Political Liars

The current disaster that describes our environmental conditions in America is at risk in the next (s)Election. Both parties are consistently lying to us about virtually everything.

Mitt Romney’s “plan” for America is no plan at all — it is suicide. His energy plan is to develop as many domestic resources for gas and oil as possible, apparently at “any cost”.  This, like all developments by Big Oil and the Energy Industry for the last 60+ years, will have far-reaching impacts on what remains of our environment. Everything is on the chopping block.

The emissions of fossil-fuel burning continues to pollute the atmosphere, the Romney’s / Ryan “plan” is to find even more of the stuff and burn it as fast as we can.

We’re nearly at 400 ppm CO₂, far beyond the identified “safe” level of 280 ppm.  Even 350 ppm is being recognized as “no good” anymore for a stable climate. The catastrophic effects of changing the chemical composition of the Earth’s atmosphere are being recorded all over the world, yet Big Oil, which stands to lose the most from their absolutely obscene profits, continues to fund the so-called “climate debate”.  They’ve managed to convince a large segment of the population, and apparently most of the U.S. Congress and Senate that the environment really doesn’t matter very much.  The science is just so much mumbo-jumbo.

Currently, Arctic temperatures in land and sea are exceeding 9 degrees Fahrenheit from normal levels. This is causing catastrophic melt of the sea ice — as shown here and on many other sites that are tracking this critical resource.  What happens in the Arctic very much dictates what happens down here, thousands of miles away. Drought, storms, flooding, hurricanes, even tornadoes are being heavily impacted by the changing hydrological cycle, disruption of the jet stream and increased levels of evaporation.

Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan, a true climate contrarian, an idiot extraordinaire, who believes in nothing but more consumption (which is what makes America great, apparently) while denying the actual science of the unfolding global disaster.  Both Romney and Ryan represent a severe and imminent threat to our climate future.

Yet this is not an endorsement for Obama, a man who has consistently lied and misrepresented himself and his “change you can believe in” campaign promises from the very beginning. The man is a liar. America received none of the promises he made.

It is of no interest at all, not to me anyway, that once again, the Republican platform, just like the Democratic platform, is rerunning the same old tired mantra, “We Are The Future”. This is double-speak at its worst and yet, will be missed by most.  They may indeed be “the future”, given that we really have absolutely no choice in the matter, but it is not a future America needs.  And it is not a future that many of us want either.

It’s all a pack of lies, every single bit of it.  Politicians DO NOT CONTROL THIS COUNTRY.  Politicians do what they are told by monied interests.

I’m persuaded that America is committing suicide by voting for any of the two-party (s)Election candidates.  Neither is remotely capable of a sound climate and energy policy. Anything that does not pander to Big Oil and the Energy Industry interests (and let’s not forget the offense defense industry either), simply gains no traction.

The American form of government has long since abdicated its independence from lobbyist control and influence on any serious issues.  Money controls the entire U.S. Senate, Congress and even the White House. Our government is literally “bought and paid for”.  The allegedly “fair” (s)Election process is entirely manipulated and orchestrated around money and who is pre-selected for the highest office in the land.  Voting in this rigged game is actually a sick, sad joke upon every single American, a sham pretense of making a difference.

Here is an example of how manipulated this has all become:

Meanwhile, Gary E. Johnson, the former New Mexico governor who left the GOP to become the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee this year, has pleaded with Paul supporters to give him a look-see.

“Just like the Republican establishment who tried to silence Congressman Ron Paul, the powers-that-be are determined to keep the American people from hearing, seeing or even having a chance to vote for Gov. Gary Johnson,” Ron Nielson, Mr. Johnson’s senior campaign adviser, said in an email this week to rally support. “They’re afraid. They know millions of Americans, if given a chance, will reject the big-government candidates and join the liberty movement.” In Paul they trust

In exactly the SAME article are several flat-out lies:

When Mr. Romney announced Monday that he supports auditing the Federal Reserve, it underscored the odd but powerful influence of the maverick congressman from Texas, whose years-long push for a Fed audit will now appear in the party platform.

