Preppers & Everyone Else Preparing to Die

After Friday’s devastating news, “Arctic Warming “locked in”, I still have to wonder if people, customers, readers actually “get it”. If the Arctic warms up that much that fast, it means the rest of the country and all the inhabited places, including crop lands, will warm up even more – sooner.

Imagine your refrigerator door being left open. Which will still be colder as the cold air dumps out, your kitchen or the fridge? The 3-5°C temperature rise in the Arctic (by 2050) means it will be even hotter “here” where we live and grow our food. It also means that it will happen SOONER rather then later as the heat creeps north. This is exactly the effect that has been measured and observed. And by 2080, 5-9°C warming “in the Arctic” is expected. This is WAY sooner and FAR HIGHER then any other publicly released projections (except those found here).

Jonathan Hollerman from Grid Down Consulting sent out another newsletter, and in this he states:

After reviewing the food stores of over 100 Survival Retreats, I can honestly tell you that most long-term food companies and their dishonesty will be the death of many preppers.  In my experience, most preppers only have around 40% of the food they think they do. Almost all of these companies sell 6 month and 1 year food plans based on “servings” instead of overall calories. In fact, many times, these companies work really hard NOT to disclose the overall calorie count in their food plans to their customers. 

I know this to be true because I’ve seen thousands of “plans” (and the buying habits) of preppers for several decades now. Almost all of them have totally failed to grasp just how much food is required to sustain themselves adequately for any length of time. Worse, most “preppers” reject climate change as real or as an existential threat happening in their lifetimes. They’ve got far more bullets then beans in some cases.

I’ve studied this phenomena for decades and published a Storable Food Scams webpage that listed the dishonest food kits, claims and snake oil promises being made, showing exactly where the issues were. One of these companies (Wise) was sued in a class-action lawsuit (2017) by some of their unhappy customers and forced to take down their advertised claims. But most of the others are still doing it. Food Assets received a “cease and desist” letter from MyPatriotSupply about the Scam page. It’s been rewritten and doesn’t name names now. Like all the other types of propaganda that I’ve written about here, they’re always trying to protect their turf. The danger here is thousands of people have been taken advantage of by false advertisements. They’re not as food prepared as they’ve been told, not even close. And then when they try to actually eat what they bought – they’re going to discover this.

Preppers are preparing to die because they have failed to set aside sufficient food storage; don’t accept the reality of climate change; don’t understand what the real threats are; and have made insufficient preparations for resupply. I brought some of this up in my interview, but wanted to say a lot more. Everyone else is preparing to die because they have failed to set aside any food storage; they don’t accept the existential threat that climate change will wipe out the global food supply sooner rather then later; and have made no plans at all for resupply (or much of anything else).

Life on this planet is going to change drastically. In your lifetime. If you have young children, they face a future of starvation. As planetary temperatures warm up (and exhibit the ‘weather extremes’ we’ve already seen), crops will fail world-wide, again and again. The ONLY insurance anyone can have against this is to become food-prepared. But almost nobody is doing this now. Everyone seems to have just quit and given up. This has had an enormous impact upon food companies who are now seriously struggling to even stay in business. Then what? When they close up (many already have), everyone will be left with garbage companies and hucksters that have prepared people to die.

I cannot explain this inexplicable behavior, especially not when the news about our planetary habitability just keeps getting worse and worse. Do people realize that it can’t get better? Ever? It will never get better. The climate we have today is the best that we will ever know again. But they’re doing nothing at all to prepare for the food shocks to come.

We’ve had a hellashish winter here. There are still several feet of snow on the ground, but it’s warming up very fast (it’ll be in the 60’s this week, so we’ll have flooding). All I did this year was shovel and plow, over and over again, and with my injuries and pain levels, it was hell. There wasn’t much else to do. I managed to publish a bunch of articles but I’m thinking (again) that this is a total waste of my time and life. Most of you don’t bother to engage at any level. Either you’re so disinterested, or fearful or don’t think it matters (it does). Or maybe you’re just as distracted as everyone else seems to be.

In any case, it sure as shit looks like everyone is preparing to die from my perspective. I know that very few people are truly serious about this reality I keep writing about. I am – and have made extensive preparations which have already saved my life over and over again. My hope was that by writing and publishing the research, science, facts and opinions found here, it would finally motivate people to act. Did it? It sure doesn’t look like it.

It looks to me like everyone is just going about their “business as usual” sort of lives. Thousands of people got all freaked out over Y2K (wrongly), and thousands more during the Mayan Calendar “scare”, and then the Obama campaign (and election) and all kinds of other ridiculous fear-mongering stupidity again and again. But then when something real comes along – they’re unable to muster any interest or activity. It’s weird as hell.

I suspect that the propaganda they’ve consumed has convinced them to only take action when the perceived “threat” resonates with their confirmation bias and societal filter. Preppers only see what they’ve been told to fear (by consummate liars), and everyone else is just indifferent unless it’s Kardashian’s boobs or something.

