Pawns & Pieces

I’ve been working on another long article, but don’t think it’s ready, and I’m half-convinced that I should not publish it at all.

Basically, as I’ve said too many times before, it’s probably futile to point to our human condition.  The faults that we have that drive us to engage in activities like war, violence, corruption, destruction, planetary annihilation, those kind of things.

These are not popular topics.  They seem distant and removed depending on your personal perspective, and they don’t really have the impact and meaning that they probably should.  What is more interesting it seems is what is happening right now, how the collapse is progressing, who and what is being impacted.

Our local Safeway reports that 70% of their sales activity is in food stamps.  This is staggeringly high (imo), but the local economy here is pretty bad.  All of our sawmills are shut down, and as the areas largest employers, this caused a collapse in jobs and a corresponding real estate slump.

But I have heard reports like this elsewhere too.  If you have been following the news, some cities are going to simply stop providing all services, effectively leaving you on your own.

Eventually, this is inevitable, the accordion effect of collapse will cause contractions throughout all sectors of the economy.  Meanwhile the MSM continues to blast us with contradictory messages.  You should simply ignore anything the MSM says these days, the deceptions they promote are now legendary.

We are now in the 6th great wave of extinctions, now rapidly occurring all over the planet.  The cause of this is self-evident, but more then just this massive die-off taking place, this has economic impacts as well.

Maybe you didn’t know, but about 50 – 60 million cubic feet of natural gas is being flared every single day from the Macondo cleanup effort in the Gulf.  This flaring (burning of natural gas) has been going on as long as the recovery.  It’s also something being done on drilling platforms all over the world, to the tune of trillions and trillions of cubic feet of burning.

It is not economically feasible to capture this gas for later use, so we simply burn it off.  Economics drives it all, what we extract, what we simply burn up, what we build and how we live.  In time, this age will be looked back upon as the most insane time of human history because of our sheer wastefulness.

To many, it’s just a game, where pawns are played, pieces are placed and profits are raked in by the billions and billions.

It’s all rather sad in reality.  We ourselves oftentimes feel like the pawns that we are. The game above is but one of the many, many games being played with this planet and everyone that lives on it.

Personally, I often feel like it is totally out of control.  Our home, the home to every living creature on this earth, is being used as a cash cow.  And a garbage dump.  And a toxic wasteland.

It’s not a game.  Not at all.  It is in reality, life and death.  Human life is more the economics.  Animal and plant life cares nothing for human life or human economics, but these lifeforms are our unwilling victims.  Humans view everything through the warped lenses of economics and prosperity.  I foresee nothing changing this in my lifetime.

Which means that extinction is a sure as the sun will shine.

This isn’t news, and it does not even cause much excitement.  But it should, in a big, big way.  We’d get really excited if it were us that was facing imminent extinction, because our human-centric views govern everything that we do.  And that is the basic problem with all things humans — we still perceive that we are the only life-forms on this planet worth caring about.

However, Nature itself has a way of reminding the human race that we are but pawns & pieces in an even bigger game being played out.

Extreme weather events are now occurring all over the world, taking many human lives.  When it is all said and done, humans are still subject to the environment, you know — those places that we are rapidly destroying.  When we tear these things apart, rip them up, cut them down and drain them dry, leaving behind toxic wastelands of carcinogenic chemicals and blasted surfaces, above and below the sea, and in the air, we should fully expect these activities to have a real and lasting impact upon the climate.

We know and understand the hydrological cycle pretty well now, and we know and understand that we can have a very big impact upon how it works.  But knowing this has not really changed anything.  To too many, it is still yet a game, move the pieces around some more, joggle things up a bit, place your armies and tanks and planes and ships all around the board and declare yourselves king, emperor or pontiff, it’s just a sick, damned game that declares no winners, only losers.

Some people have told me that I am visionary, looking beyond the immediate and ahead to the future.  If that is true, then why isn’t everyone just as visionary?  I know we are all busy trying to survive, but our survival is imperiled by all these cursed games going on all around us that effect how we live, who survives and who does not.  Why can’t everyone see this?

Many people have reported how hard it is to get anybody else to even acknowledge these things and most have simply given up. I wrote about this resignation, but believe that we need determination now.  I may be a pawn, and you may be a pawn, but even pawns can topple kings.

I’m getting dangerously close to my unpublished essay here. We live in a world based upon violence and corruption, but this is much more embedded then most people realize.  It is a fundamental part of our existence.  The pawns are taught that rules are to be followed, you can only move in certain ways, and that you must take your turn too.

Hogwash.  The game is rigged.  The rules are designed to force you into total obedience and submission. The very notion that you must “play” is total crap.

But I’m often speaking to the ether on these things.


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