No audit of the Fed will ever be done — it would destroy this country.  This is only a carrot being dangled in front of the gullible. The Republicans are hoping for some of the Libertarian votes, which will be necessary for Romeny to “win” the (s)Election.

Here is yet another alleged “promise” – Republicans Eye Return to Gold Standard

The gold standard has returned to mainstream U.S. politics for the first time in 30 years, with a “gold commission” set to become part of official Republican party policy.  Drafts of the party platform, which it will adopt at a convention in Tampa Bay, Florida, next week, call for an audit of Federal Reserve monetary policy and a commission to look at restoring the link between the dollar and gold.

I’m going to call this one “total bullshit”, because the United States will NEVER return to a “gold standard”.  Fiscal irresponsibility is the ONLY thing that has kept this country going this long. Fiat money and fractional reserve banking are what made it ALL possible.  The notion that we’d give any of this up voluntarily (intentionally) is quite ridiculous.  Corruption permeates every part of our governmental policies, the Federal Reserve and all major banking institutions.  Nobody in these hallowed halls of deep corruption intends to give up their death-grip on America.

Only fools will believe these lies, failing to use some basic common sense and sitting down to count the cost of what this would really mean to this country.  The only policies that will be truly embraced will be those that perpetuate the status-quo.

MUCH more likely is the elimination of cash altogether, someday.  Electronic money is easily created, manipulated, inflated and removed from circulation, providing the Fed and major banks with the ability to control the livelihoods of hundreds of millions. This is the real goal and always was.

It’s simply amazing (well actually no it’s not) how often Americants continue to fall for the same empty rhetoric, campaign lies and endless promises from the politicians paraded in front of us like eye candy. It’s as if we have collective amnesia or gobble down stupid-pills before every (s)Election.

We have incredibly low-standards for politicians, permitting them all kinds of deception, excesses, excuses, broken promises and empty-headed lies.  If we ran our own lives the way they run this country, we’d be poor, divorced, disowned, homeless and untrustworthy enough to accurately piss into a empty swimming pool.

What made Americans so incredibly lazy and apathetic? Why do we continue to tolerate what is clearly a gigantic scam?  It seems as if we’ve given up, internalizing the very same lies as politicians.  We claim we’re “making a difference” when we clearly are not. We hold ourselves to the same low-standards we apply to American politicians (ie., none at all).

The Two Party Scam

How can you make a difference when both parties are committed to following utterly dismal and failed policies?  The policies espoused are never real “change”, the status-quo and pandering to vested interests that actually control and run this country remain the same as ever, every (s)Election cycle.  Exactly WHO is responsible for these stupid policies anyway?  Why do they even exist?

Any real candidates that would hope to institute meaningful change to this country finds out early in their candidacy that they are locked out of the political process.  They’re refused the same media coverage or consideration given to the (s)Elected participants. It’s dead obvious to even casual observers that this is entirely rigged and orchestrated sham is to ensure that the American sheep remain blithely ignorant of how manipulated everything really is.

Political suicide occurs whenever anyone speaks out against the Establishment policies — the majority of which are the path to our destruction. No candidate is even allowed to approach the highest office in the land without being totally vetted and approved by the monied interest that are hell-bent on ensuring that nothing changes.

Both “parties” offers Americans nothing but more war, occupation, intervention and environmental destruction while ignoring all the growing problems at home.  Have you ever wondered exactly why that is? Why doesn’t one party offer us a way out of this deepening morass?

During the McCain / Obama (s)Election, I pointed out that we’d be sorely disappointed by whoever “won” — and we will most certainly be this (s)Election.  Real change cannot happen in this country due to the death-grip by industry and monied interest upon the political landscape.  The American people are not even in the equation.

I’m persuaded that that political change will NOT happen in this country.  EVER.  Certainly not in my lifetime, which in point of fact, has never once happened.

