Apr 132017

Unconfirmed (from my end) – BREAKING: US drops LARGEST non-nuclear bomb in combat for FIRST time

If true – and it is, but I’m busy right now – this is a huge bomb. We’ve all probably heard about these in the movies when they choose to wipe out an entire town or small city.

Update: actually, this is a bunker-buster type bomb, designed to penetrate deep underground.

It cost $16 millions for each bomb.

I don’t have time to discuss – but the fallout from this action is going to be just as massive.

Apr 112017

This is an essay by William P Hall, President, Kororoit Institute, Evolutionary Biology of Species and Organisms.

The observations show a growing risk to human society from runaway global warming, and they beg explanation.

This essay focuses on observations of what appears to be the start of runaway warming in the Arctic that may have profound effects on global climates over the next few years; and a plausible cause – the warming driven release of methane gas from permafrost forming a strong greenhouse cap over the Arctic Ocean.

The observations summarized here are based on computerized analyses of many millions of data points collected per day covering the entirety of the satellite era, beginning in 1979.

I wonder how many of these kinds of alerts will need to be published before the world at large takes serious notice. Of course, this is a rhetorical question. Our past response indicates that we are still far away from being seriously concerned – even when it acknowledged that we are past critical tipping points.

You should take a look at this essay, as it encompasses many of the points of concern that have been unfolding over the last several years. I’ve been warning here about tipping points for some time, but this essay is an easy and short read that summarizes what you need to know.

The large temperature anomalies in the Arctic have been of particular interest, since this was all happening during winter when there was no sun. This should have been a clear signal to all observers, including climate scientists, but either because of reticence, muzzling or the simply inability to be forward thinking, it did not garner the attention that it should have. And to be honest – it still hasn’t.

A warm Arctic in winter means a too-warm Arctic in spring (most likely), and summer follows spring, when Arctic sea ice will be at its lowest levels ever. A world-record ice loss is expected this year, including a Blue Ocean Event where there is no summer ice in the Arctic. This is bad news for every living entity on the planet because it means that the Arctic will have warmed up past the point where any ice can survive in summer, which in turn means the ice will be too low in fall and in winter, setting up a chain-reaction event from a warming ocean where less and less ice and the critical temperature gradient from the equator will greatly lessen. A highly disrupted jet stream is the result – with stuck weather patterns (too hot, too cold, too much precipitation and too little precipitation). All-in-all, it’s bad, bad news for human survival because it will dramatically affect temperatures, crop seasons, harvests, plant propagation, pollination and the number of field days where crops can be tended.

I’ve been warning about this for years. This was a “given” – a known outcome already years ago if we lost the Arctic sea ice – which looks like is going to happen pretty soon. If not this year then perhaps next. I expect to see rapid global warming immediately preceding this event and certainly, thereafter.

Long-time readers are well aware of my own position on these events. There is an extensive blog history of what I expect to unfold as the planet continues to warm up, which is an absolute take-it-to-the-bank certainty. In any case, this essay by Hall is yet another clear warning to the world about what is unfolding now. Don’t ignore this. The world needs to prepare for what this means. Here is the conclusion of the essay:

My conclusion from what appears to be undeniable evidence is that we have already passed the tipping point where we had any hope of stopping warming at 2 or even 3 °C, and urgently need to focus on greatly improving our scientific understanding and learning learning how to live with and survive decades of rapid heating, and to develop global geoengineering tools to actively remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere before most life on the planet (including ourselves) is exterminated heat stroke and starvation in collapsing ecosystems.

This is why I devised the LIFE project, preparing for reduced human survival with the full-knowledge and awareness that most of humanity will either refuse to act, or be unable to do so.  Moreover, it is already evident that not every country, nor the inhabitants within those countries, will survive. Many regions of the world are already deemed uninhabitable in the future. The number of refugees will be absolutely massive (hundreds of millions, at least). Nobody is preparing for this, but this is not something you can do overnight. It will take years of planning.

