Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened

Everybody may want to watch this video from Matt Simmons, found over on ZeroHedge (June 15 recording). I watched it several times.

He makes mention of several critical points:  Apparently, scientists are “totally, totally” disputing the story that BP has given. The Thomas Jefferson (America’s largest research vessel, mapping ship using the finest detection equipment we have) now estimates 120,000 barrels a day spilling into the Gulf, which they’ve estimated covers 40% of the Gulf now.

The well bore casing is “gone”, making any and all relief wells absolutely futile, they couldn’t even “find” the well bore now or get within 3 miles due to the heavy fires and the heavy volumes of oil covering the sea floor, the Deepwater rig fire was evidence that they lost the well.  He’s still advocating a mini-nuke to try and seal the well as our only option.

From TheOilDrum:

“The riser leak is a deception,” says Simmons. “The hole is in the well head “” it’s the well bore.”

Asked why such a massive hole would not be readily apparent and reported on, Simmons answers that the Thomas Jefferson was previously prevented from coming closer than 20 miles from the site of the explosion. This past week, it got within three miles. However, it’s still impossible to see anything at the well’s depth of 23,000 feet.

“When they [the Thomas Jefferson] finally got the permission to circle the three-mile radius,” of the well, “once they got up wind [of the blast], within 20 minutes all the crew [of the boat] were nauseous, and several people are still in the hospital. There is benzene coming out of that stuff. If a hurricane finally blows up the Gulf, we could have millions of people die,” on the Gulf coast.

They’ve opened Pandora’s Box and can’t close it.

It does look like BP will go under as a result of this.  BP Bankruptcy, Massive Wellbore Hole

If the leak is truly coming from the wellbore, then the riser “cap” and all this effort is really just a side show — and the Gulf will be totally wiped out.  Even if they stop it with nukes or golf balls or Silly String, there is all that oil awash in the ocean now.

Please note: I cannot comment on the accuracy of Simmons claims.  He has been widely respected in the past, and is now considered to have really stepped out on a limb with these claims he’s making.  This in itself makes no sense, to destroy his world-wide reputation (not even for money, he has plenty) unless there is something to these claims.

If he is correct, this is the kill shot for the Gulf, which may not be stoppable.

Several people have been asking me if this is a game-over event.  The Gulf disaster has the possibility of being this event in slow motion.  I think the Gulf and the Gulf states are in serious, serious trouble.  This hurricane season won’t help either.

You will have to make up your own mind on what you intend to do.  Most of us are taking a “wait and see” approach.  It’s totally out of our hands.  I’d sell every shred of BP stock, relocate myself and start a new life elsewhere if I had these “risks”, but there will be long-term impacts upon everyone, even those that don’t live in the Gulf.

We could wake up any day now and be told the truth about all of this, something this big cannot be hidden even if they do ban journalists and photography and flyovers and scrub the Web.

Everyday now is bringing something new — and we’ve yet to have any positive news, just more bad news, with things getting worse and worse.  I think that fact alone should be born in mind.  We may have really screwed the pooch on this one.


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