Planned Population Reduction

I think it is becoming abundantly clear that massive population reductions are soon ahead. The worldwide food crisis situation is only worsening.

Only a radical change of diet can halt looming food crises

India rice export prices up again

High Rice Cost Creating Fears of Asia Unrest

I’d like some input on how everyone else sees this unfolding. I’m going to step out on a limb and categorically state that a population reduction will commence pretty soon. The preservation (and distribution) of assets will triumph over human rights to clean air, clean water and sufficient food.

It would not be hard to argue that this is already occurring in many parts of the world, but what I’m talking about here is really something else — a whole step above the genocide and destruction we’ve seen in the last ten years.

How do you suppose it will happen (or will it, from your perspective)?

My thoughts:

a) military interventionism (creating and fostering unnecessary wars, something America is really good at doing);

b) disease outbreaks;

c) withholding food distribution;

d) climate change will cause massive crop failures and starvation (not something we are “actively doing”, but it will be a huge factor nonetheless, only included here since it will be a big part of population reduction);

e) resource withholding (energy stocks, fertilizer stocks, industrial equipment);

f) GMO seeds (“Terminators”) and hybrid crops;

e) Pollinators (bees, birds, bats, etc.) being killed off due to disease or design.

Ultimately, I think food will be the #1 primary weapon (and fresh water). Water wars are heating up all over the globe, but some relief can be found from rainwater harvesting (hard to stop this). Food reduction and restrictions will be a big factor, along with disease and pandemic outbreaks (most efficient method for population reduction).

I do not rank terrorism anywhere on this list because I do not believe that terrorism will play a real factor at all. Nor do I personally rank nuclear war on this list either, as I do not personally believe this is presently much of a threat, but maybe some of you won’t agree with that.

There might be a false-flag terrorist attack, anything to get us to invade Iran or some such nonsense (or anyplace else where we want to steal resources, like Venezuela or even Canada – see the new joint military agreement), but I doubt it will kill more then a few thousand at a time. But it would be enough to stampede the sheep again into supporting more Bushit bullshit for a thousand years of war (or the end of all life on Earth as we know it). We’ll see, but I’m ‘looking’ for how population reduction will soon commence in earnest.

We might even see some weird genetic manipulation with human DNA soon, but whether or not this would kill off large numbers of us, I don’t know.


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  • March 30, 2008 at 10:35 am

    From MSM, “Wall Street Journal Report” on NBC Mar 30, 08:

    Food inflation: “Wheat (globally) has tripled in price in past year.”
    Overall: “groceries up (in US) an average of 8% since Jan 1, 08” [BULL]

    “Eggs (in US) are up from avg. of $0.69 to $1.99 (in 3 months)” which is an astounding 288% in just 3 mo. If this trend was to continue for another 9 months, becomes an “impossible’ annualized rate of 22,260% (compounded quarterly, not monthly, daily) (note: that’s a comma, not a decimal place) making a dozen eggs $58.60 or $4.88 per egg by years end.

    From other sources:
    Rice is up 30% (globally) this month.

    At +8% [ha ha ha] in 3 months is +36% annualized (compounded) or +85% over 2 years.

    Yeah, Right! We ‘should be so lucky’ – NOT.

    Personally, I’m ‘betting on’ BushCorp lashing out again (for profits and prophets)- this time on Iran. All ‘signs’ point to this eventuality IMO. Meaning, before the illusory mass-deception of wantonly hyped (s)election. In which ‘event’, China, Russia, et al. will not sit by and watch (this time) as the US destroys what’s little remains of planetary cohesion (NTM the environment) as we again ratchet-up our self-destruction modalities. Hence, another -perhaps terminal – round of tyranny, fascism, oppression, renditioning, torture, hegemony, bald-faced ‘patridiot’ lies, and (intentionally manufactured) widespread fear and pain. But that’s merely my nightmare. The actual ‘nightmare’ will likely unfold to far surpass even my hysterical doomer imaginings.

    At some point in the not distant future, the price of anything will become largely irrelevant since availability of resources regardless of cost (mainly food, oil and water) will come to dominant every failed (alleged) mind.

    Global Somaliaization of the Freaking Planet is on course and ahead of schedule.

  • March 30, 2008 at 10:56 am

    When I was a kid, my parents used to tell me to clean my plate– there are kids starving in China…

    Here it comes again.

    I see GMO terminator crop seed out-pricing poor farmers. BigAgra is squeezing every family-type and subsistence farmer worldwide out of farming and into factory servitude, at this point.

    Couple that with aquifer depletion from commercial irrigation practices and the bottled water foolishness, along with widespread drought and/or heavy regional flooding due to Global Warming, AND the ethanol food-to-fuel fiasco and we end up with a recipe for disaster.

    When we’re seeing huge shortages of rice in S.E. Asia, and shortages of wheat, corn and other grains in Australia, the Americas, and Europe, there is certainty that world-wide famine will soon follow.

    Humanitarian efforts are already failing. The people of the “rich” countries are suddenly not-so-rich, and now we’re unable to afford to give to those efforts. All we’ll be able to do, as the next two-to-five years unfold, is watch in horror, as people starve to death everywhere– including here in America.

    There will be no fix.


  • March 30, 2008 at 11:08 am

    I believe that there has been enough journalistic coverage to suggest that an attack on Iran is planned and could well still be executed in April. I would then see an escalation of military activities in or between Pakistan, India and China (initiated by current tensions or pressure from Islamic regions in Western China – regardless, it will be supported -overtly or covertly- by Western policy to help eliminate competition on the world economic stage). Even if none of these go nuclear, the impact on the world fiancial markets and the cost of food and fertilizer (determined more and more by commodities speculators) will create the conditions for increased unrest from Europe to East Asia. North America will likely see an upswing in the business sector and an end to the otherwise inevitable recession. Good times all round while the rest of the world self destructs.

    Continued unrest will be seen on the African continent (currently the Canadian Government has travel advisories out for 28 of 55 nations in Africa – with notable nations like Zimbabwe and South Africa both strangely absent from the list) with plenty of opportunities for expansion of chaos through war, disease, unscrupulous exploitation of natural resources and financial instability.

    East Asia will contend with the influenza epidemic/pandemic and food and other resource scarcities identified in the articles listed above. I would not be surprised to see a resurgence in socialism as the gulf between the newly affluent and the poorest of the poor opens up, possibly assisted by an expansion of Islam from Indonesia and elsewhere.

    South and Central America, along with the Caribbean, will likely see an increase in Chavest like anti-americanism and a greater influence from socialist peoples parties. Possible escalation of conflict between Venezuala, Columbia and Ecuador is also likely with Brazil somehow being brought into the mess as the Continental “superpower”, possibly as a proxy representative for China.

    Terrorism is, and always has been, the least of anyone’s worries compared to the damage being done by Western government policy and Western business interests.

    Yup, it doesn’t look good, does it?

    But, I don’t think we will see widespread de-population. It will be selective and only where it serves a purpose for Western business interests.

    Just my two cents….

