Pork Politics Still Doesn’t Triumph The Ongoing Collapse

This is a riot, the ‘bailout bill’ (American Ripoff) was 3 pages long, now it’s already 102 pages long. Looks like pork politics to me (again). The Demonrats are fighting the Republirats, but they’re going to pass the cursed thing.

I’m absolutely certain that this is being seen as a golden parachute opportunity for many failing institutions right now. And who knows what’s in the fine print. I wonder if our lameduck politicians will even read it. Belay that — I don’t wonder at all, I’m just being rhetorical.

Obama and McInsane are going at it on the radio right now. Can’t believe anybody would even consider McInsane for the White House. What are they thinking?

Both of these guys are lying through their teeth, it’s just background noise to the ongoing collapse. Obama is all for more war, death and destruction. Good grief. Telling us that no soldier has “died in vain” because they obeyed their Commander in Chief — what a load of crap.

Both these guys are trying to convince all of us that deeper intervention in world affairs is in our best interest. They only differ on how they will do it (semantics), not whether any of it is necessary, useful or beneficial.

Lonewolf sent me a few worthy links —

Hundreds of methane ‘plumes’ discovered

Global carbon emissions rising rapidly

Amphibians Extinction Rising Rapidly

The reality is — it doesn’t make a tinkers damn what these paid politicians do, we’re still headed for collapse, far more rapidly then most think.

I’ve also read we’ve lost about 50% of our songbirds in the last decade, another ominous sign of environmental degradation.

Ready for A Global Monetary Authority?

U.K. Foreign ID Cards Unveiled


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