Personal Democracy – A Primer

Democracy has been described as “two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

Wolf Pack

I’ll take this a bit further.  Once the wolves cemented their “officialdom” over the flock, there is absolutely no question what’s on the menu.

There will always be wolves. Sometimes they’ll choose to prey [or pray] directly on those around them [serial killers and what have you], but plenty of wolves work to get themselves promoted. This gives them the luxury of having the sheep show up for dinner on their own [voluntarily].  The sheep are very easy to fool.

We’ve all heard a lot when it comes to complaining about “how things are” among the sheep.  Even the wolves are known to do this, they often get all of the attention too. But we don’t hear so much about how to try and fix the things that are wrong.

I’ve spent many hours here writing about this. The “group think” (brainwashing) that is now so prevalent within American society [the sheep pen] has most Americans [sheep] believing in an awful lot of things that are simply utterly untrue. This complaint and response goes something like this in its many forms:

If you don’t like it – vote it out. If you can’t stand it – leave.

This is the sum total of how the sheep are expected [told] to respond.

Of course, it’s all crap. About as useful as what I flush down the swirly every day.

We’ve all heard the complaints about everything. The Internet is home to the cause célèbre and supposedly the “last bastion of freedom“.  I have never bought into that deception.

I think the Internet is a placebo for the sheep instead. But like all placebo’s, it does have its uses. If we can even think it’s helping — then it probably is.

The battle has always been in the mind, a point oft overlooked. You must first overcome yourself in any fight. The natural inclination is to run from your fear and what you do not understand. It’s how we are hard-wired to respond.

We’ve had lots and lots of practice at this for tens of thousands of years, so nobody should really be surprised. But modern “democracies” taught us all that we have champions who will fight for us [supposedly]. What it forgets to constantly remind us is they are actually wolves.

The only champion any of us really has is ourselves. Only you have your own best interests in mind. This makes sense when you stop and consider all the ramifications.

But democracies don’t run like this. They are actually run according to the wolves deciding for the entire group who gets to be the champion(s).

Participation then in this group decision becomes essential for the wolves, but it’s not that important for the sheep. Fellow sheep really don’t care what other sheep are doing, as long as everyone is basically left alone.

But this just really pisses the wolves off and they react rather badly. The end result is millions [a truly unknown number] laws, regulations, decrees and fiats being exercised over the sheep, day in and day out, ostentatiously emplaced to “help us”, supposedly from each other.

But the sheep don’t much like it, knowing deep down in their wooly heads that something is amiss.

After many years [decades] of watching the wolves dine on the delicate flesh of their fellow sheep [BBQ sheep, baked sheep, fried sheep], they have had “enough”.  But by then, the wolves have erected extensive barriers and stockades to contain the sheep, layer upon layer of fortifications and even armaments. It’s quite vast, the world itself has never, ever seen anything like this sheep pen before.

The wolves are much fewer then the sheep, relatively speaking, and they are afraid because they are so outnumbered. Their fortifications and armaments are oft-used but rarely challenged by the sheep [who simply roll over and die]. Periodically, sacrificial sheep are publicly executed in token democratic rituals to instill further compliance and cooperation amongst the flock.  It’s an old, old story.

The wolves know that brain dead, browbeat, ignorant sheep are  the easiest to control and manipulate. They make great connedsumers too, they’ll graze on virtually anything.

But from time to time, the sheep get restless. Every four years to be exact. This is called a (S)election, where the wolves get to decide who gets to be the next official, sub-official and so on. But nothing ever changes for the sheep under this system. The reason should really be quite obvious. The sheep pen is not our design, or even our choosing. It was always intended to permit the wolves to continue to prey upon the sheep.

So – to the sheep I address the following democratic primer, something you can do that makes a bit more sense then just complaining:

1. Stop contributing to the problem.
2. Stop complying.
3. Vote them out.
4. Fight them directly.

Whatever you do may seem infinitesimally small, but you must do it anyway.

Lying around the house complaining about your sheeplessness won’t accomplish anything. Eventually, you’re going to have to get up and do something about it.

How many of you know that keeping the sheep fat is actually contributing to the problem? Indeed it is. Satiated sheep are even easier to control. The sheep are being fed a constant diet that consists of corn syrup, sugar and toxic brain-deadening chemicals with artificial flavorings. This causes brain damage.  Sometimes they even riot when denied this indigestible “food”, leaping over counters and beating their fellow sheep senseless.

