Practical Preparations

The Texas Freeze proved that the failure to prepare was and still is a huge American problem. Temperatures plummeted to “unexpected levels” except none of this is true. The weather services made it pretty clear what was going to happen. Thousands of Texans complained about “spoiling food” rotting in the refrigerators while the temperatures outside would have easily kept their food fresh and safe to eat.

Are they not bright enough to remove the food from the fridge and set it out? Apparently not. Millions were apparently unable to realize that not putting water aside would have been a very good idea. No, not for the coming freeze which everyone was told about in advance, but for all of the time. Shit happens. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, fires, power outages. The failure to not prepare is actually inexcusable laziness.

Where I live, we see these temperatures all of the time during winter. It’s no big deal. We experience a lot of power outages (over a dozen per year), some can last weeks. Also no big deal. We’ve all adopted to this reality after the first winter here. You prepare. You set aside everything that you will need that will allow you to hunker down and wait for things to improve. Either the power company will be by in days or weeks and fix the downed power lines, or the weather will improve and the roads will be opened by the snowplow.

I plow a lot of roads myself. I’ll be doing more of that today. It’s no big deal. It’s absolutely not the end of the world and nobody is sitting around crying about it. Our water lines are buried 4 feet down and they’ve never frozen even in sub-zero temperatures for weeks. If the power goes out, out comes the generator. I’ve stored food in the snow and on my outside deck many times when needed. I’ve also got plenty of food storage on hand and could safely stay put for years if required.

This is not a brag – this is reality. The reality of climate change and shit happening. Texas has long claimed climate change is a hoax. Texas leadership has long sought to deny the reality. Even when massive hurricanes strike and their citizens die in large numbers from the direct effects, Texas has continued to try to pretend that they would be “immune” somehow. It’s always been mind-boggling.

Senator Ted Cruz revealed himself to be a two-faced little bitch. I rather despise this creep and always have. He, along with many others, is on the Traitors list, but he showed himself to his constituents quite clearly by running off to Cancun, Mexico when the freeze happened. As usual, it’s not what these creep say, it’s what they do that reveals who and what they really are. Cruz is a traitor like many other Republicans who have done their damnedest to trample on the US Constitution and the rule of law. They’re mostly wanna-be fascists too, but have always lacked the real courage that it would take to enable full-blow fascism. Cruz and his kinds have always supported the wrong thing, every time. I hope the fallout from this will eject this traitor from office, forever.

But what this reveals is more then politics, more then a failure to prepare, it reveals deeply flawed fundamental misunderstanding. If you don’t really know what is going on, basing your understanding on false information, you will be – you are being misled.

And you will have false expectations. False expectations will lead to great disappointments, it is just a matter of time before that will occur.

Texans thought their state was the greatest state in the country. Not true. There is no such thing. The failures in Texas are massive and I’m not speaking just about the power outage or failure to prepare for a freeze. Pollution levels in Texas are horrendous. Environmental damage is staggering. Injustice in Texas is as high as anywhere in the country. The perception that Texas and Texans are God’s Chosen is (forever) factually false. Texas remains, like many US States, especially those with horrible leadership, willfully ignorant of the unfolding reality and what they have brought upon themselves.

Texas will experience some of the worst examples of deadly and dangerous sea level rise, ultimately displacing millions, threatening and destroying major infrastructure (refineries, pipelines, ports, shipping, businesses etc.) that will cost hundreds of billions of dollars to the State. Chronic flooding is already a huge and present problem. Climate “adaption” strategies include building “coastal defenses” against an inexorable rise in sea level, which is a pretty dumb idea. Why not spend that money on ending climate change, relocating businesses, communities and infrastructure? Nobody is going to stop the rising seas unless they stop the accelerating warming now occurring. Does anyone honestly think they can build 200 foot sea walls around the entire coastline? The problem with this type of thinking is it is so damned short-sighted, when a multi-century view is desperately required.

The entire world is now locked-in to deadly climate change because nobody, including Texas and Texans wanted to pay attention when it mattered (when there was opportunity to actually stop this). The world took a “wait and see” approach, ignoring expert advice and assessments. But Big Oil, largely based in Texas, funded climate denial, and suppressed their own climate scientists reports and assessment.

So now Texas gets it’s overdue “comeuppance” and will pay in lives and infrastructure. But the people who are actually responsible will not be held accountable for their inaction, obfuscation and denial. The people that have (and will) suffer the worst will be as always, the families and individuals that lose their homes, their jobs, even their lives. This cold snap so far has recorded 58 lives lost, but what is coming will be far, far worse.

Will the United States and its citizen take note of what they’ve now seen transpire in Texas and in other parts of the country? Unlikely. With history as our guide, it can be safely stated that we will not learn from this tragedy as we should. We never do, not like we claim, along with all the empty promises and false assumptions that will continue to be made and the ridiculous finger-pointing, usually in the wrong direction. More people will die, more Americans will die. The rise in global disasters in 2020 was a huge jump over the proceeding years, and we can expect that to continue because we still have a population that doesn’t want to accept reality (or admit to culpability and responsibility).

Years ago, I published my thought on this numerous times, stating the millions of Americans would need to die before this country woke up to reality. I continue to stand by that statement because so far, I’ve seen no evidence to suggest that this isn’t still true. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that Americans were ignorant, selfish, arrogant and hateful in ways that should have “woke” up the entire country to who and what millions of us are. It didn’t. Not much has changed, even though 500,000 Americans are now dead. Apparently, it’s not a high enough number to wake the obtuse members of our population to the new reality. We’ll need even more dead, apparently and it’s even possible that won’t work either.

Selfish, privileged, ignorant and hateful Americans believe that they are “untouchable” and will never suffer for their wrong-headed beliefs and actions. This is factually false and it is already happening. I fully anticipate that this will only worsen as time goes on, resulting in millions dead through a variety of means. We came incredibly close to a fascist take-over that would have succeeded if there was just a modicum more competence exhibited. That would have resulted in millions dead, of this I have no doubts whatsoever. We seem to be willing to heap upon ourselves more pain, more suffering and more division every month now. The post-Trump era will prove whether or not we will “recover” from the collective madness this maniac represented or not. And whether or not there will ever be any real unity or mere lip-service. So far, I’ve seen nothing but more hate, more division and more extremism.

But you should prepare. For everything that is coming, because it is an absolute certainty, and something I have warned about for decades – nobody else will do this for you.



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One thought on “Practical Preparations

  • February 21, 2021 at 10:36 am

    “(Ava) is down to half a can of formula,” Shelley said. “Stores are out if not extremely low on food. Most of our food in the refrigerator is spoiled. Freezer food is close to thawed but we have no way to heat it up.” –

    I’ve seen countless stories that make this claim about “spoiled food”. Why didn’t people put their refrigerated food items outside where it was cold? Are they THAT clueless?

    “Austin resident Jenn Studebaker’s home has power, but no water. She told CNN that all week, her family slept around the fireplace and burned chairs and bookshelves to keep warm before scavenging for more wood.”

    There is water all over the place – it’s called SNOW. Are people so damned clueless that they can’t melt snow? Snow WILL melt in an unheated home that is above freezing. And there’s power in this home – but still no other way to generate heat? That also makes no sense. No space heaters? No hair dryers? No heat lamps? No lightbulbs? No propane?

    NONE of these people had ANY preparations for alternative forms of water, heat, power? After a week’s worth of advance notice that dangerous cold was coming? That’s ridiculous. Is denial that strong that you would risk your own life and that of your kids?

    I get it when the elderly and the infirm can’t do things for themselves, but the rest of these people appear to be near helpless to help themselves to some common sense and practical preparations.

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