Apr 112017

Make of this what you will: Vladimir Putin says US is preparing to bomb Syrian capital and will blame devastation on Bashar-al Assad’s forces

And: Putin says expects ‘fake’ gas attacks to discredit Syria’s Assad

I’ve not yet heard of any more evidence regarding the ‘proof’ of nerve agents being used, just those 3 ‘suspected cases’ when there were allegedly hundreds more victims. Have you? Maybe I missed it, I’m kinda busy here updating the Food Assets website with new images.

Still no food sales, so people in America are either totally unconcerned or so broke they can’t make preparations. The big concern for Americans of course is having to engage in yet another war. I do not believe that provoking Russia or China (or any country) is a smart move. I also believe that Trump is a very stupid man and is going to renege on every ‘promise’ he spouted.

I could add to this list of “fails” myself, this is just the short list I’m sure. Trump is a bloody disaster, but war is always good for business, especially for the fools he’s appointed into his Cabinet. And it appears so far that this story is true: Donald Trump owns stock in the Tomahawk missiles he authorized to launch. Another source here. Well, that didn’t take long, to go from “no more bombs” to bomb-profiteer.

Lets hope this sort of investigation becomes the “new normal” as Americans finally wake up to who and what Trump really is (we’ve got a long, long ways to go).

I don’t suppose the Trumpanzees are bright enough to feel betrayed yet – but I’ve no doubt they will. Trump will swiftly go down as the most hated President yet, unless he pulls his head from his ass (unlikely), reverses his disastrous decisions (unlikely), keeps his commitments and promises (unlikely) and apologies to all the people he’s already betrayed (unlikely). Obviously, none of this is going to happen – and he’s edging the world closer and closer to a regional war and ultimately, a world-war.

Does ANYONE besides a brain-dead war hawk want this? Would ANYONE want an incompetent child in charge of America’s national defense in wartime? If you are not scared – you should be.

In any case, pay attention here as the Empire ramps up for more war, unfolding right now. It will ultimately affect you, no matter who you are or where you live.

Apr 092017

Once again, the predictions you’ll read about here are woefully underestimated. But even at these low estimates, this might raise some consternation (and not much else):

Up to Two-Thirds of SoCal Beaches May Disappear by 2100, USGS Predicts

In a new study released on March 27, 2017, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) predicts that 31 to 67 percent of Southern California’s beaches may be completely eroded away by the year 2100, based on sea level rise of one to two meters. Once the sand is gone, exposed bedrock may be all that’s left.

The one or two meter sea level rise is a huge underestimate. But I doubt that the sand will just disappear – if the terrain permits redepositing sand, which obviously cannot be done on a cliff face and so forth. Apparently their model takes this into account.

It’s not just the underestimate of sea level rise that I find noteworthy here, but the ridiculous concerns about tourism and real estate values. I expect the world to be in full-blown survival mode by 2100 and only if we manage to last that long. Global food production will have been devastated. The number of dead will have reached into the billions. Continue reading »

Apr 082017

Not much in the American news about this, but it is one of the world’s largest humanitarian disasters in history unfolding right now.

Running On Empty

There’s very little interest in Western nations to stories like this. The dead and dying go ignored so easily.

I just ate my lunch and looking at the left-overs, I wonder about how we all take food for granted so easily. There are millions of people that don’t.

The famine is caused by years-long drought, which is caused by climate change. Somalia’s inability to grow enough of its own food, poor economic conditions, internal strife and civil war, all combined with climate change is a disastrous situation. Pastoral subsistence living without rain has wiped out essential herds of animals, killing over 80% of the farm animals throughout the region.

Nobody dares mention religion, but this too is playing a large part in every disaster. Allah is not listening to the prayers of millions of starving people. Religion and the belief in divine intervention is magical thinking at its worst. I’ve seen endless numbers of posts online in foreign news sites claiming that God will intervene, and when he doesn’t, that is also God’s will. This sets up the perfect conditions for continued irresponsibility and indifference. It’s never our fault, we need do nothing.

