Peak All Haiku

Lonewolf shared this with me, I thought they were pretty good, some copied elsewhere, some modified and improved and probably a few originals:

Peak All Haiku

Stick a fork in it
This side is crisp already
Lets torch the other

Oil is running low
The planet is heating up
Let’s watch Milf Island

Systemic error
Civilization failed
Say bye-bye to all.

Unlimited greed
Meet limited resources.
Can you spell doom?

Demand destruction
Peaked when winter died.
War followed soon.

Zombie hordes approach
Pass “˜round the ammunition
They can’t have my beans

The oil price went up
The economy went down
Why all the surprise?

The city is dead.
Streets are just filled with people
Who aren’t quite people.

Biting into heads
Is much harder than it looks.
The skull is feisty.

The oil is half gone.
What are you going to do?
Who is preparing?

Fractional reserve
They stole all of our money
Fictional money

Stock market is flat
Bouncing up and down today
Just crash already

The crude went away
Civilization dried up
The planet was saved

Selection scammed
Obama’s a dead man
Look past tomorrow

I think there is a REAL need to look past the immediate circumstances of our collective plight. Last night, I had a most interesting dream. The lack of compassion in today’s world is increasing and my dream dealt with that.

Reaching out (past) our problems is going to be the only thing that will save us. I’ve been flogging this blog for a long time to get people to think, to act, to even respond. Nothing is more frustrating then to stand helplessly and watch everything turn into a stinking morass of human stupidity and greed.

But …. I don’t think my own efforts have gone entirely unnoticed. Hah, even my mother reads this blog (big surprise there) and has found something of worth. But I want to emphasize something very important here, this blog is not about me (sorry Mom). I’m in the same plight as the rest of you and am more or less screaming at the top of my lungs for the attention these issues deserve. I want to stay in the background and simply champion them on.

I hate grandstanding self-serving capitalists (Savinar and ilk of his kind) with a seething passion. Their goal isn’t to change anything except for themselves (profits). That is not the world that I want, money to me is irrelevant and necessary evil in a world that places all of it’s hope and future upon it. But that is a world that is crashing down now, while the the worlds leaders desperately try to prop it back up.

I don’t think it will work much longer. The Living Planet Report reveals declining ecosystems around the world (worth downloading, *.pdf file).

Their optimism in this particular issue of the annual report is apparently entirely based upon dealing with the concept of an “ecological credit crunch”, which is significantly larger then the economic crisis we’re currently dealing with.

Sustainability “wedges” are their answer to overtaxing and abusing our environment. Using already “bad data” from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) didn’t help their argument with me. There is still (of course) a strange reticence to “tell it like it is” within the scientific community and how incredibly fast and rapid changes are occurring on our planet.

Every year, we get new reports and analysis, and every year, they move their projections up by several decades, trying to catch up to what is now happening and being recorded. I think the tendency to under emphasize the danger we are in is a very bad idea, but markets need to be protected too (if you’re a capitalist).

There are those leading scientists in the world that would agree with me. We’re not going far enough, fast enough or drastically enough to stave off the looming disaster. The reality here is I agree with them, they are the experts, not me. I have taken the information they have shared and mixed it with all the other sources of news and information gleaned from around the world. I wish I had more time to do an even better job of it, because a lot of pieces still remain missing.

But it doesn’t really hardly matter now in reality. Solutions such as “sustainability wedges” simply won’t happen in time, there is not enough impetus to do so despite the optimism. Look at the hatred expressed by the right at someone as bumbling as Al Gore or Prince Charles, both who have taken very public positions on the planet issues and declines. Their efforts are simply derided by a very large percentage of the people, who remain categorically clueless and most importantly, simply indifferent to what is actually happening. In other words, they simply do not care and probably never will, yet they are a gigantic driving force behind what is actually happening to the planet. As long as they remain ignorant and indifferent, we’re not going to change anything.

There was a time when I embraced the lies of the right and the ignorant, but I’m the sort of person who is willing to change my views and even my beliefs when I discover a lie. This too is what I’ve been harping on in many ways on the blog — don’t believe the lies anymore. Change horses, change gears, change your views, change your beliefs, change your life. Lies are what got us here. While this should be entirely obvious, perhaps it isn’t.

I’ve taken a lot of heat and hatred from those “who’ve I’ve abandoned” to their cesspits and deceptions, but this doesn’t matter to me. It’s high time we all moved on, but if you won’t lead, then simply get out of my way.

I do not want anyone following me and actively discourage this on a near-daily basis. Those of you that have written to me asking for direction and guidance need to do your own due diligence and research. Convince yourself of what you need to do. By doing this, you will gain invaluable knowledge and perspective and will be far better equipped to lead your own life then simply following someone else’s advice.

I am not at all indifferent to the requests being made upon me, but simply cannot accomodate everyone. Those people like politicians and others that think they can “lead the world” are self-deluding and anyone that follows them is also self-deluding. This is YOUR life, live it the best you can according to you own personal code of ethics. Your decisions belong to you, they must be actualized and embraced as being yours alone.

Like you, I go to many sources for my information and support, but I don’t accept everything I read or hear. No one should. This is why I, a non-expert, question the “experts” and their optimism. It’s been said that an expert is simply one who is convinced of his opinion and wants you to believe it. Believe that and you will be better off.

Finally, there are “gems” worth living by found in art, poetry, the written word and self-reflection. Call it what you will, spirituality, meditation or hidden truths, these things are freely available to anyone and can have a deep impact upon your life. They are in reality far more effective at changing lives then anything else, because they deal with the profound and penetrate to the very core of our existence (consciousness).

I hope that you will find them and search them out, because all of life is about them.


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3 thoughts on “Peak All Haiku

  • November 2, 2008 at 4:11 pm
    The key for anyone is:

    Donâ’t bother to try to “save others”. Just set an example, state YOUR opinion/beliefs and leave it at that! Any more than that and you infringe upon their free will to chose…

  • November 3, 2008 at 8:06 am
    One need look no further than the complete and utter lack of overage in the corporate media of global climate change – especially as Admin has pointed out – the acceleration in these changes – to realize that this pattern of deception must be systematic.

    Why would members of the scientific community pull their punches? Why would the corporate media denigrate the positions of Al Gore and Prince Charles?

    I see through a purely economic prism. It does corporations no good to point out that their rape and pillage of the Earth is posing a serious threat to human existence. Rather, it does them a lot of good to continue to downplay the threat and instead focus on the s(election) and their bogus but pervasive advertising bullshit.

    Happy holidays!

  • November 4, 2008 at 7:13 am
    Admin, Lonewolf,

    Those are really great haikus! Thanks for sharing.


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