Pandemic, Protests and Publishing

So I’m still here. The blog has been restored from an old backup and I’ve got a lot of work to do to clean it up (as time permits, which I don’t have much of these daze).

Like the rest of you, I’m sitting here in a stunned amazement at the sheer level of hubris, stupidity, arrogance, disbelief and dishonesty that has plagued this country for the past 3.5 years. I’m beyond disgusted. Beyond surprised. Just waking up every day is a chore, with a certain feeling of dread of how much more stupidity can this country take?

I don’t know the answer, I only know that we still haven’t seemed to hit rock-bottom yet. It’s funny, I wrote about all of this four years ago, “America is About To Explode” which was another time, another (s)Election. And the SAME SHIT is happening again, except this time it’s even worse. We didn’t have a pandemic, or an IMPOTUS, or a massive economic crash and a number of other things to deal with.

I’ve been biding my time as it were, refusing to be a part of the escalating levels of ignorance, stupidity and insanity that has gripped this country, while still watching it all unfold. There has been plenty to report, but I dared not. A decidedly large percentage of Americans have lost their fucking minds. And so has one particular political party. We’re way, way beyond the circus tent now, but this (s)Election season means something that we’ve never faced before (watch and see).

While I swore off ever writing another post, I’ve decided that my own progeny might one day benefit from what has been recorded here. I’ve no guarantee that they will read anything or even if they did, understand the thought, the anguish and the grief that has been put into words, but I do want them to know that I tried. I’m of the generation that has just as much guilt on our hands as any, while we watched the world become polluted and plundered and our institutions hamstrung to political interests and unmitigated greed. We were not able to stop any of it.

People are marching in the streets right now, demanding change and reform, and they’ve been at it for quite a while (months, for the record), but not much has changed. It seems as if our species is hell-bent on suicide and self-destruction, which it probably is. We’re plagued with stupid as a honest-to-god real pandemic sweeps over the world taking the infirm, elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system or underlying health conditions, both young and old. The body count is growing higher and higher every day and still the morons in America continue to pretend that it’s not real.

Nobody should be surprised. The denial of reality has always been an archetypal response by the stupid American public. We’ve been here before, many times. It seem that nothing can be learned from history, but only because of our steadfast refusal to educate. We can’t even count the dead accurately.

America is now beyond the “clusterfuck” stage and will probably get much worse. I’ve put my nose to the grindstone all these months and did what had to be done. I took this pandemic VERY seriously and still do. My own preparations came in enormously handy and we stayed home, where everyone else should be too. But it did little good on the whole – too many morons, idiots and fools spread the virus around like Typhoid Mary’s and decided that their own personal pleasures mattered more then the health and lives of everyone else. I have nothing but absolute disgust for these fucking fools, I only wish we had tossed their asses into prison and isolated them where they belong. You do NOT have the “right” to deliberately infect (and kill / debilitate / harm) others. Your stupid fucking “freedumbz” were NOT being “infringed” by wearing a mask.

The masks separates the conscientious from the idiots. Selfish pricks that only think of themselves while acting like the selfish pricks that they are. The wheat from the chaff. I’m just disappointed that the morons didn’t all just die off first before killing thousands of others through their careless disregard.

I’ve read all the dumb and stupid arguments. They have zero moral standing. If I cannot trust you to protect YOURSELF and those around you, I cannot trust you AT ALL. And I mean NEVER. You’ve demonstrated just how careless and stupid you really are, unable to make a sound, moral judgement when the need arose. And that when we are many months into this pandemic and some of you are STILL not able to bring yourselves to wear a mask, you’ve graduated from just plain stupid to willfully stupid, even maliciously stupid. Health professionals have plead with the public to abandon the lies, stupidstitions and dishonesty while pointing to the rising toll, family tragedies and endless suffering and some of you STILL pretend it’s a “hoax”. You need to be shot in the head, because nothing else is going to penetrate that thick skull of dead brain matter.

One thing the pandemic has done – is demonstrate that Americans will NEVER collectively do what it takes when there is a real national or global tragedy unfolding. This blog covers climate change in extensive detail and how it will impact, even devastate human survival on this planet. I’ve long pointed out that we lack the capacity to change, even the simple desire to change where it will count and make a difference. The pandemic non-response by a rather large percentage of people proved beyond any doubt that any type of self-sacrifice is just too damned much to ask, we can’t be bothered. The essential changes to combat climate change will suffer from the same response and nothing on scale will be done (unless it is finally, tragically forced upon us all, along the inevitable millions and even billions of deaths).

It is what it is, as they say. You cannot fix stupid. You cannot fix arrogance, hubris, denial or willful ignorance. The rest of us, as always, will have to deal with the dead wood that has become much of America now. Idiots that are just in the way of actions, progress, intelligence, science, facts and reality. In effect, whatever happens to these people, know this: they will have brought this upon themselves, by refusing to be adequately informed, take actions, and embracing stupid connedspiracies, and acting like the selfish idiots and pricks that they really are. There will be more consequences to all of this. Some have died, others have gotten sick and some will face a lifetime of health problems now. But overall, they’ve guaranteed that the entire nation will continue to suffer enormous economic and health consequences of YEARS to come.

This (s)Election “season” also promises to be the most disruptive. The connedspiracy crowd of babbling fools is spreading more utter bullshit then ever, and the President is stirring up more hate, lies and discontent with his miserable lack of leadership and disruptive demands. You should vote as if your life depends on it, because it probably does. If you have not registered, register now, immediately, do not put this off. Make up your mind on what you want – four more even worse years of utter disaster, lies, dishonesty and crooked politics with a civil war thrown in for good measure, or the “status quo” of the political class that promises the least bit of day-to-day disruptions that have now permeated every American life. Yeah, it’s not a great choice, just like 2016, but good god almighty – four more years of that lying asshole trying to tear this country apart will be the worst decision of our lives.

The Bois are pretending that the country is ready for civil war, but they’re dead wrong and if they start, will soon be dead themselves. Do not join this movement of fools, they are on the wrong side of history (still) and they do not have but a relative few agitators who will be swiftly dealt with (prison most likely). But be aware of their activities and deceptions. I’m no fan of the status-quo as past readers well understand, but the cries for a civil war between right / left or white / brown or lawful / anarchy is just plain wrong. It’s all utter bullshit. Most of us do NOT want to be dragged back into the Dark Ages of repressive behaviors and injustice. While there is indeed a lot wrong with our society, those efforts must be fixed by laws – not bullets, because only chaos and death will be the outcome from that.

The country we have today is the direct result of the idiocy we have permitted to flourish. GET THAT FACT IN YOUR HEAD. We tolerated rabid stupidity, endless connedspiracies and gross dishonesty. I don’t care if you want to blame the “media” or social networks or just a particular few (or many) babbling fools – too many of us stayed too silent for too long and allowed this disgusting stupidity to flourish and grow. That’s one of the reasons this blog is back – what has been published here is still as true as it ever was, except now things are worse then ever by a large margin. We’re fast approach 1 million dead worldwide, and 200,000 in the United States, but I suspect we’re going to blow right past those numbers.

It’s time to shut the liars up. Do your part. Stop supporting these idiots. Don’t be a part of their deceptions and dishonesty. You’ve got to stand up and make an account now for what you believe in, and I do not believe in the lies that are being perpetrated.


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