It’s senseless alright, but if you happen to be one of those toxic-laden sheep then you can start by outright and utterly rejecting this “food” and start eating something healthy [start by helping yourself first]. Sheep aren’t meant to eat poisons. This is part of Step 1. Stop contributing to the problem [and how to become your own champion].

1. Stop contributing to the problem. Most of us ARE the problem. We are making the problem “real”, by our daily contribution [our actions]. We complain about things like gas prices, but keep driving. We don’t like how we look, but keep eating. We think that wolves shouldn’t be officials, but keep voting.  We are out of work but keep buying foreign made products.  Do you see? It’s a endless list.  We ARE the problem.

Sheep are really, really easy to fool. They’re constantly asking and expecting the wolves to listen to their incessant complaints. The wolves just smile a toothy grin and toss a few more breadcrumbs into the sheep pen. It’s worked for a very long time.

2. Stop complying. The wolves have erected vast edicts and decrees for the sheepdom. You’re expected to comply with all of these.  Well, don’t. Sheep champions do exist. Non-compliance isn’t free or easy, but then again neither is freedom. Freedom doesn’t mean “anything goes” and never has. It means that you are entirely responsible for yourself. Most sheep recoil at the very thought. But that’s part of the wolves propaganda.

If you cannot bear to comprehend or participate in this essential step, stop reading and return to your place in the flock. Nothing else I will ever, ever write here will be of any use to you. Please don’t breed anymore either.

Non-compliance begins with each sheep. It may seem infinitesimally small and useless, but you must do it anyway.  You’d be amazed at how you will feel.

3. Vote them out. Often tried, and it often fails. It’s because the sheep keep voting for the wolves.  And the wolves have got the (S)election so screwed up and rigged that the outcome is predetermined. But not everywhere.

Local (s)elections are less likely to be as rigged. This is also where you will find some of the most dangerous wolves however, so bear that in mind. They’ve been known to assassinate their opponents, pollute the waters and openly attack even their fellow wolves. But they’ll especially do this if a Sheep happens to be running against them.

Your best defense [if you run] will be exposure.  Get it all out into the open.

For the rest of the sheep, voting has been regulated to a “civic duty” in the mobocracy being run by the wolves. Personally, I do not engage in this activity myself anymore, finding it quite useless and even disarming. It tends to convince the sheep that they’ve “done their duty” [as if this is all that was ever required of them, another misconception taught].

Also, I believe that this is actually part of Steps 1 and 2, stop contributing to the problem, and stop complying.  It is, after all, a system that they setup. I’d have never devised such a backwards system of representing the sheep. Voting has never represented “me”. And finally, I think it’s utterly broken beyond all reform. The wolves are much too entrenched now behind all of their barricades and fortifications to allow the (s)Election process to effectively represent the sheep — EVER.

Anyway, that’s me, but it is indeed something that many sheep will still try.  Therefore, it’s on the list. It would be best if the sheep actually ran for office. The few that have wind up surrounded by wolves [like Ron Paul] but they’re surrounded already

4. Fight them directly. Here is where the real wolf-meat of the matter [finally] arrives. Most of you have actually been waiting for this for a long, long time too.

First, never forget that sheep are sacrificial. Always have been, always will be. Didn’t God Himself declare that you are all lambs, being led to the slaughter?  Well, somebody wrote that, and it’s still true. Human history has shown that it does indeed take an awful lot of sheep to fight back, and many of them are sacrificed.  That’s just the way it is.

You can sue them in court or challenge them directly [face to face, they don’t like that]. The wolves control the courts pretty well however. This is another institution that pretends to represent the sheep, but what they really do is represent the various wolves.  And the higher you go in the court system, the more true this becomes.  So “stay local” if you opt for this route. Suing on a local level, using the system against them can sometimes offer a bit of relief.  Even wolves still live among the sheep, subject [supposedly] to the various ordinances and regulations that they helped pass.  But it is extremely expensive [more so the higher you go], slow, inefficient and often doesn’t work.  If you look hard enough, and have the means [money], and the time [infinite patience], you can try this.

Wolf In Sheep ClothingI like the face to face challenge. The wolves really don’t know how to respond to that. They’re definitely not used to the sheep fighting back like this. You’re a sheep by God!  You aren’t supposed to challenge your sheepness! You can use this assumption against them. Even sheep have teeth.

