Post (s)Election Observations

I found this over on Climate Denial Crock of the Week:

Hehehe, this is either a good time to laugh, or a good time to cry.  Common sense however, remains questionably “absent” in whole lot of the country.

Maddow’s request to embrace the real world will go unheeded, no doubt.  Too bad, because it is indeed exactly what we need, especially in this country.

I don’t endorse politics beyond wishing for a lawful, restrained and very limited government, one that (s)Elects qualified candidates that will actually keep their commitments (to the people) and minds its own damned business.  I don’t like what I see. I don’t give my consent to all the evil going on.

Post-(s)Election means that at least half the country is pissed off. That would have happened anyway, irregardless of the outcome.

Take a look at the last several (s)Elections.  While you do, consider the comment Maddow made about “mathematics”.

Bush vs. Gore:

Bush vs. Kerry:

Obama vs. McCain:
Obama vs. McCain

Obama vs. Romney:
Obama vs. Romney

Not hard to see the similarities, or where this is headed.

Update — the money spent on these (s)Elections:

2012 (s)Election spending

And this:

5. What will $6 billion get you? (source)

We had a Democratic president, a Republican House of Representatives, and Democratic Senate going into the 2012 election. And we’ll have a Democrat in the White House, with a Republican House and a Democratic Senate after the election.

When all the bills are in, total spending for the 2012 election (all federal and state races) could top a record-breaking $6 billion. And what did all that money buy?

2012 election priciest to date: $4.2 billion tab and rising.

Some would argue … nothing.

The Big Picture in “The Problem With A Really Tiny Tent” has a opinion based upon Census data of why this has been happening.  Go read it over there.

So, what is the GOP’s strategy going to be? Will it relax its stance on women’s reproductive rights or, alternatively, will women come to embrace unnecessary trans-vaginal ultrasounds? What about immigration law? How does it engage the Asian community? Attract more blacks? In other words, how is the GOP going to make itself attractive to groups other than older white males? If it can’t figure this out, its future is bleak indeed. The numbers are what the number are – and I’ll have more on them soon (focusing on 2016, 2020 and 2024). Denying them – BubbleLife? (which is, frankly, all we’ve seen since the election) – is only bound to cause more “shellshock” in the future.

I’ll summarize the article link above for those that won’t bother to read it: White America is in serious decline. Don’t get your panties in a bunch on the race issue, he’s just pointing out Census facts as far as I know (cursory look). So is CNN, described as a “Latino problem” by Paul Steinhauser, CNN Political Editor.   The other America wants something that is different then this one. And it’s showing up in the (s)Elections.

I don’t think it’s just that simple. It’s part of it, but not all of it.  I do think that the Republican party is seriously and severely out of touch with reality.  Desdemona Despair republished an article from the Huffington Post, “Most Republicans Believe In Demon Possession, Less Than Half Believe In Climate Change: Report”. Still, 48 percent of Democrats are said to also believe this too.

Mathematics, polls and surveys do tell us something about ourselves.  We don’t have to like it, however, or agree with it, but they do indicate what changes may be taking place or how we are divided.

Bill O’Reilly (forgive me for posting this clown), has this to say:  “Americans want stuff”:

Is it as simple as that?  With 47+ million on government handouts and support, did this “win” the (s)Election for Obama?

Again, not so simple in my opinion.  Consider everything that Romney was supposedly offering.  Much of it was seriously undesirable for many of us, but it was still a decision between Bad Choice #1 and Bad Choice #2.

I think it is much more complex then that. The face of America is changing fairly rapidly. Politics are always behind the curve, never in front of it. Our creaking socio-economic structures are adapting quite poorly to demographics, population and cultural changes. Nothing emphasizes this more then when we experience a regional disaster. That’s when the anger comes out.  That’s when people feel disenfranchised, abandoned.  That’s when our demands and expectations really surface, because of urgent, pressing needs.

Yet the media screws this up pretty badly. I suspect they’re too focused on their personal picks and favorites to pay attention to these things like they should.  A case-in-point is just how wrong everyone was regarding (s)Election 2012. You can’t trust political pundits or the media to call this correctly. Frankly, from my perspective, they were trying to call the (s)Election weeks and weeks beforehand for Romney, and even I thought they were right.

The Romney / Ryan “team” was in effect, not what the majority of Americans wanted, whether Black, White or Hispanic. Much ado was made over the “women vote”, who rejected Romney’s anti-abortion stance.  The same was said about climate science, energy policies and even Big Business. In the end, these candidates were rejected by a decisive majority precisely because of what this team was claiming to offer. Everything else is actually not particularly relevant to the outcome of (s)Election 2012 — as the maps above actually show.

