Police State – USA

I cancelled my American Express merchant account today. My apologies to all my present and future customers who may have wanted to use their American Express card to pay for their orders. American Express has joined the ranks of the Nazi fascists who have taken over this country. Undoubtedly, they’ve been in that camp for a long time, and will be joined by many others as America continues its oblivious march towards fascism.

The timing of this event is wierd. I just came across this article Why Americans Should Be Packing Their Bags NOW. If you’ve got a few minutes, it might be good for you to read this.

I’ve been witnessing a tighter and tighter grip being placed upon the private affairs of private citizens. Treating us like the terrorists they believe we are is the only thing that makes any sense anymore. Their flimsy excuses based upon pretext and lies are absurd. The hatred by these practicing fascist for liberty, morality, decency and common sense and importantly, respect for our traditional rights, is becoming untenable. Frankly, I’m sick of it – and told American Express exactly what I thought.

Ezekiel’s article brings up some very interesting points and a few things I didn’t know about. Americans are being trapped in their own country and can apparently, be “shut in” at a moments notice. Maybe you don’t think you’d ever leave, but did you ever think you’d not be allowed to? That’s a scary thought. Punishment without crime. Guilt without a trial. Incarceration without bars. Nothing new for an Adminstration that kills thousands of civilians based upon private conversations with God.

A close examination of America does reveal a police state. Not in the future, not after the next (s)election, not tomorrow, but today, here right now, all around you. From here on out, it’s just going to grow even stronger. Hoping for an election reform is like wishing for water in the desert. The wasteland of American freedom is all that’s left.


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