  • March 30, 2008 at 12:00 pm

    It is pretty hard to sort out motivations and why things are happening as they are. I see the distribution and production of food being curtailed by runaway energy prices, and spot shortages.

    We are in overshoot. Nobody has to do anything except step back and let nature take its predictable course. It is reasonable to assume that nation states will channel all the anger over the hard times into hatred for real and imagined enemies of all sorts.

    There is nothing good to report about human nature. Compassion is a luxury for those who have more than enough to live. With the good times gone, the people of the world who have always had hind tit will have no tit at all. Like all of us, they better find a way to live, but they are too stretched out already to do much. They will be the first to go.

    I think Bushco will launch a low yield nuclear war on Iran. The first full moon in April might well be the date. As I recall, China holds large oil trade agreements with Iran. How might they intervene?

    I don’t think asymmetrical war is off the table for the very largest countries like China. A US economy in the throes of a depression is of no value to them.

    The cheapest way to conduct war is asymmetrical war. I don’t see the terrorists coming from the middle east, I see false-flag terrorism coming from possibly China, Russia, India and Pakistan. We have virtually no allies anymore so I think everything is on the table.

    I believe if we attack Iran, false-flag terrorism is a lock, possibly from traditional allies. I read that the war gaming about the nuke attack on Iran has significant fallout hitting India. Do we really imagine they will thank us for that?

    Regardless, a huge die off is locked in. No need for conspiracy.

    Very ugly out there, and uglier every day. This game is lost for all of us. It’s a game we all lose, everywhere.

    I never really thought the world would become this fubarred, but it did. We should no longer imagine posterity.


  • March 30, 2008 at 12:06 pm

    Nothing special needs to be done to cause a population decline. It’s happening now just fine. Nice and slow, see. Frog in the pot. The 1st world doesn’t see/care/hear about one 3rd world village after another disappearing. Famine in rice countries are to be expected, and if the grain stocks are not available to help them out, oh well. TV won’t cover food disasters if they are told not to. We won’t even know it.

    When the 3rd world is depopulated back to turn of the (20th) century levels, the 2nd world’s police pogrom kicks in under the radar. Useless eaters just sorta disappear into labor camps. The men don’t breed and the women go back to the alleys to stay mobile and somewhat free.

    Here in america we just pay more. The diet gets shittier- mac’n’cheese in place of hamburger helper. Cable is canceled to afford bread. The car goes back to the bank for beans and rice. The gas bill is so high people pack into one room for sleeping and the fertilizer factories get it instead. Aside from food trucks the highways empty. And this decomsumption can last for decades as the people naturally thin out and start growing kitchen gardens and truck farms.

    The fast crash would be exciting, a long drawn out powerdown is just boring. Learn to whittle hehehe.

  • March 30, 2008 at 1:16 pm

    Already people are going hungry in America. More so than usual.
    Food banks are seeing huge increases in need. I notice my friends who used to buy organic or higher quality foods are now buying lower and lower quality foods. Though the cost is the same as that high quality stuff only months ago.
    If one googles arkansas floods wheat you will see that last year 28.6 million bushels were produced in that state. Now an unverifiable amount is gone. Half the state is flooded.
    Monday (tomorrow) our gov will release crop planting figures for this season. (which you can’t believe anyway)
    The commodities markets will be the first to react.

    I see more countries halting exports as India and Vietnam are now doing. Perhaps there will be oil for food trades between nations. Excacerbating fuel shortages.

    In America more people will have to decide between food and mortgage payments causing more homelessness.
    Cities will do homeless street cleaning and this is where FEMA camps will become useful. And of course our bungling gummint will assure that many will never come out alive. Accidentally losing shipments of food, unforessen illnesses sweeping through the camps killing many and many will die from riots quelled by force.
    Soon there will be spot shortages in America and cooking shows will feature “eating foods you never thought of before.”
    i heard the stories from my dad (endlessly) about how he had to endure eating beef tongue during the depression.
    Those horrible food stores like shure save will have huge increases in business.

    My strongest belief on how this will all unfold is a sudden, massive increase in oil prices due to an attack on Iran.
    I have seen two articles in the last two days on American troop build-ups around Iran.
    That will be the catalyst for massive increases in fuel costs and
    truckers will be parked enroute to deliveries (independent truckers with no means to purchase diesel when the price jumps while they are on the road.) Magnets for attack and theft of their cargo.
    Ever see those depression era documentaries showing those poor, downtrodden, embarrassed men waiting for bread and soup to feed their families? Well, this time it won’t be so peaceful. Americans now have a sense of entitlement and there will be riots and looting and this is where those FEMA camps will come in handy.
    To see what will happen in America one need only watch as the poorer countries show us what is coming to our shores.

    This summer is going to be nasty as services to the poor are cut further and further back, as need increases, and the poor will see no options other than to take what they need through violence-which begets a violent response.

    There are so, so many things coming down the pike that one can almost pick and choose what will cause the culling.
    I have no doubt it has begun and will accelerate. It will be like that ping pong balls on the mouse traps video we have probably all seen.
    Keep in mind this is not an accident. It is planned and orchestrated. There are too many people and the powers want to continue their lifestyes.
    And one more thing. Our economy is unraveling like crazy and even if there were no food shortages or inflation it would still get very, very, bad.

  • March 30, 2008 at 2:58 pm

    A contemporaneous ‘read’/spin on the well-worn nursery rhyme, “This Little Piggy” (first published in 1728).

    This little piggy went to market. [and found the sleeves hab been stripped bare]
    This little piggy stayed at home. [ and ate the food that they had wisely stored]
    This little piggy had roast beef. [which one would you guess it was?]
    This little piggy had none. [was (is) it you?]
    And this little piggy went “Wee! Wee! Wee!” [pissed their pants] all the way home.

  • March 30, 2008 at 3:17 pm

    If we start with the premise that a PLANNED starvation is underway, then we have to go back to such documents as Henry Kissingerâ’s NSCM 200 to see clear evidence of the planning of it. Hereâ’s a good analysis of Kissingerâ’s ghoulish plan: Remember, this is dated 1974, so these monsters have very long term plans.

    Then we have the climate crisis effecting food producing areas and denying them rain. Michel Chossudovsky on weather control by H.A.A.R.P. offers a possibility that this technology may be causing a shift in the jet stream, disrupting normal weather patterns. He writes about it here Naturally, the extreme climate changes are caused by human activity, but it is very possible that this or other high tech weather weapons are in use as tools to desiccate certain vital food growing areas of the earth. Perth, Australia was close to being abandoned, if they didnâ’t get rain last year. Suddenly, a miracle occurred, and it rained like hell. (Not to let one of our “allies” completely die off, but it needs to have the appearance that it is effecting everyone equally, so we all have to suffer. Think Georgia in this country.) I keep reading that the real carrying capacity of the earth is between 500 million and 1 billion souls. Thatâ’s a lot of death and dying to achieve those numbers.

