then their words.

I’m certain that there are true conservatives still around, who are in agreement with these points, but they’re not talking much. Either they’ve gotten sucked into the connedspiracy movements or they’re keeping their heads down hoping it will all eventually go away. Unfortunately, it probably won’t. I’ve seen no indications yet that the deep divisions within the country are improving.

The term “conservative” has been hijacked to mean something very different then the traditional use of the word. The MAGA movement pretended to be conservative but wasn’t and has now morphed into the Ultra MAGA movement, exhibiting extreme tendencies towards full-blown fascism and racial hatred. Today’s Republican Party has been deeply corrupted by MAGA and the ultra-maggots and seemingly unwilling to divorce itself from this race towards fascism. But none of these people are true conservatives, they’re all pretenders to the title.

If you know any true conservatives, support them, because you will be supporting the principles that matter in a well-functioning democracy. MAGA hat-wearing pretenders aren’t true conservatives, true conservatives recognized Trump’s traitorous activity and repeated violations of his Oath of Office for what it was. These phony conservatives produce reams and reams of stupid products and stupid sayings to appropriate both symbols and claims to themselves. It’s pretty dumb and pathetic but exemplifies the phoniness of their claims.

Americans have become poster childs for propaganda and pathetic movements, each vying for attention and relevancy. It’s sad, but true. Some of us don’t care about any of that, but find this growing tide of rampant “me too” and widespread stupidity difficult to stomach. True conservatives aren’t on board with any of this either. I haven’t met one in a long time.


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