Picture Proof Positive Of Collapse Dead Ahead

Exponential Growth and Global Collapse
The above graph is from the New Scientist, Special report: How our economy is killing the Earth.

It is a stark reminder of just how bad things are really getting. It is a perfect example of the exponential growth problem as shown by Bartlett and others.

The economic model was their focus — but there are other points I would like to make. Resources drive the economy, and treating the planet like a mined garbage dump is having devastating consequences to all life on Earth.

This graph represent COLLAPSE DEAD AHEAD. This is inevitable and now a foregone conclusion to human folly and greed.

In the report, they mention “shifting from growth to development” with the constant promise of more “technological innovation” (which is really just more resource consumption) but totally fails to identify the elephant in the room which is global overpopulation. There is no possibility — none whatsoever that we can maintain the current global population levels while we continue to “develop”.

Nor can development lead to sustainable living, this is a contradiction. The failure to identify this simple truth is telling — nobody in charge or no “expert” has a CLUE what to do. The path to “growth to development” is the same one we are on NOW and the one that has created the graph above.

The truth is right there before your eyes. A cliff of our own making has been created and on the other side, lies the bottom, where our civilization collapses. An unbelievable amount of effort will be expended trying to forestall this collapse, but it’s quite clearly already much too late. Unless we deal with all of the issues at cause here, we are absolutely and totally wasting our time — and that is exactly what I think regarding the various proposals to sustain our society.

Almost all of them are about maintaining the status-quo. Nobody wants to recognize that the status-quo is no longer even possible (or not for much longer). Nor is the overpopulation issue ever directly addressed. We have the secret reports such as the Protocols of Zion and others that talk about reducing world populations through some drastic means, but in public politics, it’s barely even mentioned, nor ever discussed with any seriousness.

What is worth pondering is how this will happen, because it most certainly WILL happen, the graph above absolutely proves it, and you will have absolutely no say in any of this. We are all along just for the ride. Since you do not control public policy or the global resources or the military machines that will enforce it all, you will be “victimized” along with everyone else. Soon or later, they WILL deal with this issue as the world’s resources run out.

Can you spell T.R.I.A.G.E.? That’s what’s coming, the pruning off of non-vital elements as humans struggle to find ways to survive. Global triage is already underway as nations are left to fend for themselves. Starvation is very real for some countries right now and as others jockey for position to protect their “vital interests”.

Even Americans are facing hard times, as Heinberg shares:

A perfect storm is brewing in the global food system, and North Americans and Europeans may not be spared this time.  Food Crisis Is On the Way

It’s always been about survival. The modern world has almost entirely forgotten this as it plundered the planet like a kid in a chocolate shop. As the world “debates” the next stupid Presidential “race”, the issue of global survival hangs over everyone’s head. Exponential growth is a KILLER of nations, populations and species.

I’m sure regular readers really don’t need these reminders, but the graph was certainly worth posting. Pin it to your wall and point it out to your kids and tell them what it means. Only by adopting an entirely new ethic of no growth and no more development do humans (or any other lifeform) stand a chance to survive.

I do not believe for a second however, that the cliff can be avoided, we’ve actually already gone over the edge. The only thing even holding us up now is momentum, but we’re already arcing downwards, you can see this in ever bit of news that you read that reveals the planetary health.

Future humans, whosoever they might be, if they be, will need to adopt truly sustainable models of existence — and this does not include constant growth or technological development. Not unless severe and drastic population measures are rigidly enforced. The reality is you cannot have both. That is what placed us all here today.

But not to worry, that world is not our problem, nobody alive today will ever see it. Our problem remains surviving the crash and instilling an ethic of limited human impacts on the planet that sustains us. Teaching our kids what this means will be our most important task of all.


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8 thoughts on “Picture Proof Positive Of Collapse Dead Ahead

  • October 17, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Can you give us an update on how the root cellar you made is performing. Any leaks? Humid? Dry?

    I was considering it myself until someone who built one said you shouldn’t bury ANY untreated wood, especially wrapped in 4-6 mil plastic, mainly because once moisture gets in the plastic, rotting will begin and you have 7 years until its useless. He said to do everything you did except use concrete piers where the posts contact the ground. But everyones geographical conditions are different.

  • October 17, 2008 at 11:31 am

    It’s nice and dry. The rainstorms we’ve had have not made any changes at all on the interior. Temp is about 46 – 49 degrees.

    Cedar logs will last a very long time exposed to the elements. Other woods will not.

