Pakistan Flood Survivors Near Starvation

It’s pretty clear now that Pakistan has been struck with a biblical-level apocalypse.  Refugee camps are overflowing, food is in severe short supply and thousands of people are being turned away from aid.

Pakistan Flood Survivors Refused Aid At Refugee Camps

Everyone remember what I said about being a refugee?  About how not to become one, and don’t make yourself one either? The Pakistan tragedy proves this point beyond a shadow of doubt.  You do not want to be a refugee.

This tragedy is going to get much worse.  Pakistan is now expecting serious disease epidemics.  It is my guess that this situation is going to get a lot worse before it can get better.  With an infrastructure and agriculture wiped out, the millions impacted will require a great deal of help.  Already the world is reeling under one environmental catastrophe after another, Pakistan will be severely impacted for a long time.

Painfully Slow Progress of Aid Effort

In Pictures:Pakistan’s Flood Crisis


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