Pedophiles in the TSA?

I have no idea what can possibly explain this:

Beyond the obvious which I won’t mention — what is wrong with you PARENTS? ALL OF YOU?

Why would you even allow this to happen?  Is your flight so important that you will submit your own children to this type of manhandling and fondling by complete and total strangers?  Would the rest of you parents allow this to happen in public ANYWHERE ELSE?

Would you stand there meekly and allow a unknown child to be molested by a stranger anywhere?  Apparently yes you would.

Does the badge and official looking uniforms make this right?

Does the alleged “authority” being presented make this right?

What are you actually teaching your children by doing this?

By not standing up for them?  By submitting to this gross invasion of privacy and human decency?

Let me summerize:

a) be a good little sheep, little boy, never mind what mommy and daddy told you about never letting strangers touch you.  Do it this time, because you have to.  I don’t like it either, see?  The man is touching my breast and groin area too — it’s okay.

b) submit little boy to the man with the badge.  He’s just doing his job.  He never had to do this before, but ignore that fact, it’s now our new way of life.

c) sometimes we just have to ignore our personal rights of privacy and decency, like now.  Don’t look at the other people, they’re going to have to do this too.

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

A retired special education teacher on his way to a wedding in Orlando, Fla., said he was left humiliated, crying and covered with his own urine after an enhanced pat-down by TSA officers recently at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

Will these absurdities never end?

Probably not.  We’ve endured this for years and years.  TSA Has Met The Enemy — And They Are Us

People — why are you flying?  Have you no dignity or self-respect?  What about your children?

I find this whole sordid stupidity beyond belief.  There are far, far more important things to be dealing with, however, Americants are so apathetic, so far gone in their sense of responsibility, personal authority and even accountability as PARENTS — that they will meekly submit the next generation (their own children) to this massive intrusion of personal privacy.


You parents need to realize that they are INDOCTRINATING your children into complete and total acceptance of a police state.  It is plain as day and YOU are allowing this to happen.

You have GIVEN UP YOUR COUNTRY — totally, and absolutely.  And it was your responsibility to make SURE that this did not happen, your children deserved a shot at the same freedoms and liberty and opportunities YOU had.  None of us had to deal with this kind of crap before — because OUR parents didn’t allow it.

But you did.

You do not have to fly.  You can cancel your flight plans easy enough, reschedule your trip or don’t go at all.  This is the real power you have, but you must USE IT.

There are already massive lines of people lining up to be groped and fondled:

I half-expect a false-flag terror attack to occur in the Untied States of America during the Thanskgiving / Christmas holiday season — orchestrated of course, and meant to enforce the bogus claims of ‘terror’ and ‘terror prevention’ activities by Fatherland Security.

Well, for starters, I do hope Americants are thankful — for the lazy, apathetic and disinterested acceptance of a full-blown police state, where they can now manhandle your children and strip them near-naked in a public airport.

Good grief, what an incredible state we have come to.  Even I never imagined it would get like this here.

There are many more vids up on YouTube, but hey, if you’re not already enraged enough to stop flying (take action) then nothing is going to convince you to get off your fat lazy asses and put a stop to anything.

And I suspect, that this is the “litmus test” of what is actually going on here.  Think about it.  There is no logical or “security” reasons whatsoever for this type of activity by the TSA — or Fatherland’s demands and refusal to back down.

This is a litmus test of the total acceptance and meek submission of the Americant people.  They are trying very, very hard to force this issue / behavioral modification down our throats despite the growing protest.  This is absolutely no accident at all.

This is also “distraction” — a technique long used to distract large bodies of people to topics that are essentially meaningless, and away from far more important issues affecting us all.  A good pys-ops program / agenda includes both of these criteria.  But what would be the point in revealing more?  If you don’t care enough about this, you’re not going to care about anything else.

This country has now totally dissolved into a macabre bread-and-circus round of “shows” — infotainment for the masses.

What should have long since happened is total disobedience, coupled with “enragement”.  If I inappropriately handled a stranger in this manner, for whatever reason, I’d get a knee in the groin or a slap in the face — and a very expensive civil charge of sexual misconduct.  But in America, people are still stupidly lining up by the thousands to be groped.

Unbelievable.  Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

Do everyone realize just how far GONE this country now is?

Does it even matter anymore?


We are so far past the point of no-return on so many, many issues that this present day spectacle only continues to reinforce my own published thoughts on our collapse and demise.

I don’t care if you want to be fondled, but you should.  And you should very much care if you want your children to be fondled.   But because a great many of you don’t — you are dragging down the rest of us to your totalitarian acceptance of America — the Big Brother society envisioned decades ago where even your very thoughts are not your own.

The decline of a country has been well and widely documented.  You are living in this present history unfolding today.  You have the barest, slimmest chance yet remaining to do something about it.

But I’m not holding my breath.  I’d die of asphyxiation if I did.

UPDATE: – From Keep It Simple Survival, Craig wrote in to me this morning:

I blogged about the exact same thing today, and our posts draw pretty much the same conclusions… I do not, I CAN not, for the life of me, understand why anyone would subject themselves to that. I wanted to beat that father who stood there watching his son be violated by the blueshirt. I will not fly (not that I can afford to, or even want to). I will never allow my kids to be subjected to that outright sexual assault caught on video. Watching that made me physically ill, and angry beyond words… I can only hope that anger continues to build. But like you, I’m not holding my breath.



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