    The wrapped logs is a technique long advocated by Mike Oehler who wrote the $50 Underground House book series.

    You can also char the logs in a fire, but I don’t think that is necessary with cedar.

    There is plenty of ‘modern advice’ on how to do things — but remember, people did it different “back then” and many of these structures are still standing today. No reason we can’t follow their techniques and examples.

    The only thing I’ve notice inside the cellar is lots of little frogs. They won’t hurt anything, I could always let my chickens loose in there for an hour, but don’t want to clean up their poop.

  • October 17, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    WRT the graph, don’t you just hate it when the axis/labels can NOT be read. Whomever put that piece of work together would have flunked out of graphics art 101 class NTM a science curriculum, OTOH, I don’t need a picture of a weather-vane to know which way the wind blows.

  • October 17, 2008 at 2:39 pm

    I had to redo the graph myself, you can follow the link and see how large it really was. There was no other data for the axis/labels.

    I think a lot of people DO need to see this kind of information. It’s data that reflects just how serious an impact humans are having on the planet and when and even why it is occurring. There are still billions in stark denial of reality.

  • October 17, 2008 at 3:11 pm

    Yeah, the full sized version was IMPOSSIBLE to read (for me), even with glasses and a magnifying glass. If If they’d given even a moment of thought to how the information was to be presented (viewed), perhaps the content would be discernible (albeit not necessarily understood). I’ve seen more than my share of horrible graphics, but this is one of the worst I’ve seen from a supposedly intelligent source.
    Also, the verbiage/content/context was poorly prepared/oresented IMO. I think that the dependencies, relationships, impacts (past present & future), the totality of context, ‘meaning’, consequence, inevitability was FAR from appropriately underscored/addressed.



    bye bye bipeds

  • October 18, 2008 at 9:35 am

    There are alot of people out here that still sing praise of progress and of the Doom Machine. The naked truth is still taboo whenever it can be seen. But alas’ their time will come, so don’t think twice, it’s all right, because the circus is in town, and the riot squad they’re restless, because they know it’s a hard rain that’s gonna fall.

  • October 18, 2008 at 10:04 am

    not ‘exactly’ related – or is it

    New Solar Energy Material Captures Every Color Of The Rainbow

    MORE PV “news” – aka bullshit, “… material is years from commercial development …”
    – decades if ever IMO if the past plethora of “breakthroughs” are a valid indicator

    … ad nauseum
    day after day … month after month, year after year, decade upon decade, …
    ad infinitum

    yeah right (rant warning)

    PV technology is NO more “efficient” today than it was 25 to 30 years ago (neither is wind etc) – and no cheaper in real terms either – not even a little bit. As if humans actually ‘have’ years or decades to get our energy monkey-shit together.

    “clean coal”
    “abiotic oil”
    “synthetic crude”
    “free Hydrogen”
    ” H+ storage” (non-permeable materials)
    “energy farms” (negative entropy)- ha ha
    “methane reactor ranches” (bovine flatulence harvesting)
    “cellulosic ethanol”
    “thermal depolymerization (TDP)”
    “photosynthetic materials” (abiotic)
    “full-spectrum photovoltaics”
    “net positive wind energy”
    “tidal power”
    “high-altitude wind capture”
    “Carbon sequestration”
    “CO2 hydrogenation”
    “wave energy”
    “cold fusion”
    “(Earth’s) core energy”
    “free energy”
    “gravity wave capture/conversion”
    “dark energy” (Cheney-power)
    “solar sails”
    “(sub-atomic) quark/string energy”
    “cosmic ray capture” – aka “cosmic consciousness confabulation”
    “elemental transmutation” (atomic transfiguration)
    “rapture power” aka “Jesus juice”
    “God gas” (fart power)
    “(planetary) resonant vibrational energies”
    “intergalactic munchkins/ fairies/ trolls/ orks”
    “sympathetic extraterrestrial harmonization energy”
    “something for nothing” – aka “me good guy, gets everything I desire for free”
    “entropy reversal mechanisms”
    “magical molecules”
    Tinkerbellergy (imaginary wing dust power)
    “Soylent crude” is people


    Ha ha ha ha ha (made me laugh)

    Beam me up Scotty.
    ( Aye Captain, locked on. Energizing. )


  • October 18, 2008 at 4:21 pm

    Thanks for the update Admin. I just found out that the dept of agriculture says natural cedar posts last up to 16 years with ground contact.

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