‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Food Crisis

Planning for the future? You’ll need to plan for this (unfolding right now) – Farmers Take on ‘Post-Apocalyptic’ Food Crisis

I’m seeing huge shortages develop, almost ‘suddenly’. Plastic food buckets are now a thing of the past, nobody knows when they might be available again. My local stores are also showing all kinds of products just “gone”, even supposedly simple items like cat food.

My advice – if you can still get it – buy it now. Somebody called me early today (woke me up) and said they had an opportunity to buy a large food unit that was only two years old, I told them to BUY IT if they could still get it. Food and water will be in scarce supply as the world careens from one disaster to the next. From where I sit, it looks like things are unraveling faster and faster.

On the world front, Ukraine is in trouble (Russians mobilizing on their border), Taiwan expects war with China and here in America, things are still getting worse on the domestic front. That’s a significant part of the world, but not everywhere of course. However, everyone has to eat and what you’ll be able to obtain and eat in the future isn’t guaranteed at all.

The COP26 “agreements” are now known to be failures, now certain to guarantee a hellish planet going forward, with extreme heat already tripling around the world.

Seems like I was right again – our supposed “leaders” have failed us yet again. None are actually serious about keeping the planet habitable for the next (youngest) generation. Almost nobody is willing to sound the alarm or tell it like it really is, which is highly disappointing. Even the articles that I constantly link to are often full of hopium and disinformation, but it’s the best that can be found. You have to add in the missing parts yourself to know just how bad it’s going to, which is FAR worse then any ‘official’ claim.


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  • November 14, 2021 at 4:20 pm

    The Glasgow talkfest is over, and it achieved exactly what we expected it to achieve [as far as significantly reducing emissions is concerned]: nothing at all. Indeed, it is impossible to maintain the global financial system without maintaining emissions at constant or increasing levels.

    Clearly the coming months are going to be characterised by higher prices (devaluation of fiat currencies) and shortages, as the whole system slowly unravels.

    The northern hemisphere is moving rapidly towards the period of peak demand for home heating, with energy supplies in a particularly precarious state.

    I see that half the US still in drought:

    Current Map | U.S. Drought Monitor (unl.edu)

    Very nasty times ahead.

    • November 14, 2021 at 5:18 pm

      I read an article about Zimbabwe, who made a speech at the talk fest, where they claimed they would achieve both zero carbon and growth to modernize their country. Utterly impossible. They, like all other countries and especially all highly developed countries, have embraced an impossible lie. It was the United States in particular that screwed over the final “agreement”, as did Russia, China, India and Australia. Zero accomplished. Empty words, more blah, blah, blah, endless delays, refusals to make clear commitments, still beholden to oil extraction and consumption, still unwilling and unable to even identify the root cause of it all (civilization). What a waste.

      The only thing humanity can do is to prepare for the very worst – and then extinction. The planet-wasters are still in charge, still in power and still intend to totally destroy the Earth’s habitat for more profits.

  • November 15, 2021 at 12:02 pm

    ‘We should also note that farm fertiliser prices are rising and fast, now sitting at record high levels in North America. The same is happening everywhere, and may well spill over into food prices if high input costs curb supply.’

    Breakfast briefing; Global rates rise as some Chinese data improves | interest.co.nz

    Also [China] Electricity production fell again and has been falling since July. But at least it was +3.0% higher than the pandemic damaged month a year ago. Generation from coal was up +5.2%, from nuclear up +17%, but a big -12% decrease was reported for hydro power generation.’

    Low water levels? Broken dams?

    Broken planet.


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