Press Freedom and Government Tyranny

This is probably going to get lost in the sheer noise now emanating from the Trump Administration, but the Intercept has published a very interesting piece on the Julian Assange (Wikileaks) indictment that’s just been semi-revealed.

Worth reading: As the Obama DOJ Concluded, Prosecution of Julian Assange for Publishing Documents Poses Grave Threats to Press Freedom

The real issue isn’t whether or not you agree with Trump, or Wikileaks or fall somewhere in between. The real issue is simply this: no laws were broken. But the Trump Administration is trying to do what Obama’s Justice Department found out it could not dobreak the law.

Surprised? Don’t be. The Trump Administration has proven again and again that laws don’t matter. Don’t believe me? Then read this – White House Wants to Sentence a Man to Death to Ease Pressure on Saudi Arabia

Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul – and literally came out in “pieces” (they chopped up his body). Then the Saudis engaged in a series of denials, but were caught. Khashoggi was another journalist like Assange. But in a absolutely bizarre twist, to appease the Turkey’s anger for the Saudi’s admitted murder of a journalist – Trump offered to hand over a resident of the United States – in exchange for a weapons deal to Saudi Arabia.

Do you understand what this means? This is absolutely lawless, unconstitutional activity by the President of the United States. Who then is “safe” from this sort of criminal activity? Nobody.

It is absolutely imperative to our very lives, future and freedom that we continue to have freedom of the press. Just because we do not like their methods or what they publish doesn’t mean we have the right to imprison, murder or charge them. I’ve said this before – freedom isn’t free. Freedom encapsulates enormous responsibilities which includes freedom of the press.


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