Poor Babies….

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  These poor babies are crying in their milk that life is such a fucking disaster…

I’ll cry, because these thieves are part of the problem.  They sold every “investor” the lie that they can have the good life in perpetuity, never admitting that the entire thing is just one giant Ponzi scheme, always robbing from Peter to pay Paul ad infinitum.  And now it’s all going up in smoke….

Hehehe, now I’ll laugh, because their comeuppance is now due.  Seems like nobody really understands what “merchants of the Earth” really means or why they’re be held accountable…

These idiots think they’re going to go off and disappear into the wilderness when the time is ripe.  Can you imagine what that will be like?  Hordes of 4×4 trucks, RV’s and gun-toting flat-landers decimating the hillsides (as long as the gas last)…

In about three weeks they’ll start eating each other and dying of exposure.

We did buy into the lie that we could sustain this life, but the harsh truth is nothing in the modern world is sustainable.  And now we act “shocked” that thing we built it is falling apart soooo fast.

By best advice here is don’t listen to anything anybody says, insisting that they can handle your money better then you can.  Money will soon be near worthless (and so will gold).


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