The corruption is much too deep, permeating down to the very roots of American agencies and institutions. It’s not just being propped up by money — it’s being enabled by acceptance at every level. My own personal experience demonstrated this to me very clearly.  Gross incompetence, apathy, indifference, nepotism, corruption, coverup, deception, misrepresentation and self-protectionism absolutely ENSURES that the critical and essential changes needed cannot succeed here.  To say that we are “committed to this path” is a huge understatement.  Only death will break the chains wed us to these crimes — with a huge risk that the inheritors will become just as corrupt.

I’m surprised that so many people continue to trust politicians.  There is absolutely no reason that this should occur.  Expecting someone who pays out millions of dollars to secure the job that pays less then 1% of what it cost to get (s)Elected is bound to fuck you over.

I’ve come to expect absolutely nothing from American politicians except lies, double-speak, corruption and deception.  And I’m never disappointed.

America is not ready for an honest politician.  We prefer our corrupted process.  A corrupt process will only produce corrupt politicians. Pretending otherwise is just foolishness.


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5 thoughts on “Political Liars

  • August 26, 2012 at 7:31 pm
    It is hard to image that some 125 to 130 million Americans will vote AGAIN this November and that they will believe AGAIN that their national candidate this time around will actually change American government policies from one of greed, control and world expansion to one of by the people, for the people.
  • August 27, 2012 at 7:04 am
    I’m not surprised that so many people continue to trust politicians. About 47% of the American population gets the bulk of its income through the government, so they will support whom ever panders to them. Most of the rest will just whine about various politicians, instead of doing something to lessen the impact of those politicans, such as emigrating or doing business in non-white markets. I guess their whining amuses the real owners of Amerika.
  • September 4, 2012 at 8:27 am
    I know you’re concerned about the melting ice sheets and that stuff, and we all should and it could take years / decades for any real harm is noticed. In the mean time we have a economic glacier slowly, sliding across this country that is wiping out cities and small towns. It’s getting bigger, bigger and flattening more and more areas.

    In Michigan – Detroit, Flint, parts of Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Lansing, etc. there is where the glacier started and started to spread.

    We now have small towns here that are just hanging on by a thread from being a modern day ghost town, even some of our counties are close to the same.

    There is no money or at least real money for anything but yet the masses just keep ‘believing’ what the media and political parties put in front of them without understanding any of it. This morning I read that this past June was an all time high for people on food stamps.

    The politicians in this country are not going to fix it, they can’t and they won’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

    The people seriously need to realize this more than they need to find out what Snooki’s baby looks like. It is going to take a national downfalling to wipe away the decades of corruption that has put us where we are today and than a renewal of minds to rebuild again…

    The glacier is moving and coming to a town near you….

  • September 7, 2012 at 7:44 pm
    I’m in agreement with you about the politicians. Only those bought and paid for by the Powerz have any chance at president, and outsiders have a slim chance at Senate and CONgress also. Some supposed outsiders might just be playing that role for the Powerz though, as they present opposition in such a way to guarantee its’ failure. This is not going to change anytime soon as the Powers control who gets money and media to campaign, and if opposition is popular they can just outbid it on the paid side and deny it any free attention.

    It’s also a slam dunk that the Powerz intend to do nada about climate change (unless you believe killing trees, plants and people from geoenginering the stratosphere by spraying aluminum and barium is happening to combat climate change) Anyway, it is likely that any reduction in CO2 acheivable by reducing industry will be overwhelmed by increases in CO2 from the warming ocean and increacing volcanic activity

    I am skeptical about CO2 and it’s relationship to the changing climate. The oceans are warming as fast or faster than the atmosphere and the oceans have much greater thermal density which suggests the oceans are warming the atmosphere rather than the reverse. Certianly the planet is warming, but industrial, agricultural and engineered destruction of the ecosystem bothers me much more. Notice that the politicians and the Powerz controlled media and academia shout loudly about CO2 (and their profitable carbon credit “solution”), while downplaying the ecosystem damages caused by their industries. Even popular search engines are prioritized to favor AGW views, and the large number of scientists with other views get NO attention from anything connected to the Powerz unless someone screws up.

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