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Quote from the video:

“Everytime that I open my mouth, critically, with regards to this country, everytime I feel like I want to criticize this country, there’s this little niggling voice in the back of my head that says ‘how dare you Paul!

You know how fat and lazy are? You know how privileged you are? How dare you criticize this country!  How dare you sit there in your life of abject luxury and criticize this great country!

But you know what, ladies and gentleman? I cannot carry the torch for this country anymore. America is not the land of the free or the home of the brave. It is neither of those things.

America is a country of aggressively ignorant fucking cowards. People that are just willing to hand over their civil liberties, lock, stock and barrel, without even taking the time to inform themselves. They’re so stupid and so deluded, so caught in the quagmire that is their empty infotainment lies, that they just line up for somebody to tell them how they should feel.

The real problem is us.

We’re the problem.

We’re too distracted by bullshit that is on the fucking t.v. to stand up for what is in our best interests.

What’s the answer to that?

How do you stop that?”

I disagree with the last half of this video, the technology “solution” that is embraced is a false god, and is indeed one of the reasons we are in the mess to begin with. Advocating that we’re all going to live in highly advanced cities but ignoring the ongoing environmental depredation this creates is a gigantic oversight.

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  • December 30, 2012 at 8:32 pm
    Really good find. The global village construction set from Open Source Ecology was really interesting. I checked their site out and they have 1 of their 50 pieces down to a 2 day process. The tractor looks bad ass.I hope they can get more organized and make forward progress on their ideas. I thought the end was a little out there, though.
    Im so glad 2012 is over and people in the doomosphere are realizing there is no outside event coming to save us from the choices we have made. Im also sad to come to terms with the fact my child will have to deal with a police state and slow burn.

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