Paranoid and Delusional

If Donald Trump has a dangerous mental illness, according to a group a psychiatrists, what does this say about his supporters?

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

“We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness.”

I already know the answer to my question. I’ve been warning about this for many years. There is a large contingent of the American population that is just as deluded, just as paranoid, just as mentally unbalanced as their President is.

But they do not have their fingers on the nuclear button – which makes them only slightly less dangerous. There are checks and balances that are supposed to operate before the President can launch nuclear weapons. But Joe Public is pretty much ‘free’ to do whatever he wants. So if he / she choose to act or believe in irrational things, they can.

What happens when there are enough paranoid and delusional people in a country who then pick another paranoid and delusional candidate for the President? We’re still finding that answer out. So far, not so good. It does look like Trump has sold out already to the neocons, who’s Insatiable Never Ending War Machine requires more blood and guts. They’re keeping America Safe of course. Which is why I carry a gun. If you don’t, you’re not too bright.

The real danger to this country is within. It is the delusional, paranoid, fear-mongering fools that have infected the public spaces. Well, that’s not all the story – we’ve got a lot of delusional, paranoid, fear-mongering fools in government positions too, many in private, secret spaces. Some of them are very powerful fear-mongering, paranoid fools too. We can’t seem to get rid of these vermin.

Over this blogs history, I’ve raised repeated warnings about these delusional idiots. My focus ranged from Presidents to individuals. None of it did any good. Americans have few to no standards that they are willing to adhere to. If it’s cheaper elsewhere, they’ll buy it anyway – doesn’t matter if it was made by slave labor or if the advertisements and claims are all lies. If a politician consistently lies and deceives, it’s okay, just as long as the supporters pet agendas has the appearance of being supported. If an individual is repeatedly proven to be a fraud and a liar, that’s ok too, we like the entertainment ‘factor’ anyway.

Too many people expect too little from their government, their city councils, their retailers, their business associates and even their friends. They’ve given up on ethics. Responsibility and authority have been abdicated in favor of instant gratification and appeasement.

So here it is folks – I’m absolutely sick to death of trying to bring a ‘wake up’ message to a public that doesn’t give a shit about anything – and never will. America is too far gone to salvage. As it turns out, many Americans are unable to accomplish even basic tasks. I find this stunning, because it reveals just how utterly dependent Americans really are. This is a very, very dangerous position to be in.

For many years I’ve written on the topics of climate change with no effect. Before this, it was self-sufficiency, preparation, collapse, war and politics. While I still believe that being prepared is very important, not many other people actually believe this.

Actions betray stated “beliefs”. Words are cheap, easy and free. Actions are not. Actions reveal “who” you really are. They reveal what you truly care about, what your character really is. Are you an upstanding citizen, beholden to the Empire? Do you support the actions and the beliefs of your President? Or are you an individual (versus a trained parrot) that will stand up for what is right, true, ethical and responsible?

We just saw the March for Science. Most of this country want “yawn” and ignored this protest by the educated, experienced and intelligent minds among us. Their credentials and qualifications aren’t respected for what they really are. There is still a lot of very, very stupid people in this country that still claim that all these experts are in “collusion of conspiracy” to convince the world that climate change is occurring. It’s a paranoid, delusional, ill-conceived idiocy. But it’s not going away – in part because the President these morons elected also believes this.

These people are crazy, certifiably insane and they should be examined by mental health experts to determine how dangerous they are to society. You think that’s nuts? What’s more nuts – allowing a vocal, powerful contingent of people destroy a livable, habitable future through the incessant denial of facts and evidence, versus having them examined for mental health issues?

In America, the tide is not turning. It’s rising. Pun intended. But these morons don’t grasp this simple truth. The tide of stupid increases a bit more each day here, while the ice melts and the oceans continue to rise. Flooded city streets can’t hold a candle to connedspiracy bullshit. Reality has become mentally unstable delusions.

Yeah, I’m really, really sick of this shit. You cannot help those who refuse a helping hand. Instead, they spit on it and call you the devil while they drown in their ignorance and denial.

Tolerating stupid is well, just plain stupid. It’s had horrifying impacts upon our civilization throughout history. It is at the very root of most of the human suffering on this planet and the destruction of the biosphere. I’ve no doubt we can do much, much better, but eradicating stupid will be a prerequisite. This is why I support mandatory climate change education. Even this mild suggestion received almost no support, when it is so incredibly obvious that it is extremely important and way overdue. It would be a start. Stamping out stupid.


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