Well, you’ve all been warned, again and again, and again. I’m definitely going to take a break here. I’ve long since run out of money to keep this blog going and I’m not getting any younger. You want to die slowly, painfully or watch your children suffer – that’s on you. I’m finding it incredibly difficult to justify being online at all anymore and am making plans to quit.


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12 thoughts on “Preppers & Everyone Else Preparing to Die

  • March 17, 2019 at 2:48 pm

    Don’t quit blogging. I for one find what you write both interesting and informative. I came by your website from C-5 (at his website) and your interview on Radio Ecoshock. Almost everything you write resonates with me.
    I’m both convinced (and depressed) that extinction level warming appears to be locked in at this point. I don’t have much hope. ANY hope depends on how soon and how strong positive feedback loops kick in. One can go to McPherson and Beckwith and say we will all be dead in a few short months (or years at most) or one can have a little hope that civilization will collapse rapidly and a small remnant of humans (and some limited biota) might survive. Much depends on how soon we stop emitting any more fossil fuel carbon and how much change is absolutely locked in (how bad will it get?).
    As to your comments on food storage. I went to buy one of my children a small 6 month food storage plan for a small family. I was astounded that most companies hid how many calories their plans had and when you found it they were 1400 calories per day. I ultimately didn’t buy anything for that child as her husband is a Trump idiot who sees BAU forever and no need to prepare for anything but bigger and better days ahead. In my own preparing I have stored buckets (mylar bagged with O2 absorbers) of rice, wheat, corn, and many kinds of beans all to be augmented by what I grow. I figure 2100 calories a day per adult and even that is a little on the low side. I store more and more all the time. And don’t get me started on the travails of large scale gardening. Slugs, moles, voles (yes they are different), birds, cold frozen spring, watering by hand, crushing cabbage worms, etc. And then you have tons of squash (I’ve learned to like it), or tomatoes. The amount of knowledge AND work to raise food is daunting. One has to persist at it.
    So. . . you are not casting pearls before swine, some of us appreciate what you are saying. Both the sad reality of potential extinction and the sad reality of collapse/starvation. Please keep it up.

  • March 17, 2019 at 5:40 pm

    In response to AJ – we will never stop producing C02. Everything depends on burning fossil fuel, including ‘alternative energy’ sources. All food production, all transportation, all electricity generation, all industry, all shipping, all manufacturing – EVERYTHING, so whatever is “locked in” only gets WORSE (daily).

    Disaster, disruptions, and exhaustion. Flood problems will not relent

    Fortunately, no food is ever grown in the state of Nebraska or Iowa, right?

    • March 18, 2019 at 3:48 am

      I apologise for not being succinct enough. If we do collapse soon and there is a massive die off of humans our CO2 production will plummet. That perhaps provides a very small amount of hope that the planet can repair itself over eons. Most studies of climate seem to be based on “civilization” and “growth” in CO2 output continuing. That has to stop and the question then becomes how much change is locked in and how many positive feedbacks will start releasing stored carbon.

      • March 18, 2019 at 9:04 am

        Planetary survival was never going to be a problem. The current loading of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, water and soil will be around for at least a millennium. However, more will still be emitted now, even without any human contributions as the permafrost melts, forests burn and so on. Global heating will continue with or without ‘us’ being around (it will be without us as you know). Eventually, a new planetary equilibrium will be reached.

        If you haven’t read The World Without Us by Alan Wiesman, it’s a good read. The human impact, footprint, ecological devastation, poisons, residue, etc., we leave behind will be around for hundreds of thousands of years even if we were to suddenly all be craptured away by the invisible Sky God. But the Earth will definitely survive and new forms of life will eventually emerge, just like it has before. But we’re talking perhaps hundreds of thousands of years into the future.

        The human die-off will happen, it’s irrevocable now. And industrialized civilization will drastically drop the human-production of C02, but it won’t matter much because the positive feedbacks contributing to increased warming and extreme weather events and loss of the ice will still be severe. Most or all mammals will die out. A Blue Ocean event will have long since occurred (no Arctic ice), and may even lead to a Canfield ocean event (hydrogen sulfide atmosphere). Oxygen levels are already dropping now, but if things get really bad, everything dies. We’ll be long gone of course.

        My concern isn’t for the Earth or its future, it’s for the life of the Earth and the future that is unfolding now. We don’t have to kill the life of the Earth, but we seem totally unable to stop. This means that our species is a cancer, killing its host, incapable of regulating its destructive behavior. But that’s too broad – not ALL of us are unwilling, or incapable, only some of us. We are not fundamentally different in any ways from our ancestors.

        What has changed is “civilization” and the associated burning of fossil fuels. We could change all that, but we’re being prevented now from doing so – and it is going to lead to our extinction and everything else on this planet.

  • March 17, 2019 at 6:12 pm

    Thousands of scientists are backing the kids striking for climate change

    Oh. Wow. Scientist “backing the kids”. Great! But that’s not the point that I want to make. Where the fuck are the SCIENTISTS and their PROTESTS?

    Oh. Wait. They signed a LETTER! Hold onto your hats! Changes are coming!!!

    Oh boy. I’ve tried for YEARS to get these experts to put it all on the line (like they should), but they’d rather sign letters and “back the kids” with meaningless platitudes.