    In 1970, the writer Leonard Lewin came out with his idea of a mass culling of the human population with the novel “Triage.” The masters of us all had decided that there were too many of Kissingerâ’s useless eaters, so they devised a plan to do a global die off. It was a joint government/business action. When it came out, I remember the stir it caused. It seemed to be an over reaction, but maybe, just maybe, he was on to something. Heâ’s also the writer of “The Report from Iron Mountain” on the benefits of maintaining a war economy and staying at war, which caused, once again, a gigantic response from the military and government.

    Richard Rubenstein, in his books on the Holocaust, asks the question: “What will governments do with surplus populations?” His two books on this subject are must reads: “The Cunning of History” and “The Age of Triage.” Hereâ’s what is written on the inside dust jacket of the latter.

    “The organized elimination of select populations has grown at a terrifying rate over the last 150 years. From the British exploitation of the Irish potato famine to the Turkish massacres of the Armenians, from the Nazi exterminations of Jews to the recent Cambodian slaughters, extermination of unwanted groups has become almost commonplace. These nightmares of human cruelty have been viewed as isolated aberrations. Now, Richard L. Rubenstein takes a radical new approach to the issue. Mass murder, he claims is a deliberate policy of legitimate governments to cope with unwanted populations in times of economic or political upheaval.

    “Triage is hardly new, Rubenstein says. Its methods are simply becoming more efficient as technology advances. Going back to Tudor England, he sees the enclosure of common land as an early example of an intrinsic pattern of modernization leading to extermination. The displaced English peasantry became one of the first surplus populations to face unemployment and depend on welfare. Although Englandâ’s “poor relief” was often inadequate compared with the methods that were to follow, Rubenstein points out that it was a relatively humane way of coping with unwanted people.

    “Through a careful examination of the links between the catastrophes that came in the centuries after the enclosures—the Great Famine in Ireland, the Armenian massacres, the destruction of European Jews, the purges of Stalin, the Vietnamese and Cuban “boat people”—Rubenstein offers a startling new perspective on the causes of genocide.

    “Today, as American confronts its own problems of overpopulation and wide-spread unemployment, the seeds for a new triage are take root. Rubenstein predicts that the microprocessor and robot revolution will soon create a new class of unemployed, and the present administration policies with their emphasis on the trickle-down effect of wealth offer little hope for these people. ‘Unless we find a humane way to solve the long-range problem of unemployment and population redundancy,” he predicts, “we cannot rule out the possibility that in a crisis we shall turn to inhumane methods.â’”

    Paul Craig Roberts notes that over the last few years, 14 million jobs have been exported. Jobs in three industries picked up the slack: fast food, medical and health care, and home construction. Now the real estate crash is suffocating the last category, and soon the poor wonâ’t be going out to eat, killing off that area. This is going to create a surplus population in this country. If the state goes bankrupt, there wonâ’t be any welfare or unemployment money, or the money as it looks now will be worthless paper. We can see all see where thatâ’s going to end, and it wonâ’t be pretty.

    So I think that even with no smoking gun, the evidence trail seems to be getting hotter toward a planned event that has been discussed for decades, and as Rubenstein points out, there is ample historical evidence.

    Finally, remember the Leslie Stahl question to Madeline Albright that went something like: “The Iraq embargo is now reported to have caused the death of over 500,000 million Iraqi children. Do you think it is worth it?”

    Albright responds after a moment, “Upon reflection, we think it is.”

  • March 30, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    Less developed countries than our own are more aware of the grand game than we may perhaps credit them and – certainly in the case of Russia and its ex USSR allies in central Asia – are feverishly preparing for conflict with the west, which the ordinary people see as a dangerous aggressor. I wouldn’t rule out nuclear strikes from the east, and although I see it as a low-medium likelihood event, it remains nonetheless on the table of possibility in these crazy times. The west – especially the hegemonistic USA – really does stink in the eyes of many people around the world, and even more so in the midst of the old cold war enemies. Maybe that’s the plan.

    Certainly, the elites want a cull and a hardcore police state. It all depends on the timeframes they have set for their goals. If they want a more natural die off through resource depletion, global warming, etc, they would have to wait much longer than would be the case were they to unleash cataclysmic assaults on humanity, for example, through a full-on WW3 scenario or a bio-plague.

    All their rhetoric – or at least, the bits of it that get Alex Jones riled – is geared towards crises which produce dramatic solutions. Indeed, their actions in preparing martial law legislation, FEMA camps, etc, would also point towards engineered crises rather than just sitting back and letting the politio-socio-enviro-economic mess run its course to a slow die-off.

  • March 30, 2008 at 3:47 pm

    To you point Lexrex, I believe the invasion of Iraq, especially the control of Baghdad, is simply a training ground for control of U.S. cities. All of the police state tactics, house 2 house searches, torture, Abu Graib prisons, and biometrics/databases/realID that we forsee (and are currently happening here) are being experimented with in Iraq.

  • March 30, 2008 at 4:11 pm

    Those who control oil and water will control the world of rhymes

    “History may not repeat itself, but, as Mark Twain observed, it can sometimes rhyme.

    It would be wise to plan for some more of history’s rhymes.”

    “Those who control oil and water will control the world”

    Apparently,Doomerism (aka Realism) has ‘gone mainstream’ – in the UK.

    In the US, still a collective La La La, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa Baaaaaaaaaaa (the silence is deafening)

  • March 30, 2008 at 4:26 pm

    One of the things I’ve been very concerned about is the massive increase under the current Fuhrer in biological and germ warfare research. In Kansas, right in the center of the nation’s breadbasket, the military industrial complex along with the state government is planning to build a “Biodefense” laboratory to replace Plum Island (see the end of this post for some background on this “laboratory).


    “Kansas legislators want to authorize $105 million in bonds for infrastructure improvements to attract a national bio-defense laboratory. Kansas is competing with Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina and Texas for the $451 million National Bio- and Agro-Defense Facility.”

    Besides burdening taxpayers with research on germ warfare, this is just one of many types of these facilities that have sprung up across the U.S. courtesy of the Fuhrer’s War on Terror.

    Just what are these labs studying?…

    From link:

    “From California to New Jersey and from Boston to San Antonio, often in the heart of major centers of population, biological warfare labs lavishly financed with their share of about $20-billion by the Bush administration since 2001 are literally crawling with deadly germs from Spanish flu to plague to anthrax to tularemia to rift valley fever. Reportedly, in some of the laboratories security is lax and safety procedures inadequate to protect the public from exposure to deadly pathogens….Under U.S. law, recipients of Federal funds for biotech research must comply with guidelines issued by the NIH. These include making available to the public the minutes of the labsâ’ Institutional Biosafety Committees(IBC)meetings, describing their operations and plans. In a number of instances, these IBCâ’s have never bothered to hold a meeting. In other cases, the minutes they furnish are devoid of substance.”

    What is the chance for mishap?

    Lab accidents:

    From link:

    “American laboratories handling the worldâ’s deadliest germs and toxins have experienced more than 100 accidents and missing shipments since 2003, and the number is increasing steadily as more labs across the country are approved to do the work.”

    Of course, if there is a mishap, the military industrial complex will probably blame it on an act of terror.

