Paradise Destroyed

I used to follow some sailing blogs, which eventually led me to some blogs about island life. This is a sad story about how one beautiful island is being ruined.

But like I’ve said so many times before, nobody cares. The cruise ships, tourist industry and even the locals are all busy at work – all a part of the ongoing destruction.

If you want to know what the future is going to be like, just put this picture in your mind: a big, gigantic garbage heap, piled as high as the heavens. Underneath it all, glued to an endless array of screens will be some very pale, fat humans surrounded by even more garbage. Nothing else will be alive other then cockroaches and rats, even the very air will be toxic to breathe, so the air-filtration systems and air conditioners will be working overtime.

Eventually, even these few surviving humans will die, their bodies then eaten by the cockroaches and rats. The televisions screens will blare on and on, to an absent and now rotting audience until the power finally runs out from disrepair or some extreme weather even destroys the turbines. And then silence, finally – and end to the noise of “civilization” and the endless layers of destruction wrought by humans, punctuated only occasionally by the scurrying sounds of rats and cockroaches.

Finally, it is is the end. The species is now finally gone, forever, “remembered” only by the gigantic mountains of stinking trash and toxic garbage and abandoned structures slowly decaying, crumbling and still polluting the world for tens of thousands of years. Our only real, lasting legacy.

It’s a hell of a world we’re planning on leaving for the future generations.


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