Religion also practices guilt and coercion. The only way to please God is to obey. Suffering (and drought) is the result of disobedience. This sets up the perfect conditions for coercion on people who are already weakened. It’s an endless cycle of oppression and ignorance that keeps people chained to superstitions and fear. Their conditions will never improve when their minds remain enslaved because their bodies will only obey what their minds can convey. Religion teaches acceptance of insufferable conditions as divinely orchestrated.

The current rate and extent of climate change is not divinely dictated – it is entirely human caused and there are names, addresses and identities of the guilty but unaccountable parties involved. The reason the American media ignores the reality of climate change, the wide-spread suffering of other peoples and nations now unfolding is because they’re enamored with their own religion. The religion of money, which must be obtained by any means possible. Deception and dishonesty is the easiest technique of all to obtain riches. Entertainment is another.

The unpleasantness of the world isn’t something that “sells”, so it’s hidden as long as possible. Those responsible for the suffering are also hidden from view for as long as possible. Occasionally there is a sacrifice, and expunging of the convicted from our midst to make temporary amends for all the wrongs that can’t remain forever hidden, but then it’s always a swift return to the deception and dishonesty, infotainment for the masses and constant distraction from the horrifying truth of what we have done, and what we have all become.

Somalia may be running on empty, but this is a reflection of a much greater global truth. It is we who are empty. We lack even the capacity to understand this simple truth. We’ve lost our way, and our compassion, and our ability to even comprehend the true meaning of complicity and responsibility, remaining lost within our imaginations and the religions of our mind to the endless reel of fantasies playing across our thoughts for a world which will never be.

We have made sure of that. Not many people know it. But eventually everyone will.

Apr 072017

I’m going to share some news on what scientists “think” we need to do to avoid catastrophic climate change. I already know (and can prove) that this is all wrong, but to put this into perspective, it’s important that you know what they’re claiming:

In order to keep the climate from warming beyond 2°C, “to avoid the worst risks of a hotter planet”, these things MUST be done –

1) Global CO2 emissions from energy and industry have to fall in half each decade. That is, in the 2020s, the world cuts emissions in half. Then we do it again in the 2030s. Then we do it again in the 2040s. They dub this a “carbon law.” Lead author Johan Rockström told me they were thinking of an analogy to Moore’s law for transistors; we’ll see why.

2) Net emissions from land use — i.e., from agriculture and deforestation — have to fall steadily to zero by 2050. This would need to happen even as the world population grows and we’re feeding ever more people.

3) Technologies to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere have to start scaling up massively, until we’re artificially pulling 5 gigatons of CO2 per year out of the atmosphere by 2050 — nearly double what all the world’s trees and soils already do.

Scientist made a detailed roadmap for meeting the Paris climate goals. It’s eye-opening.

Now here is the bad news for humans (everyone alive or to be born) – these goals are categorically impossible to achieve, as in it can’t happen – ever.

1) The global growth paradigm is fossil fuel based (and always will be) and will never “agree” to contract voluntarily. Even in a global collapse of the economy, there will still be continued greenhouse gas emissions and growth. That is the long and short of it.

2) Emissions from land use will never fall to zero. Never, ever. Not unless humans are long dead and gone, agriculture (and food) is extinct and thousands of years have passed to restore the natural equilibrium of the planet.

3) No such technologies exist to scale and likely, never will. The requirements of even a single one of these ‘giant vacuums’ (or anything else yet imagined) exceeds every project ever devised by mankind. We lack virtually everything to accomplish even one of these projects proposed so far, the funding, political will, technological expertise and time. And there is a huge question of whether we even have the resources to pull one of these projects off.

The so-called ‘decarbonization’ requirement to keep warming below 2°C is an utter fantasy. It will never, ever happen. And it is a argument / claim that needs to be utterly abandoned because it has always been a lie and nothing is going to change this fact.

The rest of the article linked above will tell you a bit about ‘carbon pricing’ which in a fossil fuel derived world, may sound like it makes sense, but this too is false. Marketing the price of carbon does nothing to change the emissions of carbon as supposed, and does not address any of the root causes of our contributions to greenhouse gases. It is a disingenuous claim that will not stop warming at all, but it will make some people / countries rich in the meanwhile.