High population density counties carry more “weight” and electoral votes then low-density, low population counties. The maps (all of them) show a “divided America” for at least 12 years.  This is nothing new.

Supposedly, the blue areas are taken to mean areas where “entitlements” (government handouts) are highest, and thus the Democratic vote.  Actually, it means where most of the jobs are. Rural America receives as high a percentage of government handouts as urban America (per capita), yet rural America has fewer jobs.

It’s easy to misread these maps because pundits try to persuade people to a particular interpretation.  America is no more divided then it ever was, for all intents and purposes.  Every four years we go through this hoopla and every four years millions of people fall for it.

I haven’t found any valid reason to “get excited” over any of this. As I shared before, most of this is simply not relevant to my life or yours. It’s interesting in a petri-dish sort of way, like watching mold grow, but it’s not particularly relevant.

I don’t care who won. I didn’t have a horse in this race.  Truth is, no candidate represents me or my interests. An independent would have come the closest. My America remains the same as before.  My worldview is the same, my life is the same, my future is the same. And in all reality, so is yours.  Not much is going to change that was not already set in motion. Who claims the throne (temporarily) doesn’t really concern me that much.  Nor should it.  Life is much too short to focus on such temporary things. The names will change again. Life goes on.

The big picture remains the same.  That’s what actually concerns me.


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3 thoughts on “Post (s)Election Observations

  • November 12, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    This comes from a facebook ‘friend’ that I saw fly by on my wall (personally I don’t even know them but whatever)

    “Interesting bit of info: Since the elections, the sale of guns has increased tremendously. Our two sons bought a rifle each. Both are polar opposites when it comes to politics. However both feel that their rights to own guns will be coming to an end in the next four years. Own it now before they make it impossible to get.”

    Yes, reread that please and let me know if I’m missing something…

    They bought guns because they both feel that their right to own guns will be ending? they why buy the guns? if our right to own guns is coming to an end then how you going to own the guns you just bought?

    I asked that and got no response back….

    They’re out there and they’re scary

    I will now continue hoeing my garden, peace…

    • November 12, 2012 at 7:15 pm

      The fear of gun confiscation is unjustified. It’s also seriously misunderstood. American “patriots” are afraid to use their guns now. The thinking goes that they will “use them later, when they have to”, especially if gun confiscation occurs. This makes no sense and never did. In effect, it means “fight for your right to own a gun” vs. “fight for your freedoms now”, ie., wait until it’s too late….

      Owning guns does not make a person or a country “free”. Owning guns allows you to either keep or restore any freedoms you’ve lost, but ONLY if you’re willing to fight for them. New gun owners as you described are very unlikely to be “willing to fight” (for anything), lacking experience, training, knowledge and skill. They’ve fallen for the mantra that they must “own a gun” as a symbol that they are “free”. This is horribly untrue.

      The gun culture in America is severely stunted on the understanding of individual liberty. Liberty and freedom are not dependent upon guns or gun ownership, but on freed minds. Men who are free do not “need” guns, but they do need conviction, fortitude and determination, obviously lacking in much of American culture.

      If we lost our guns, say tomorrow, we’d actually still be just as free as ever in reality (except for shooting things of course). Then — and ONLY then, if additional restrictions and legislation were passed to take away individual freedoms and liberties, would we be “less free” (and wishing we still had our guns).

      I doubt very much, despite all the rhetoric and hot air I’ve seen that Americans are really ready to fight back. There are about 20 states right now that are trying to get petitions signed to “peacefully secede from the United States and form a new government“. But this does not mean they’re “ready to fight”. Not at all. If they were — they’d have done it already as I always say (proof is always found in the “doing”, not the “words”).

      We’re “not there yet”. However, anger and rhetoric and a lot of disinformation is being spread like wildfire among the keyboard commandos. Anything could happen. Most likely, a lot of idiots are going to get hurt.

  • November 16, 2012 at 8:57 am

    I’ve seen it mentioned in a few places, but not many – the Republicans lost the youth vote, and they’re losing it at a greater rate every election. The right is using “no new taxes” as a code for racism, and young people don’t buy it. This article about the “southern strategy” with the famous video of Atwater laying out the abstracted codes is fascinating:

    But also young people, with minor exceptions, have gone way, way past the social issues that the fundamentalist base is hooked on – abortion, birth control, gay rights, legalizing pot, mindless patriotism and acceptance of wars of choice. Most kids certainly in suburban and urban areas have at least one really good friend who is openly gay and totally accepted. This is one the Republicans will only continue to lose more in the future. They really can’t win if they insist on clinging to those “values” which are seen as phony since they are violated with astonishing regularity by some of their strongest proponents.

    It’s too bad that we are wrecking the world so fast that none of this progress will matter.

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