Preparing For The End Of Capitalism

I didn’t know that this sort of effort was underway – This is how UN scientists are preparing for the end of capitalism

The research paper is more interesting (to me) – GOVERNANCE OF ECONOMIC TRANSITION

Essentially, the realization that the world is running out of resources, consuming too much energy, and polluting the planet has finally come to the attention of some of the folks at the United Nations. A group of scientist were commissioned by the United Nations to present some ideas on these issues.

One of the things they identified is how capitalism isn’t going to be compatible with the world environment going forward. Well, it’s about time that somebody admitted to that. Energy and material abundance are fast declining and capitalism was the cause (along with triggering climate change).

The scientist admit that “that no widely applicable economic models have been developed specifically for the upcoming era.” That’s because capitalism has a death-grip on the lives over everyone, including scientists and researchers, and where funding for these studies come from, but I digress.

Massive changes in energy, transportation, food production, housing, and government responsibilities were identified – but alas, they have not gone anywhere near far enough in this study.

This is interesting, but another “let’s kick the can down the road a bit farther” effort. It’s not sweeping enough and despite making the attempt, it won’t be the solution needed.

Yes, we do need to eventually prepare for the end of capitalism, but I suspect that we will have this vampire on our necks for many more years as we struggle to survive in a declining world (that will still demand to be profitable even as we’re all dying). The truly radical changes that society and civilization urgently requires won’t be forthcoming with this “transition” or the nascent Green New Deal movement.

Neither policy makers nor scientists are yet truly serious about saving humanity. Not in my estimation, not even close. I am still convinced that we are firmly on the pathway to failure.

If they or anyone else was truly “serious”, they’d include some of the ideas like what was listed in this post – Science Refused.

I don’t believe for one second that the “transition” to a supposedly different way of life is going to be easy, pleasant or properly planned (by anyone). I don’t get the sense that we have any real idea what to do or how to handle this at any level of science or government.

And I definitely do not fall for the hopium and propaganda that surrounds this issue. It’s plain as day that they are not planning for mass deaths, depopulation, degrowth, massive starvation, pandemic, disease vectors, sudden temperature increases or sudden sea level rise, oxygen depletion, civil unrest, riots, economic collapse or runaway inflation. Nobody can actually plan for all of that, but when they don’t actually bother to even mention it, you have to wonder what they’re really thinking and whether or not the understand the scope of how civilization will unravel.

They need to go MUCH further in their assessments in my opinion. That’s why I still think the Life Project will be the kind of idea that will eventually be attempted. However, not planning ahead far enough means (as I’ve often warned) that “everything will be tried” while wasting precious time and resources.


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