    Jesus fucking christ – these people still don’t get it.

    Back when I was in the ministry, it was always really easy to spot the ministers and members who were just pretending to be Christians. Everything that they did revealed their true heart and intentions. It’s just like this today among the ‘professionals’ – they don’t believe their own results or the message that is being derived from those results.

    Who knew that the end of days (for humanity) would be filled with such incredible indifference? Definitely not the way I thought it would go… Hollywood needs to change their apocalyptic narratives, quickly.

    Yeah, I’m pretty pissed. This is all a fucking joke. They can tell us we’re all going to die and soon, but they can’t bother themselves to take decisive actions either – just like everyone else in this insane asylum. What a joke this has become. Pissing in our boots on the way to the grave.

    • March 19, 2019 at 12:44 pm

      As for the kid’s thing you mention that’s currently going on, this is an interesting read:

      When the Patrick Moore (ex Greenpeace founder) came out saying that it was all a scam I originally thought here we go more yet denial & that’s the way it was portrayed.

      However, on reading the above it appears that he may have been onto something.

      I’ve posted the link in a couple of places to try to give people some context as to what’s going on & also to see how they would react to the info.

      I’m posting it here to allow folk to decide for themselves.

      • March 19, 2019 at 12:47 pm

        Moore is a fraud, don’t know if you know this. He was kicked out of Greenpeace. He’s also a climate denier. I give Moore ZERO credibility on anything because he’s been spreading lies (once a liar, always a liar). Your mileage may vary, but I looked this guy up a few weeks ago and don’t trust him whatsoever. I do not have any insights to share on Greta at this time.

      • March 19, 2019 at 1:24 pm

        Capitalism is trying to survive against a growing tide of global disgust. Virtually EVERY group is infiltrated early on (even right here in my own tiny town) to co-opt the leadership, and redirect the focus.

        Everyone who can cash in on the power or focus of any movement will try to jump on board. That does not make the core message of the movement wrong – but they are swiftly co-opted and taken over. It’s the reason that I do not belong to any movement or group myself, they all lose their identity early on (and stay that way) while becoming cash machines for their directors.

        Only what is politically acceptable (profitable) will survive its early beginnings. This is why real change can never happen.

        It goes without saying that corruption (and compliance) is embedded in every movement if it has survived at all.

        Capitalism, and social manipulation has a strangle-hold on change. And I mean “to the death” type strangle-hold, they’re not going to allow it and will kill whoever they need to to preserve it. It’s often easier and less noticeable to change co-opt groups, movements and individuals.

        The link you shared reveals this “nature” of exploitative capitalism. But it is nothing new. Fundamental change won’t be forthcoming because we will never be allowed this freedom. They will redefine everything, including the meaning of words and terms to suit their ends and pretend to be effecting “change”, but in reality, it will be the old thing (business as usual under a new title).

        This exposes why I don’t accept governmental “leadership” to effect essential and critical change (to save humanity). It’s all corrupt, co-opted and redirected to continue to support the status quo. And in my opinion, always will be because it is inherent to the very process and institutions involved, ie., encoded in the very DNA structure of these entities.

        Therefore, changes that we seek are never forthcoming, but endless repetitive promises and misdirection are. By continuing to trust them, rely on them or even look to them for “leadership”, we’ve signed our death warrants.

        I’ve never pointed to these efforts as being an answer, just more distraction and misdirection. But having said all that – it does not mean the original core messages were wrong. We’re facing absolute catastrophe and human extinction and some of these original people “get it” when it comes to that reality.

        • March 19, 2019 at 3:02 pm

          Thanks for the clarification on Moore.

          I thought as much but felt it worth mentioning. Possibly he was booted out of the ‘club’ for whatever reasons – hence the sour grapes.

          As you say, it’s all distraction (& obviously has been for some considerable time), which makes it all the more frustrating/ annoying (that’s the polite version) as things start to really unfold.

          Which I suspect is what we’re beginning to witness on a day to day basis.

  • March 18, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    This post and comments are the darkest thing I have read so far and I am in agreement as well. The nuclear plants will do much do poison things for a very long time as they smolder for untold years. I think many of us will simply turn out the lights and go to bed as continued discussion is useless and just serves as trying to find some comfort. But this eventually becomes pointless as well and as it becomes pathetic one just becomes ashamed of oneself.
    It is really sad. We humans are really a dismal failure in the final analysis. [racist comments removed – I don’t tolerate that shit here. Admin]

    • March 18, 2019 at 8:27 pm

      The nihilistic comments you tried to post came from both Western and Eastern civilizations and go back more then 500 years (predating your statements). The ‘Manifest Destiny’ that wiped out indigenous culture was repeated throughout the world (the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, U.S.S.R. and on an on). The responsibility for all of this isn’t to be blamed on one race (not possible), and was practiced by most.

      I don’t think we’re going to go quietly in the night either. The global disruptions we’ve already seen (at this early stage of collapse) is an indication that we’re going to fight like hell when it’s “our turn”. This is what most of the world’s governments have admitted to and are preparing for. Social unrest will become totally unmanageable at some point.

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