Pondering the Abyss

Want to see something so unbelievably insane, that you’ll wonder for days if it’s real or not?

It’s real – and it’s so insane, so unbelievable, you’ll wonder for a long time at the utter stupidity and ongoing insanity of the species.

Virtually NOTHING can explain this away or why it was deemed so essential to risk the entire world while they played ‘mad scientist’:


Maximize the window to see the calender in the top right corner. Watch it until at least 1993, or better yet, watch it all the way through. Red indicates an atmospheric detonation; yellow means underground and blue is underwater.

More here.

Doesn’t it actually look like a real war was being fought?

Now just imagine how much of that radioactivity is still floating around in the environment, in the soil, in the water and in the atmosphere, most of it with a half-life of 500,000 years… getting into your body, your food, your lungs, your children, generation after generation… Consider the “leadership” qualities of the men and woman that authorized this upon the world…

Contrast this with the rising number of cancers, strange diseases and deaths caused globally and the ‘official’ explanations of how safe this all was supposed to be and how ‘necessary’ this was for our ‘protection’. And the fact that we still produce this shit…

Even worse, consider how many people still buy into this gigantic lie…

Makes a lot sense, right? Only if you’re totally depraved… and out of your fucking mind.

Here’s a map of nuclear reactors:

How many of these are going to go underwater with rising sea levels and storm surges? It’s dozens – at least – and all of them store their nuclear fuel / waste fuel onsite.

It’s only going to take one to create another global problem, but there are more then 30 that will be flooded, and virtually all of them have no safe method of decommissioning (which takes several decades – for each one) and storing their nuclear fuel. Most are seriously outdated and storage of spent fuel remains a very serious problem.

We are the only species on the planet that can shit in its own nest and call it ‘progress’. The nightmare scenario, oops, reality that we have fabricated for ourselves is truly beyond our ability to fully comprehend.

I’m sure we’ll all soon come to ‘appreciate it’ nonetheless.


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