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More bad news: Tens of thousands of toxic DDT barrels found dumped in ocean.

Short-sighted and indifferent non-thinking by idiots are poisoning the Pacific ocean. Out of sight / out of mind stupidity.

Seems like the Pacific Ocean is in the news at the moment: ‘Heat Bombs’ destroying Arctic sea ice

Zero doubt that we will lose the Arctic sea ice very soon now. Which means nothing but VERY bad news for the rest of the world as a new dramatic and deadly climate shift takes place.


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  • April 28, 2021 at 11:09 am

    Indeed, one of the difficulties we ‘outsiders’ have in interpreting graphs such as this:

    is that we see that the Arctic ice cover area is extraordinarily low in historical terms but we have a poor understanding of the thickness of the ice or its composition.

    We know that freshwater flowing down rivers sits on top of the saltier water of the Arctic Sea, and we know that freshwater has a higher freezing point than saltwater, so the presence of ice can be very misleading and create a false sense of security. The ice may be very thin and susceptible to rapid melting.

    Related to this topic is this:

    ‘Speed at which world’s glaciers are melting has doubled in 20 years
    Glacier melt contributing more to sea-level rise than loss of Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets, say experts’

    I think we can justifiably describe this as a positive feedback loop insofar as rising sea levels of warmer water attack ice sheets from below and erode the grounding of major glaciers and ice sheets where they meet the water, causing sea level rise that exacerbates the erosion of the grounding.

    Yep, Planetary Meltdown is accelerating.

    I suppose one good thing about the out-of-control coronavirus pandemic is that if the death rate gets high enough it will result in fewer people starving to death a few years hence in places where glacier melt provides a substantial portion of the water used for agriculture.

  • April 28, 2021 at 2:48 pm

    Climate change: World’s glaciers melting at accelerating rate

    People will finally start to realize what this means when large numbers of people start dying. Since most of climate change effects are incremental and unobserved by people insulated from the physical world, they’re inclined to pretend everything will always go on as before, but that’s definitely not what’s going to happen.

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