  • March 30, 2008 at 4:31 pm

    I’m thinking that we’ll see more riots in Asia over lack of food. Duh. Iran will make noises agreeing that the US has more than it’s share of food. False flag nukes will go off in a few chosen US cities. FedGov will say that they are Pakistani nukes, obtained by Iran, used here. How they will try to explain the Sunni-aligned Pakistanis with the Shia Iranians … dunno. Doesn’t matter – the sheeple who think that Saddam Hussain was behind 9/11 will buy it. US goes to martial law ‘to prevent more terrorism’. US invades Iran, and probably nukes Pakistan just for fun. Nukes go off in other select places, famines and disease follow, the bottleneck narrows and narrows.

  • March 30, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Whether we attack Iran, with or without nukes, and whether there’s a world war involving major players such as China, Russia, etc., I think there’s a certain chronology that will be in order:
    first Diebold will allow Obama to win;
    next, and before January 20, the powers will do a Wellstone on Obama;
    thrid, Cheney and his monkey will then declare martial law extending far past Jan. 20, probably “indefinitely”.

    Then after we are under martial law (and by then of course food shortages and water wars–both between states, as well as international, will be worsened) the gasoline can be allocated to desired areas, as well as diverted from undesired areas. This allocation of gasoline to certain areas could be a major factor in mobility of people. Are we all gonna be sitting ducks?
    What if the mortgage meldown, and credit card crisis looming bring protesters into the streets–will they be gunned down, or will they be invited into some form of entrapment and end up on those boxcars with shackles?
    Literally any group of citizens having some common cause or common complaint could be next in line (to board those boxcars without windows) especially if they make waves.
    It can only get worse from here.

  • March 30, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    Part II from my post at 4:26 p.m.

    The purpose for all these weapons labs is being questioned by leading scientists:…

    From the link:

    “The broader question, however, is why these laboratories are being built at all. According to Richard Ebright, professor of chemistry at Rutgers University, it is a matter of crazy bureaucratic logic. Congress flooded the National Institutes of Health with so much money that the NIH simply could not work out how to spend it all on biodefence. Even if the NIH accepted every single research proposal without vetting – something it would never do – and built as many level 2 and level 3 labs as it possibly could, it still would not get through the $6bn. Only super-expensive level 4 labs can do the trick – even though they are of negligible scientific or medical value and do not cover bioweapon agents….’Not only is this a monumental waste of money,’ Professor Ebright said, ‘but the new labs raise their own security issues. And it can’t be a good idea to increase the number of people trained in handling these agents given the damage that a rogue scientist could do.’”

    On another front, the U.S. under Herr Bushit has refused to sign the germ warfare treaty.


    And Herr Bushit., not surprisingly with these labs, is violating the Biological Weapons Convention it is a signatory to.…

    From link:

    “The Homeland Security Departmentâ’s NBACC will conduct threat assessment research, a controversial type of biological research in which new types of biological weapons are produced by researchers in order to determine their potential viability and how one might defend against them. Some outside experts say that such research is of tenuous legal standing from the perspective of the BWC (Biological Weapons Convention Treaty).”

    The problem is that any of these labs could unleash, unwittingly or on purpose, a biolgical plague on the U.S. food supply, resulting in a massive population reduction, planned or otherwise.

  • March 30, 2008 at 10:45 pm

    Disease outbreaks because of the food crisis.
    Stress from any life altering event can cause disease too.

    AlterNet did an article TAOAND ZEN on “We Should Start Eating Insects” January 14, 2008. Article by entomology professor in Wageningen, the Netherlands. He said insects have a much lower environmental burden, while their nutritional value measure up to chicken or beef.
    He’s suggested cricket pies, fried grasshoppers and meal worm quiche.

  • March 31, 2008 at 3:53 am

    An obvious (eventual) question: what happens to the bioresearch products – I mean ‘samples – when the power goes off and the stand-by diesel generator runs dry.. No more refrigeration, electronic locks, or security alarms. (I’ve always wondered about the common word root for vile and revile.)
    ‘Sounds like’ billions and billions of itsy-bitsy auto-self-destructdooms-day ‘machines’, to me.

  • March 31, 2008 at 5:25 am

    A probable purpose of chemtrails is to provide those who disseminate them good data on distribution and dispersals of whatever entities, at some future date, would be incorporated in them, whether it be pathogenic microorganisma, radioactive elements, toxins, etc., and what a clever way to blanket a particular area populated by “undesirables”.

  • March 31, 2008 at 5:47 am

    thanks CNN

    “… so many shoes have dropped that it looks like Imelda Marcos’s closet [in an 9.0 earthquake].”

  • March 31, 2008 at 6:26 am

    Hmmm, Ponder on this (planned?) means of culling-off the bloated bleating herd of useless eaters;

    To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat brain” [aka their ‘bushing’ minds}”.

    “Mobile Phones “More Dangerous Than Smoking”

    Then realize that throughout Africa, Asia, India Mid-East and South America, cellular phones are basically the only phones (that work). Cell-phone ‘growth’ in the ‘developing world (aka ‘third world’) is orders of magnitude more raid and extensive than in Europe and the US (if that’s even possible). The sheer volume (frequency) of Cell phone commercials/ads on MSM is in itself enough to elevate one’s risk of developing brain tumors significantly. Now, the same level of effort is and has been going on across the globe. Sure, It’s about the money (greed) of billing people everywhere to communicate (by the second). But, could it also be (known to a self-selected ‘elite’ few) that they are also “killing fields” (as in electromagnetic fields). I’d wager Herr Dicktator (Darth and Co.) doesn’t own/hasn’t used one (albeit that his minions do). Think Skull & Bones. ‘Talk about (and) ‘messing with your mind’ rather takes on whole new realms/range of meaning (context), now don’t they?

    Cum to think on it, this just might ‘explain’ my escalating headache.
    Naw … ?

  • March 31, 2008 at 7:48 am

    Again, more on the wheat rust fungus and a note that it is being used as a population control device. Aritcle by William Engdahl.

    “In my book, Seeds of Destruction I document the insidious role of Borlaug and the Rockefeller Foundation in promoting patents on food seeds to reduce global population. The spreading alarm over the Ug99 fungus is being used by Monsanto and other GMO agribusiness companies to demand that the current ban on GMO wheat be lifted to allow spread of GMO patented wheat seeds on the argument they are Ug99 stem rust resistant.”

  • March 31, 2008 at 7:58 am

    So based on all the happenings of this terrible society taking place around us, which posters here want to be the first to voluntarly permanently leave this wretched world by self inflicted means?

  • March 31, 2008 at 7:58 am

    We had ~50,000,000 deaths following WW1 and the 1918 influenza epidemic.

    We had a similar attrition during WW2 – with millions dying even after the war due to shortages.

    In each instance, population rebounded within a few years.

    Which tells me that any plan to reduce global population MUST be able to control the number permanently, and prevent a future baby boom.

    The easiest way to do this is to restrict food and water, as was suggested previously. War or plague will only serve as a temporary culling mechanism.

