Pre-Collapse Strategies

I don’t think this topic has been adequately covered – and is of course subject to change as circumstances dictate and personal needs.

The issue of pre-collapse strategy is a difficult one, probably more so then either collapse or post-collapse strategy because under either of the latter two conditions – you’re not subject to the least amount of doubt regarding your present circumstances. You will be living this (if you survive) and you will have no doubts at all regarding what needs to be done.

Right now, little is being done by very few regarding pre-collapse strategy. Oh, there is a lot of talk, but not a lot of action. The problem stems from belief, faith and lack of knowledge (which are all really the same thing).

The present faith in the system is the only thing that has kept it propped up. A great deal of expenditure is being injected into the present system to keep this faith afloat. This only works because the people in general are exceedingly uninformed (and deliberately being kept that way). They believe what they are told, irregardless of facts. Facts are not interesting to them, football and beer are (among a million other distractions).

This is no accident and is often referred to as “bread and circuses”. Of course, keep the sheeple entertained as long as possible. Ceaser did the same thing – and it worked. For a while. But the Empire is a much bigger kingdom now and there are oh so many wonderful distractions going on.

But it won’t last forever. There is a window of opportunity that is not being efficiently utilized. This is caused by a lack of knowledge.

On the one hand, we have the widely held belief that things really won’t get “that bad”. On the other hand, we have the knowledge that they indeed could, have before and very probably will again.

Which would you rather chose? Belief or knowledge?

But getting this across to cognitive human beings is not easy. If they’re sober, especially at this time of the year, the land of good and plenty is a thought that never ends. But what happens when the candy is gone?

Because so many people subscribe to belief and not knowledge, they are dooming their own selves. And everyone around them. It cannot possibly be any other way. They are neither helping themselves or going to be a help to anyone else. This is a fatal characteristic that is also not being recognized.

They will be as dead weight is in a balloon that is trying to get aloft. Excessive baggage, dragging down on everyone around them. They are not paying any attention to the warning signs, not doing anything about it and not even showing the slightest bit of care and concern for their own future welfare. The land of good and plenty will never end. History means nothing to them and present facts and developing circumstances are meaningless.

They live in a land of fantasy, fatted calves who will be truly led to the slaughter. Theirs is a world of faith and belief, the “substance of things yet hope for and not seen”. Yet this faith is based upon what, exactly? Their hope is what, exactly?

Misconception. False indoctrination. Unfounded trust. Manipulated news. Irresponsible behavior. Worldwide resource depletion. Infinite resources. Technological “fix”. And on and on.

To the “faithful”, their ignorance is not a problem (for them). This is part of their “belief”. Our “fear mongering” is however, a problem. They don’t like it. So I suggest we “leave them to their delusions” as they are neither a help and will only be a hindrance to those who no longer have the same magazine subscriptions.

The rest of us, the very few, have to start making Pre-Collapse Plans and Strategies. We know that if we do not help ourselves and make our own preparations, then we will wind up like everyone else. Victims of whatever circumstances that occur.

We know that these circumstances can be horrific, vicious and very, very deadly. We’ve already seen the factual evidence and don’t need any further confirmation. We’ve seen the victims, read the stories and have even witnessed first hand what it means to be suddenly on your own, with nothing but your wits, skills and ability to keep you alive in the face of overwhelming adversity.

But we are not interested in waiting for a global Katrina like disaster to come our way, not before developing our pre-collapse planning and strategy.

So, what does this entail? In actuality, it’s a big list encompassing who, what, where, when and how. The “why” is already understood.

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