And they have a voice, probably the most important weapon of all.  Well, that and your mind.  And your attitude.  Challenging the wolves like this can cause quite an upset. It can also cause lots of problems for you, but hey, sacrifices will be made.

The more you know about your particular wolf, the better armed you are [this is always a good idea]. Don’t engage in just any fight for the sake of a fight.  That’s stupid. Engage when you are properly informed. It will be most important of all to be sure you’ve got your facts straight. The sheep believe an awful lot of nonsense. The wolves know this [they supplied the misinformation or their minions did]. So be fully and accurately informed, it will matter later on.

Fighting back can also take even more direct forms of sheep action. Wolves live and work daily in the sheep fields, right where we also live and work. How many of you even know this?  Well, you should.  And here’s another little secret: The barriers and fortifications that they have erected are invisible!  That’s right, they can’t be seen!

The sheep have become convinced however that invisible barriers are still somehow “insurmountable”. Isn’t that weird?

Here’s something else that is also a bit weird: the wolves also believe that these invisible barriers are insurmountable! Probably because they’ve bought into their own propaganda. But experienced sheep already know that this isn’t true either, many of them have seen just how phony and weak and even easily overcome these invisible barriers actually are. Some of these sheep are now burnt sacrifices, having their lambs stolen, houses burned down and cats stomped to death. They’ll tell you [if they could still talk] that the barriers are invisible! The protections supposedly “afforded us” [we paid for it] as this piece of paper says, is completely imaginary now: 

“The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

It’s just as imaginary now for the wolves too, but it is up to the sheep to know this fact.  As long as the sheep remain convinced otherwise, well then, the flock will continue to be sacrificed.

Individual wolves can be harassed, intimidated, attacked or even killed. They’re just wolves after all, not vampires [well, maybe they are]. But they’re not immortal.  We can try to outlast them [a worthwhile effort] but sometimes that’s not enough either. Predatory wolves [taking more then their fair share] are dangerous for the sheep.  Wolves are predatory, and so is the system that they set up. We all know this. Moreover, we all expect this. And we’ve all accepted this, to one degree or another. But there does come a point when the sheep decide it’s just too damned much.

I’m surprised [well, no — not really] that the sheep haven’t risen up already.  Here’s another take on why [short version, I’ve been recently reminded many Internet readers have  a serious case of ADD]:

No Expectations

Many Americans born after the post WWII baby boom (and free of compulsory military service after 1973) have no conception of a personal and collective future worth working for. This is a societal failure to educate a younger generation in both their rights and responsibilities of citizenship in a democracy… This failure of vision is also a personal failure to make use of the education one does have access to, a failure to read and to think, critically, persistently and for (not about) oneself.

The failure to educate younger generations in democratic citizenship is one of laziness and self-interest by the now prosperous earlier generations; a failure to apprentice youth in the maintenance of democracy, which is necessarily an endless rebellion against social injustice. Apprentices learn by assisting in the actions of their mentors. The vast majority of the comfortable older generation of post WWII Americans has failed to lead by actions (beyond words) for at least forty years.

Financial Insecurity

… American children have been immersed in an atomized culture of me-first and me-only competitive materialism. There is no social solidarity, no actual society as Margaret Thatcher so infamously said, just individuals in unregulated competition for wealth. So many have bought into the illusion of buying debt for “higher” education that was to be their ticket into the exclusive circles of higher pay and future wealth. Now, the economy that was supposed to levitate those dreams of the good life has collapsed with no prospect of returning, and many find themselves jobless and in debt slavery for as far as they can see into the future. It is very difficult to think about “fixing society” when you are desperate just to find your daily bread.

Trained Passivity

…Post WWII Americans have been passivated by training (behaviorists would say “conditioning”) by remotely programmed electronic media. Aldous Huxley anticipated this development, social control by the leading of human distractibility, in his 1932 novel Brave New World. The violent, semi-pornographic “feelies,” films shown in movie theaters with seats wired to jolt the occupants in Huxley’s dystopia, are realized today with the Internet, TV, video games, and grandiose amusements that bombard the senses with commercial artificialities. We’ve even shrunk and reversed George Orwell’s ever watching telescreen into a hand-held Svengali our eyes are magnetized to; we have become a nation of cyclops mesmerized by narcissistic voyeurism live-streamed in short attention span quick cuts.