    Engineer a permanent shortage of food, and you will restrain population growth – indefinitely.

    Famine will once again become a global constant in human life, as it was until the mid 19th century.

  • March 31, 2008 at 8:07 am

    Zippy, Or from Monsanto, and weaponized at Ft. Detrick. Or the Beltsville (Maryland) Agricultural Research Center (which also does anthrax research) then to Ft Detrick.

    BARC likes to have folks come to their visitors center, and learn about how they bred the ungainly huge breasted turkeys sold in the US today along with other ‘success stories’. What we who live near it know is that it also does research on agricultural pathogens. They will probably talk about their work against smuts and rusts, but not so much on their anthrax research.

  • March 31, 2008 at 8:28 am

    We know the CIA and other nefarious agencies have conducted research on U.S. populations. Most notorious of these has to be the syphillis exposure given to blacks to monitor the progress of the disease.

    Then we have the deliberate exposure of Western populations to radiation related to nuclear weapons testing. It is estimated that the deaths resulting from the radiation of these types of tests by the U.S., Soviet Union, England, France, and China resulted in 200,000 to half millon deaths.

    More data is available at Nuclear Files dot org. This includes other forms of insidious deadly testing by our own government on U.S. citizens without informed consent.

    Based on this and other evidence, one can safely conclude that, beyond the genocide and food wars envisioned in the article above, our government is not beyond committing acts of terror against its own population. In 1993, then Secretary of Energy Hazel Oâ’Leary, after learning of a particularly troubling series of experiments involving the injection of plutonium into unknowing subjects, then-remarked, “The only thing I could think of was Nazi Germany.”

    Given our concern over climate change and our willingness to take steps to protect ourselves, one wonders what steps can be taken if and when one of the pathogens from these biological labs escapes with deadly consequences.

    I doubt the public is sufficiently aware of this danger. In fact, the PR hype here in Kansas is that this represents tons of money and a promised payroll of 500 scientists. All sugar and no salt so to speak.

    And the troubling thing is that there will be little that can be done to survive this particular threat, whether it is unleashed in a planned or accidental manner.

    To the point made by Zippy and FernWise, there is evidence that points to U.S. Army connections to the Anthrax attacks against the U.S. Senate offices of two leading Democrats just after 9-11. For anthrax to become airbourne, it requires high precision tools and processes possessed by only two countries – the U.S. and Russia. Yet the FBI claims the case is unsolvable!

    If such a pathogen were unleashed on the American public or on the third world, we would certainly see planned reduction, possible on the scale exhibited in the movie “I Am Legend.” And the frustrating thing about it is that we paid for it, impoverishing ourselves to create the means of our own demise.

  • March 31, 2008 at 8:48 am

    “… our government is not beyond committing acts of terror against its own population.”

    not beyond ?

    ShEEEEEEET, the ENTIRE Bush Administration (Hegemony, Reich) IS, WAS and forever shall be a continuous (ntm contemptuous) “act of terror” on the ENTIRE global population.

  • March 31, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Ok Lonewolf. I was trying to carefully word this without seeming overly alarmist. But you and I agree wholeheartedly.

  • March 31, 2008 at 9:06 am

    I must say that I didn’t really pay attention to this “biowarfare” threat until it “cropped” up right here in Kansas.

    I see I’m a bit late to the game however. Others have warned about this growing post 9-11 threat to existence.

  • March 31, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Looting seems to be a primary goal, and getting someone else to do the actual work seems to be their only method of operation- so the one fell swoop/hard crash options wouldn’t be the most likely ones.

    Those options that involve zero effort and huge rewards for long periods would be… that is, IF the powers-that-were still had control over the outcome. With the wheels off the trolley completely as they are now, nature votes last though, not the petty tyrants.

    At some point we might even consider ourselves lucky if someone, anyone, had control over that next big thing in the pipeline.

    If you do believe they anyone is going to be able to CEO this tsunami into submission, then how about looking at the least effort, most self centered, and highest profit options: tap water would be easy, mandatory ‘flu’ shots would be profitable, TV induced brain wave changes- easy, or any options like bio-warfare could be evaluated in terms of what these options would buy a typical sociopath.

    Who know what the wave that is going to smash over us looks like? and how will it help us to know? what would we do differently right now if we knew exactly that?

  • March 31, 2008 at 2:13 pm

    I agree with your sentiments. It doesn’t really matter anymore what shoe drops next, it’ll drop and it won’t be alone.

    All you can do now is prep – prep – prep and check out of the failing systems as fast as you can. Find a safe place to be, start thinking really hard about your personal security (physical and financial), how you plan to deal with the personal collapse / crisis that will soon hit you, figure out your response / plan of defense as best you can.

    Of course, none of this can be certain to help, but it certainly can’t hurt. No plan / preps is akin to acceptance, defeat and failure imo, you might be one of those living in a tent on the street.

    On the other comments above – I’m highly suspicious of biowarfare as being the tool of choice for population reduction. Food, we already know and can witness as their tool, rapidly escalating prices and shortages are quickly becoming very commonplace all over the world. Almost as if it was all orchestrated…

    I sort of doubt hording has anything at all to do with this, the number of people prepping in America is still pitifully small in comparism to actual population levels. And this would not at all explain the problems now being experienced in many different countries around the world. Crop failure / shortages are becoming acute, the reality of famine is growing by leaps and bounds.

    I’m thinking nuclear release, anywhere in the world is just “too much” to control (panic / outrage). I hope I’m right, but with the madmen at the helm, who knows?

    It’s not high on my list of personal concerns in any case, but that’s just me. But I’m highly suspicious of biowarfare agents being used / released and of course, the manipulation of the food supply. These two, singly or in combination are more then adequate to force control / compliance / submission to anything and everything.

  • March 31, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Be flexible/adaptable.

    “NO plan survives first contact with the enemy (reality).

  • March 31, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    Here is my prediction:

    Economic Crash 2008 / 2009
    False Flag / Terror / War with Iran 2009
    Famine 2009 / 2010
    Plague 2010 / 2011
    WW3 2012
    Chipping Starts 2013
    Chip software upgrade to “no more you” 2035 LATEST!

    Total guess, line items aren’t really in question, time line is anybodies guess.

    Alan Watt at has a lot of great info about what to expect.

    Prep, prep, prep, yep, yep, yep, also try and speak to those who are semi-conscious, don’t waste your energy with the brain dead.

    Good Luck.

  • April 1, 2008 at 1:20 am

    One thing about biowarfare agents… It’s release may not be “planned” at all. It could simply be an accident. This is what is most frightening – Joe Incompetent carries a deadly virus out on the heel of his boot. Have a nice day.

    But in general, much of the escalation in food prices is coming from our use of food for energy. This is a false choice being forced upon the American public. You must use grain and corn to power your automobiles. The less affluent in our society, many who don’t own automobiles, are now having to pay higher food prices or go without simply so the affluent can continue to drive their Hummers. This is reality.

