Power Outage

Not that this is of great interest, but in the past 48 hours, we’ve lost power here about 14 times. I’ve got generator backups, but it’s not something I always kick on when the power goes out – unless it’s going to be a while.

Last week, there was no snow here at all. I had green grass on my lawn that was very unusual for December. Now it’s blanketed in 15″ or so of snow. I’ve had to plow out twice already. Winter has finally and belatedly “arrived”.

This is my new normal, apparently. I did plan for this and was able to keep things running, at least as long as the generator has fuel and the batteries don’t run out.

More snow is expected for the rest of the week. Not a big surprise, but the power outages have been quite extensive, impacting many thousands of people.  And a few weeks back, the wind storms here were horrific with thousands of trees knocked down. Now weakened, the heavy snowfall is bring them down on the power lines (again) everywhere.

Fun times ahead!


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One thought on “Power Outage

  • December 24, 2015 at 10:44 am

    Another dozen more ‘outages’ since writing this (and another right now). I feel bad for the power company, they’re probably fixing lines non-stop out there using paper-clips and bailing wire. More snow too, looks like maybe 20″ so far. I need more candles, that’s for sure!

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