Filming Animal Crimes = Acts of Terrorism

More unbelievable attacks on conscientious humans who try to expose animal crimes and cruelty:


Factory farms are Dante’s vision of hell on Earth for millions of slaughtered animals (daily).

Over 9 billion animals are killed for food each year. Most suffer very short brutal lives in horrifying conditions before being killed.  Hundreds of millions of Americants religiously march to the supermarket every day to buy cellophane wrapped meat. They have no idea how it got there, or the type of conditions these animals were made to live in.

Where you food comes from matters. And how it was treated matters.  Most ag-giants want to keep these abuses quiet. They’re heavily vested in a media blackout.

I’ve come to view America as the land where nobody believes in anything. No crime is too great, no offense is too large. Nothing enrages us. Nothing will stop us.

Our only “intention” is that we fully intend to do nothing at all, about anything. It doesn’t matter how horrific, evil and monstrous a crime may be, who or what is killed, murdered, raped or targeted, we are completely incapable now of any effective response.

So although I go on reporting various types of crimes and abuses against people, land and animals, I doubt very much that any of this is going to ever make any difference.

I find it increasingly difficult to tolerate the cowardly human race that inhabits this country, they’re entirely alien to me in thought, belief and action, and what it even means to be human. I don’t remember real humans being this way. But it’s been a long time since I met one.

Another Moyers interview on Weapons of Mass Distraction:



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  • July 14, 2013 at 4:05 pm
    It’s so wonderful that terrorism now includes acts that don’t actually harm anyone.

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