    Add to that healthcare. It is now widely known and understood that healthcare varies by socioeconomic class. Those at the top receive the benefits of new medical breakthroughs while those at the bottom simply die. This is planned population reduction at its worse. Contrast this with the rest of the industrial nations, which have some form of basic medical care for their entire populations.

    Our current war on terror is a sham. Designed to make billions for the military industrial complex. Spawning such atrocities as a “biowarfare” industry. Terrorizing third world nations. Killing thousands. We are all forced to finance this industry whose only goal is to ensure that our leaders, the mini-fuhrers that populate our nation’s capital, have the power to dominate other areas of the world simply to rob them of their resources.

    And genetic manipulation of food? A biological hormone antibiotic-laden steak? Tomatoes whose genetic code has been modified to ensure the greatest profit to those who market them to us. And without disclosure of this altering to we the dumb masses, forcing us to buy these products in their grocery stores?????

    What madness is this?

    And in the background the steady click, click click of the great timepiece that measures the pace of global warming and global resource depletion.

    It really is too much.

  • April 1, 2008 at 2:11 am

    I think we will discover that huge multi-nationals will act much more frequently unilaterally as though they are nation states. There is plenty of evidence to support this point of view.

    Thanks to Bushco, a private army and intelligence infrastructure has been created that acts in the self-interest of the multinationals. Can anything be off the table now? Is there any evidence that corporations are anything except amoral?

    When I am inclined more to see conspiracy rather than just sheer incompetence and astonishing hubris in these end time matters, I think the multinationals have to be considered as the potential puppeteers. Historically nobody has been more ruthless than corporations. They seem to be under the radar even in our discussions here.

    My view is that we are taxed to feed a war machine that pursues the interests of multinationals. Multinationals have succeeded in externalizing their imperial conquest and protection costs to the backs of American taxpayers. As we lose the ability to feed the war pig, multinationals can now pick up the slack directly with private armies well trained at US (our) expense. We have created the infrastructure for private intelligence, special ops, and war. They have always had it, but we have really ramped it up.

    I add this to my dim view of the human prospect. In many places multinationals have eclipsed the power of nation states through bribes and just good old fashioned violent domination, killing at will those who oppose them.

    Since our politicians are pretty much bought and paid for fully-owned lackeys for the multinationals, one has to wonder if multinationals already don’t control everything. Nation states are a useful smoke screen, a wholly owned front-end. The evil we impute to nation states is inspired by multinationals, the puppeteers. In my mind, the only question is whether our snake has two heads or one. Increasingly it has one, and our government is only the neck.

    If you accept this proposition, the next obvious question is why do we choose governmental conspiracy as our primary focus? I think it is because at some deep level we imagine we have control over our nation state. We do not. This illusion of nation state potency, provides us with a faint flame of hope, even though we might deny it. It is very hard to accept we have no control, and no possible avenue for control. We are serfs, and the lords are multinationals. Our government taps us like maple trees to finance the interests of the multinationals, and it acts like a prophylactic to protect them from us.

    Now we as a nation are tapped out, if not ruined economically. We are on the sidelines in determining our collective fate, and we are doomed.


  • April 1, 2008 at 3:22 am


    You are absolutely correct. But the mini-fuhrers of capitol hill do control the law. And while they continue to emasculate it to provide cover for the multi-nationals (witness the domestic spy bill and the fight over telecom immunity), even corporate leaders sometimes breach the law and do the time. Take Bernie Ebbers of Worldcom (serving 25 years) or Fastow from Enron (serving 10 years). At this point in time, the law remains the only limit on the corporate warlords.

    Still, to illustrate your point, look at how the law has shifted to support monopolistic behavior. Nothing better illustrates this than the takeover of the media by fewer and fewer owners, many tied to the military-industrial complex (General Electric and the NBC family or Westinghouse and CBS). These gatekeepers of information play a sordid role in keeping the people in the dark about the issues and the causes of many of the evils we face today. Check out the movie “War Made Easy,” to see how this has happened.

    One movie that really opened my eyes to corporate power was “The Corporation.” This movie suggests that corporations are organized around psychopathic behavior and, like a psychotherapist, clinically diagnoses corporate behavior in this regard. Towards the end of the film there is a long expose of Bechtel’s attempt to take over the rainwater of Ecuador by using WTO authority to include it in its ownership of water rights within the country.

    Another eye-opening film was Farenheit 9-11. Here we see just how influential the Saudi government is in in our own government. When I look at why our government does some of the things it does, I wonder just how much of the marching orders are coming from the Saudi Royals, which according to the film, owns 8% of our entire economy.

    But perhaps both of us are missing the point. The corporations and the government are increasingly being controlled by the very few, extremely wealthy families whose roots run from the board room through the governments of much of the industrialized world. The power of these families is magnified by the IMF and the World Bank.

    In essence, the head is the ruling class and the multinationals and governments of the world do their bidding.

  • April 1, 2008 at 3:59 am

    Log, while Westinghouse does own CBS, Westinghouse is no longer a defense contractor (it IS still a big player in the nuclear energy business, like GE). Westinghouse sold the defense side to Northrup Grumman back in the mid 1990’s, about the same time it bought CBS.

    My husband used to work for the defense contractor part of Westinghouse just beore they sold the unit … Gods, do I have stories about working for them…

  • April 1, 2008 at 4:55 am

    I dunno, I’m still not ruling out T-1000 assassin androids. 🙂

  • April 1, 2008 at 4:56 am

    Thanks for the background FernWise. It’s most interesting to me – this shell game the multinationals play.

    To your point, I tried to do some research on Westinghouse/CBS to find out who was controlling what. It was nearly impossible. Even Wikipedia seemed confused on the subject.

  • April 2, 2008 at 8:45 am

    Well if this is any pattern: Zimbabwe
    (notice the 500,000 denominated bills being used to buy bananas):

    Burst sewer lines are increasingly common in Highfield and other Harare townships as the infrastructure collapses from lack of maintenance. On occasion, groups of women with babies strapped to their backs have marched to Highfield clinic to demand treatment for their children, sick from the filthy water.
    The death rate for children under five in Zimbabwe has almost doubled over the past decade. So has the number of women dying in childbirth because, doctors say, so many more are giving birth at home because they can no longer afford hospital charges.

    There is a desperate shortage of vaccines to protect children from measles and other diseases. Thanks to foreign donations, some of those with HIV get antiretroviral drugs to keep full-blown Aids at bay, but most who need them do not, and the supply is often irregular, which undermines their effectiveness.

    The biggest government hospital in Harare, the Parirenyatwa, has ceased operations because of the shortages. The two hospitals share a single radiologist because so many medical staff have decamped to South Africa or Europe to find work that can feed their families.

    What was required?
    1. economic and political instability
    2. wages falling behind raging inflation
    3. privatization of essential services
    4. commoditize food and water
    5. destroy communities and means of life
    6. remove from ancestral lands
    7. AIDS
    8. medical supply shortages
    9. neglect infrastructure
    10. exit of those with skills

    No overt harsh military actions required.

  • April 2, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    I find it amusing that many here need a conspiracy for humans to kill each other off.