Conditioned Distractibility

While all of our “thinking” is wrapped up ineffectually with our electronic viewing and “texting” (not “writing”), and social networking (in parallel isolation through electronic networks, not in proximate living actuality), our feelings are remotely programmed by the emotionally manipulative content of the commercial media messages with which we are bombarded. Our right brains are sensorially distracted by chemicals … (many many feel-good drugs, legal and illegal) and the titillation of our libidos: sex and hedonism.

Deterrence By Government Violence

The most obvious form of social control is government violence. In the United States, there is an abundance of means for exerting official violence from every level of government. It is both illogical … and emotionally counter indicated … to expose oneself to the hazard of government violence. Hence, a natural reluctance to expose oneself physically in public demonstrations, and to electronic surveillance because of political activism.

The natural survival instinct that moves people toward political quietism also makes them susceptible to co-optation by the state and the major controlling interests of that state. So, one might find it easier as a unionist to “work with management” rather than suffer a strike and risk job loss; as a political activist to join in a discussion group sponsored by a “non-profit” or “foundation” rather than risk getting clubbed by militarized police at a protest demonstration; or simply retreating into an individualistic “spiritual” shell of nonviolent “peace action.”

All of this can change as the economy becomes more vile and the environmental conditions of the Earth deteriorate through climate change, increased population, and the continuation of the extractive mentality of capitalism. But, what degree of change?, how soon?, and will it be enough?, are all questions open to debate. People will act when they find that personal fulfillment is to be had by participation in action, and society will change when enough of its people arrive at that realization together.

Who can attack a wolf?  Anyone. Why would anyone think differently?

I want to dispel the notion of “sheepdogs” (please read this link now, it’s a pdf file) which has unfortunately gained some traction. I disagree with this position, because it presumes a middle-ground that does not actually exist.

This argument is most often used to justify the presence of other “necessary” wolves around the flockl. Indeed, the sheep need their protectors from time to time, no argument there from me.

But protection is most often “after the fact” and not before. Either they are chalking a white line around your body, or extracting you from the rubble, or putting out the fire after it starts.  Firemen, policemen, soldiers, and investigators are post-mortem responders [for the most part]. The predatory crimes and incidents have already been committed or occurred [or, as in the cases of war and occupation, even being instigated by these “sheepdogs”]. Their “job” as it were, is to pick up the pieces, document the facts and so on.  But not entirely. Prevention no longer means protection, that’s something the wolves want the sheep to believe in, but it’s not true anymore.

“Sheepdogs” very much want to anoint themselves as essential for the sheep — and indeed they are [somebody has to do it], but they work for the wolves.  They also take their orders from the wolves. They even answer to the wolves! So how exactly are they any different then the wolves themselves? Many of them are busy enforcing the wolves edicts!  They’ll even fabricate their own!  This actually makes them wolves too. If they were actually sheep, or even sheepdogs, they’d take their orders from us, but they don’t. Many even became “sheepdogs” simply because they knew they’d be afforded all the duplicity and special protections and privileges enjoyed by the wolves.

I say if it looks like a wolf, acts like a wolf, pisses and shits like a wolf [eats the sheep], takes its pay and orders from the wolf — then it’s a wolf, no doubt about it. There is no such thing as a sheep/dog/wolf hybrid [that’s an alien].

They may be benign wolves [some of them], eating few to none of the sheep [vegetarians I suppose, or maybe they’re just on a diet], but their allegiance is first and foremost always to the wolves. We all know where “our bread is buttered”. Disobedient protectors or those who reject their orders are removed from the wolf pack by authoritarian wolves [sometimes even killed]. This demonstrates how things really are.

The sheep generally do not like the sheepdog. He looks a lot like the wolf. He has fangs and the capacity for violence. The difference, though, is that the sheepdog must not, can not and will not ever harm the sheep. Any sheep dog who intentionally harms the lowliest little lamb will be punished and removed.

This last statement from the pdf article is complete b.s., I’ve seen and heard and read about many, many so-called “sheepdogs” that harm the sheep, something that goes on all the time now without punishment [proving that they are actually wolves]. There are many, many thousands of cases and real-life examples to reference.

[And if you STILL don’t believe me, then read this story (please do it’s a real doozy) about a supposed “sheepdog”. You will see that such things simply don’t exist.]