The ‘roadmap’ isn’t just staggering – it is impossible, a virtual pipe dream that needs to be called out for what it is – an utter fantasy. And what this claim really means by virtue of its impossibility is there is no way humans are going to stop warming up the planet and making things worse. It’s just not going to happen – ever. Not in ANY of the scenarios described, but I cant think of several not described (volcanism / catastrophic collapse of civilization, global plague / catastrophic collapse of civilization and so forth – none good). Whatever actually happens, its going to be a very rough and difficult time to be alive.

I’m not arguing that we should not try to stop global warming – try we must (read my history on this point). I’m stating, categorically – we will fail with every approach so far devised. And here is the truth of the matter – we will fail because we failed to address the issue long ago when we should have and when we could have. Moreover, we will fail because we refuse to sacrifice this civilization as the carbon emitting heat engine that it really is. Growth / civilization must end – and as you would expect, it’s not on the table and never will be.

I’ve known this for years and years now and find every article, story, claim and wishful hopium ‘argument’ that claims otherwise to be seriously misguided delusional disinformation. We’re being terribly dishonest about the reality of our situation and our willingness to do what it takes. I think it is unlikely that we’ll ever admit to our utter foolishness on this matter.

Therefore, the “large-scale geoengineering” option is definitely what is going to happen. Expect it. It’s also what industry really wants. This way, it allows them to postpone any real effort as long as possible. They can pass this horrifying future off to your children (more on that later). They’ll be very busy claiming how necessary this is while deflecting their own unwillingness to act decisively when they should have. Geoengineering is most definitely in your future – and it’s risky as hell. It also carries the same caveats – as long as we try to preserve this destructive civilization, nothing we do will work in the long term.

In the meanwhile – expect higher and higher temperatures, a massively stalled jet stream with long unendurable “weather” (hot / cold / wet / dry) patterns, rapidly rising food prices and spreading starvation, widespread economic impacts and endless lies, denials, distractions, obfuscation and greedy opportunists trying to cash in from oh, … just about everybody.

Apr 062017

This is the new picture on the Bureau of Land Management website – be patient, it may load slowly:

If you don’t know what this is – it is a giant lump of coal.

Previously, the BLM showed a nice picture of range land with a couple of backpackers in the foreground. Now, it’s TRUiMPhantly showing a lump of dirty coal.

We live in an INSANE world. And it’s getting rapidly worse.

Parts of the Arctic Ocean are Turning Into the Atlantic

Over 1/3 of the Arctic Ocean has now changed into something resembling the Atlantic.

And Paul Beckwith reports “last week there were 37 icebergs calving off from Greenland, this week 450 plus icebergs”.

I don’t suppose this is going to wake anyone up.

Unless their steaming their way through on the Titanic.

Which we all are.

Apr 062017

I cannot tell, from the news sources that I’ve read, and the video that I have seen so far, if the “Syria chemical attack” is real or more faked news. Meaning – do they have incontrovertible proof that chemical weapons have been utilized? And IF so – who is responsible?

I know not to trust the media or the US government. I know that they will lie to serve their own ends. Yet up to 60 cruise missiles have now been launched at Syria by the United States. This part is probably true – and it is definitely “war”.

We’ve had so much disinformation from our media and our government that unraveling truth is always a challenge. Nothing is ever as it seems. So far, Syria claims they’ve not done such a thing, and yet other “witnesses” claim 3 victims have been examined with “preliminary” results of nerve gas attack.

Still pretty sketchy to me – especially since enough time has already passed to actually confirm this. Supposedly “hundreds have died” so there should be AMPLE evidence of chemical weapons. Next would come identifying the responsible party…

Note how public support can be easily manipulated – this is a technique followed for thousands of years. It goes like this: Attack your own people and blame your enemy. Garner public sympathy and support. Keep up the pretense long enough to get the war started in your favor as other peoples, nations, sympathizers turn against you.

So right now – I have NO IDEA who is telling the truth – but war has begun. The cruise missiles have landed. Pay close attention to how this unfolds in the days ahead – and the propaganda spin that is sure to come.