    The sad truth is no conspiracy is really needed at all. As a species, we have proven ourselves quite adept at genocide. I hardly need note what happened to the original americans, the jews, the armenians, the intellectuals of cambodia and red china, the slaughter in burundi, and the current genocide in iraq. Please don’t tell me I missed a few genocides. I know that. My time is limited.

    The real difference here is the simple physical fact that we are over 6.5 billion and rising due to cheap easily accessible energy, and that cheap energy is going away. When the monkeys find that the grub is short, they have monkey riots.

    We humans are no different, except that we will be throwing so many new and horrible ways of killing at each other, it will be miraculously murderous.

    What is truly funny are the people who worry about the powers that be implementing some sort of die-off plan as if we could stop them. As if we should even try.

    Not a chance in hell. We are blind children playing on the highway. Death is a coming and we won’t even know what hit us.

    So, instead of thinking that getting out and “surviving” is some sort of horrible or adventurous alternative, think of it simply as the best possible life, a life that is not ruining the planet, a life that shares instead of hoards, a life that has a chance of being a model for the future. Above all, think of it as being simply the right way to live — a way that has always been right.

  • April 3, 2008 at 12:54 am

    I don’t believe it’s a “need” for conspiracy. The sad truth is many conspiracy actually do exist as I’m sure you know.

    Experimentation on humans without our knowledge has been occurring for many decades for example. Manipulating our food supply, access to resources, withholding technical inventions and medical treatments, fractional reserve banking and on and on are part of the conspiracies to keep things under their control.

    Our willingness to commit genocide over perceived wrongs isn’t a conspiracy either — unless you realize where things like religion sprang from and how this and many other belief systems such as democracy or capitalism or racism are used to mobilize millions to kill and control and enslave other millions, billions actually.

    Is it a conspiracy that 99.9999% of all humans on this planet are controlled and manipulated in their basic beleifs since birth? That you are prevented from living off the land as your ancestors did? That the entire Earth is divided up into tiny plots and proportioned to ensure that you cannot house, feed or even clothe yourself anymore without participating in this insanity we call civilization? That exiting yourself from this insanity (or trying to) is considered an act of the insane and mentally ill?

    We cannot even judge rightly as long as we remain a part of the “conspiracy” that controls us because we remain intricately linked and vested in it’s ongoing survival. This is why no modern man can stand in any judgement of a primitive tribe or indigenous group — our value judgements are totally meaningless and based only on our own self-interests, but not theirs.

    Yeah, we DO have to out survive these bastards somehow, there really is no other choice. I hope to kill a few of them before I’m dead too because they don’t deserve to live. If the civilization they built comes crashing down due to folly, stupidity or design, it makes no difference, we still have to discover our own path of life and the simple essential of staying alive (if we so choose, many won’t).

    It isn’t death that we should be fearing, it’s being among the living dead (imo), the zombies of this world that believe their lot in life is to take whatever they want, however they want and kill or abuse anybody who gets in their way. This is worse then death, this is being complicit to the base destruction of humanity.

    Humans have embraced a purposeless existence of greed and consumption — this is a living death and it needs to die.

    It IS the best possible life — to outlive these murdering monsters who inhabit this planet and to live simply within our means and within our needs, to control our desires and greed to be modest and without avarice and to find happiness and being by simply existing and being alive.

    But you’re going to have to figure out how to outwit and out-survive those who will decide your life isn’t worth a plug nickel now or then, and there will be many vying for the privelege of filling your body full of holes as they come to perceive you and your chosen way of life as an extreme threat (or opportunity).

    Look how we treat the people of Iraq — they are all walking dead men as far as America is concerned. Their way of life is not ours and they are only in the way for the resources America intends to steal. So we kill them, by the millions, calling ourselves justified in doing so and “saving democracy” and “protecting America” and all that bullshit.

    A great evil is arising all over this planet, it’s plainly evident and it is worsening each and every day. We call it “freedom” in this country. Reasonable men call it genocide.

    That is our challenge. I’ve said that suffering must come before we can change and I still believe this to be true. This suffering will also help purge some of this evil, but not all of it. It isn’t the meek who are going to inherit the Earth, it’s going to be the ruthless and the strong. This is a historical FACT, I don’t care what some will claim will happen, they’re wrong and they’ve always been wrong (and I know why).

    We can be strong — if we live, and we will learn meekness through our suffering. Many of the ruthless will take care of the ruthless for us, but not all of them and certainly not enough of them, they will always be with us like shit on the ass-end of a cow.

    But whether or not we get that chance to live remains to be seen. As it stands right now, global population reduction means that most of us won’t survive this. It does not particularily matter how this happens, we can only be certain that it will happen.  I accept that, because it also means most of them won’t survive it either and you’re right, there is nothing I can do about it anyway.

    But I won’t go down without a fight or a struggle. I refuse to accept this purposeless existence as the best we can do, what we will pass on to the next generation (if there is one) or the next one after that.

    I have truly given up on this civilization as being redeemable or even reasonable, because I don’t think it is. It is based upon all the things that are despicable and disgusting and we are now witnessing its death throes as it stupidly tries to save itself.

    But because I am intricately linked by no choice of my own to this civilization, I am going to be forced to do a lot of things I’d never normally consider doing. So will you, so will everyone. These are hard thoughts and harder questions to answer, but only the prepared mind will know how the body will react.

    We have absolutely no choice in the matter. We have been put to the test through no direct fault of our own, although we have remained complict our entire lives. Not anymore, we are going to be forced to choose. So be it. I have already chosen and I know you have too.

    This IS a war for survival, the death of our humanity or our opportunity for existence. Not many can see civilization for what it has truly become or even the damage that it still causes, but civilization itself is about survival and always has been. Competition instead of cooperation, hoarding instead of sharing, taking instead of giving, fighting instead of caring, dying instead of living.

    We’ve been inculturated to accept these things as “normal” for Americans, as words are redefined and we’re brainwashed into believing them to be so and “essential” for our “survival”. But THIS ISN’T TRUE — and never will be. There are many other ways we can “survive” if we WANTED to, but we don’t.  Not yet and quite possibly, not ever.

    This will make you exceedingly dangerous if you believe this, because any man or women who can THINK, and perceive what this is and where it is all heading is a dangerous individual who needs to be stopped by their way of thinking.

    Anyone who is capable of feeding, clothing and housing themselves without their permissions slips and proofs of payment and inspections and registrations and taxation and licensing on and on is a dangerous human. They must be controlled, caged or killed. This is the path of civilization since it began, to ensure that ALL humans are forced into a slavery existence soley for the purpose of controlling them and extracting labor (wealth) from them.

    If that is not a conspiracy, then I do not know what one is. They have CONSPIRED to control us, kill us and manipulate us for centuries now.

    I just watched Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee with Adrian Quinn (to distinguish this from earlir versions). This is told, allegedly from the Indian perspective and how the white man came to destroy their civilization and tribal life. It’s probably one of the better movies that depicts the Native American viewpoint. And it shows what “we” have really been all about since we set foot on this continent.