There are only wolves and only sheep. The reason for this is because the wolves won’t have it any other way.  If you don’t believe this, just try to be a disobedient wolf [i.e., “sheepdog”] and see how long you last like that [if you do last a long time, then you’re really not trying very hard, you are merely going through the motions]. You will be put back in the pasture faster then you can say “Baaa”!!!

Wolf In Sheep Clothing

Anyone can become a “sheep dog” [or a Shepard, if you prefer that terminology, but Shepard’s pray [sic] too]. It’s simply a matter of choice [and awareness]. To do so — you simply join the wolf pack!  It’s not that hard, many of us have done it, including myself. I left after a time, preferring instead to maintain my own protection and security. The [relative] peace in the pasture is much more preferable [to me].

Wolves can become sheep — and sheep can become wolves [how else do you think they recruit?]. There are also many, many complicit sheep, going far beyond “cooperation” with wolves. The true “wolves in sheep’s clothing” actually do exist. They’re pretty much everywhere, but they don’t yet outnumber the real sheep.

It is denial that makes people into sheep.  “Denial is counterproductive and destructive, resulting in fear, helplessness and horror when the wolves show up.”

Yet denial is the most often the supposed “refuge” for the sheep. It is the preferred position of assumed comfort [what every sheep wants]. The wolves know this and will take advantage of it every time.

For the most part, the wolves are a lot smarter then the sheep. They did, after all, set up the sheep pasture, build the barriers, erect the fortifications, and even appointed themselves over the flock. Little to nothing was asked of the sheep, like “is this okay with you?”, something any sheep would ask his neighbor if he was about to embark on something similar. Instead, the wolves banded themselves together to ensure that the sheep had little choice in the matter. In America, they called this a Constitution, an assumed agreement between the wolves and the sheep, but I don’t recall actually signing it myself.

The sheep were taught that this would “protect them” from the wolves of their day, but what really happened is the wolves hid themselves among the sheep, always waving the agreement as their “authority” [it was written on sheepskin].  Now, a few hundred years later, that same agreement once sold as sheep protection is being used to protect the wolves, ensuring that their position is never challenged.

Some of the sheep caught on to this scam, but it’s too late already. The “law of the land” has been twisted so far out of proportion and intent that there is really little that can be done now. The high court [Supreme, but I fail to see the supremacy]  has often refused to hear the evidence, and the few times when it did so, it simply continued to rule in favor of the wolves [who do you think the Supreme’s work for? You DO know how they got the job, right?].

Quite honestly, it’s all a mess. The sheep pen is overcrowded, unkempt and in severe disrepair. Most of the sheep know this, but remain content enough [eating sheep shit] to stay inside the sheep pen.

The situation among the wolves isn’t really any better, it’s overcrowded, competitive and in severe disrepair too, but they do eat better. The wolves have been known to lash out at each other and even more violently at the rest of the sheep.  This is the part that is now intolerable.  Wolves eating wolves is probably in our best interest [sometimes — it does tend to increase losses among the sheep too], but wolves eating too many of the sheep isn’t. Something has got to be done about this.

Many tried and failed methods have been repeatedly offered. But even sheep know that if you do what you’ve always done, you can’t reasonably expect any different results.

It all boils down to just these four things then:

1. Stop contributing to the problem.
2. Stop complying.
3. Vote them out.
4. Fight them directly.

The sheep and the wolves have coexisted for a long time, but never at peace. What the sheep perceived as “peace” or even a truce was really just surreptitious attacks, unseen and unheard in the night, hidden from the eyes and the ears of the sheep [1913 Federal Reserve Act is a good example, there are many more].

There has always been a constant tension between the sheep and the wolves.  They need us [how do you think they got so rich and powerful?] and we actually need them. The sheep really can’t mind the store by themselves, although some really great examples did work for thousands of years [fewer sheep and far fewer wolves]. But we live in a different age now, with lots and lots of sheep and many more wolves then back in the day. The only way we could return to any of that is to get rid of an awful lot of wolves.

But it will all come at a pretty high price. Personally, I think that has already been set in motion and will happen regardless of what anyone says or does or what you read online. It’s history playing itself out over and over again [the situation between wolves and sheep never really changes].  Cyclic events seem “repeating” because the animals stay the same.  So “predicting” where this is going to go is actually pretty easy, just turn the page and there you have it.



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