Party Affiliation and “Beliefs”

This is hilarious. It’s a Pew Research poll, that reveals how much Republican and Democrats differ on “science knowledge” and whether or not science is having any impacts on the two different groups:

Picture this: no matter what the science says, or even when these climatic events actually happen – Republicans refuse to change their “beliefs” about climate change.

Amazing, isn’t it? I don’t hate Republicans, but I can’t stand willful stupidity. Science and knowledge don’t mix with this group. NO surprise to any American living here (who is honest), but it will piss off the idiots, again. I don’t care. It’s really hard to sit here and watch these fools destroy everything in their insatiable quest for, what? More?

I consider this group absolutely hopeless, and if you belong to that group yourself, you’re hopeless. Me? I don’t belong to any group other then the human race…

Original article here.

I’ve not looked, but I’m sure a similar graph would convey how religion affects beliefs and how knowledge about religion, history and evidence shows the same kinds of disparities.

I recently wrote to William Blum, what I’ve uncovered about religion. His reply was that I was certain to go to hell… I still can’t tell if he was joking or not, but in any case, this imagined place is no more real then the imaginary Sky God so I’m not the least bit concerned. I base ALL of my views on evidence and feel quite confident that these “beliefs” (which they aren’t – they’re actually facts) will carry the day in the end. We all die, but we’re definitely not all going to heaven (nobody is).

I’ve been enjoying a Netflix series, “The West“, narrated by Peter Coyote. It’s about how the West (United States) was “won” (stolen from the people who lived here). Going back to the 1500’s or so, the story begins… and it portrays a terrifying tale of murder, mayhem, robbery, slavery, theft and abuse – all coming from one particular segment of the people (and it wasn’t the natives). It dives pretty deep into the “untold stories” you never heard.

Highly recommend. Not taught in your high school social studies classes, or probably in any school book. Despite the hard-work, deprivation, struggle and dangers associated with the settling of the West and the “spirit of the pioneers”, I’m left with increasing levels of disgust and shame at my own race. So this is how “civilization” was forced upon the world… You should watch this.

Television is good for something, sometimes. It’s another propaganda tool just like anything else, so pick your viewing habits carefully.


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One thought on “Party Affiliation and “Beliefs”

  • March 24, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    So, speaking of film and television as entertainment and propaganda, I just saw the movie “Passengers” with Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence. It was a very good movie, as such things go, except that I could see the underlying cultural paradigm, which is nakedly embodied in the film in a most edifying way, if you know how to look.

    Pratt and Lawrence are passengers in suspended animation on a starship heading to colony world. By mishap, they wake up ninety years too early and find themselves alone on the ship, a technological marvel of futuristic engineering. The starship Avalon, built by the Homestead corporation, is seeding the galaxy with the intrepid colonists of planet Earth, unknown centuries (millennia?) in the future.

    A paradigm is what you think about before you think about something. No wonder there are so many who don’t believe in global warming, or who believe technology will somehow solve the problem. The paradigm of technological supremacy, corporate innovation and infinite expansion that we see in “Passengers” is the unconscious track playing inside the minds of everyone born into western civilization—or maybe that should be global civilization by now.

    I felt guilty about actually enjoying the film, even as I feel guilty about enjoying Star Trek reruns, because I understand that this is dangerous art. It is reinforcing a paradigm—a cultural outlook, a mythology—that can only end in ecocide and death.

    I recommend the film to everyone here, as an example of just what’s playing in the unconscious minds of everyone who can’t assimilate the same data as we ourselves.

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