    We are not about life and living and harmony and humanity and never have been. This is a gigantic LIE that is told to 4th graders. We are about death, destruction, ownership, control, manipulation, power, greed and corruption. We pretend very hard that this is not really true and we hope our few benevolent ways would shine through all the smoke and blood and tears and rivers of agony we cause, but we FAIL MISERABLY.

    There is indeed a better way to live — but we are not even allowed to live it. Neither were they, the former occupants of this land, those that tried to do so were ruthlesslessly killed and hunted down like animals and imprisoned, murdered, tortured and shot. It will not be any different for us either, just a 125 years later. We are only removed from “them” by the foolish thoughts in our heads that tell us we will be left alone. No we won’t. We represent a GREATER threat then they did in truth, because we have both tasted and lived this white man’s civilization and have come to recognize it for what it really is.

    They were not capable of stopping the white man’s “advancement”, neither are we in our “positions of nothing”.  But we are capable of something else that they never had.  We possess the knowledge of what makes our civilization “work”.  This is not something they had.  But we do and we know how terribly fragile our civilization really is and how it is becoming more fragile each and every day.  If we stay in our positions of nothing, we will remain powerless, but if we depart from this self-imposed confinement, we represent something far more then they can ever hope to handle.  But I doubt very much in truth that this will ever occur.

    They fought for the existence and their way of life and they lost. We fight for our survival but not without them. We are still dependent upon them in truth and so we are going to be fighting ourselves. This is why we are a greater threat — we THREATEN OURSELVES at this time in history and we threaten all of future humanity that might yet come into existence and we also posses the knowledge and the means if we so choose to bring it all down.

    We can cut off our foot, but then we cannot run, but we would live. We can cut out our heart, and then we would not breathe, and then we would die. This is the dilemma we face and why our struggle is so damned hard, even self-defeating. There is a key here and that key is for us to kill off what we don’t need or want anymore or let it die, and retain what we still need and require and encourage it to live.

    This means that there is a hell of a fight coming as those that would depart from this insanity and being supportive of this culture depart. They will depart because they will HAVE to as resources disappear and they are forced onto their own devices for survival, while others (like now) will tenaciously cling to it and keep it alive.  Those that depart will identify themselves as dangerous subversives by doing so, just as much as the former inhabitants of this country were perceived.

    It is said that history repeats itself, or at least replicates its patterns. The ripple in the ponds always seem to be the same, but that doesn’t mean that when the waves lap the shore that nothing never changes. It does, even imperceptibly. Erosion occurs and the shoreline changes itself over time.

    Civilization is changing by huge, immense forces. Giangatic ripples are at work, the momentum and inertia now in place are lapping at the shorelines, breaking it down and destroying itself. When the waves break over, and they will, we who hope to survive this period need to be out of the way as best we can, learning how to actually survive, or we will be as consumed and drowned as everyone else will be.

    We have NO CHOICE. Death is coming, but not necessarily for us all, and therefore we still try as we must. But we must also recognize that we are oftentimes actually self-defeating. Navigating between these polar opposites of life and death and what should live and what should die is going to be exceedingly difficult.

    At stake is humanity and the survival of the species. We should take this all very seriously as a result.

    This battle has never been about “us”, that chapter has already been written and sent off to the publisher. We’re writing the next chapter now.  What we do now is what will shape that chapter and whether or not we’ve written the end of the story.

  • April 3, 2008 at 11:28 am

    I see we agree.

    Except for one thing. We all die. It is coming for all of us. That is the final veil one must remove, the belief that we will not die. It is so ingrained in our psychological lizard brain makeup that it allows all manner of human hijinks to occur, including, most notably, war.

    No matter how well you prepare, you will die anyway. I am not suggesting that you give up. How can you? Your purpose is to live. Your purpose is to create more human carriers for the many small biota which make up your body. Yes, you are merely the end result of billions of years of microbes evolving to become ever larger assemblages of micro-organisms. Those legs, which you claim as your own, simply make the microbes’ existence more efficient at finding nutrients. You are a tower of microbes, and they are guiding you like a lumbering, fleshy robot towards nutrients even as you repair the chicken coop, trundle off to your job, or make up poetry. Every action you take is the result of microbes deciding that THEY want to live.

    Yes, we often feel that we need to survive as a species. That’s the microbes talking. For the sake of the rest of the life on the planet, I often feel it may be better that we bow out. If we manage to come through the other side, a few hundred thousand strong, then kudos to the microbes. We survived.

    But, one must also remember that survival is survival is survival. Once we come out the other side, we will be left with a range of possible environments:

    1. Optimal: Through whatever mechanism, whether it be a sudden world-wide and deadly disease, a coming together with a hosannah and everyone holding hands is irrelevant. Optimal means no massive nuke out, no final gush of carbon in an effort to save the tech–we get a planet that is battered but not necessarily a goner. (We will have to deal with the thousands of nuclear materials storage sites, tailings ponds filled with extremely poisonous leachate, and other surprises left by the insane many. See Orlov’s most recent posting: The Collapse Party Platform)

    2. Sub-optimal: The technophiles get their agenda approved and the consumption paradigm is allowed to continue. We continue our ridiculous ways, and the planet coughs and an even larger numbers die in a fit of pollution, war and whatnot. The oceans are near dead, the skies are blackened, the soils are filled with carcinogens, and our species’ survival is in doubt. Without the protective devices of technology, we are maggots exposed to the sun. Magic eight ball says, “Outcome is unclear.”

    3. Smoking plain of glass: We just go nuts. Nukes and coal and bio-poisons/warfare and dead acid oceans and plankton collapse and hence the world wide expiration of all life–except some determined microbes.

    Buh-bye really cool microbe carriers. Guess we microbes will have to get around like we did three billion years ago.

    Meanwhile, my microbes have ordered me to complete the food dryer, clear that neglected one third of an acre of trash trees, lay the foundation for the straw bale/cob hybrid house, and buy four thousand more rounds of ammunition.

  • April 3, 2008 at 2:42 pm

    Another masterpiece from Admin I see. Quite a tour de force.

  • April 3, 2008 at 4:04 pm

    I never considered the microbe motivation, that’s a new one to me!

    You’re not really planning for much with only four thousand (more) rounds of ammo. Hardly enough for target practice (and there are OH SO MANY targets to consider!).

    On the serious side, I think your option #2 of “sub-optimal” is already a foregone conclusion. I view option 1 as a pipe dream already, kind of like “stopping global warming”.

    But there will be those that will try, and I can’t argue against that either.

  • April 5, 2008 at 1:48 pm

    thanks dermot (Idleworm)


    Life imprisonment for hoarding rice

    Quoting Idleworm: “Hoarders of rice in the Philippines face life imprisonment. For those of us who like to be prepared (i.e., to have a personal reserve of food for emergencies) this raises the unpleasant specter of having one’s preparations declared illegal. … ”

    So, off to Camp Cheney with you, where you’ll NOT be fed rice.

  • April 5, 2008 at 1:53 pm

    Ah, but in Camp Chaney won’t we be able to eat the high-protein lice we groom off of each other?

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