Over Reaction

I’ve not written much lately. Been doing a lot of work around the place and a lot of thinking. I’m getting more disillusioned then ever about the survival of the human species. There seems to be an incredible lack of common sense and clear thinking permeating (and preempting) every so-called “crisis”. It’s like a plague that is jumping from one person to the next, affecting reason and logic, sanity and sane thinking.

As usual, the American reaction to Hurricane Rita was a knee-jerk over-reaction, which has already caused the death of 24 elderly people when the bus they were riding in blew up. What is it about Americans that causes us to react so stupidly in the face of crisis? It wasn’t always this way. The Texas coast is NOT New Orleans with its levies and below-sea level urban sprawl. Yet the panic set it – the wind and the rain was coming and a mass evacuation was ordered. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

The gun confiscation from private citizens in New Orleans has been stopped by the Court – but this was another knee-jerk by over-zealous authorities who once again, thought they were “protecting” people by disarming them (illegally) and leaving them prey for the predators.

What’s going on? Have we become so stupid to have fled common sense? It’s not just the so-called “authorities” (who obviously aren’t authorities on anything), but people too have become incurably blind to reason and clear thinking.

I suspect that this is part of a much larger malady. There seems to be a spiritual and moral infirmity, a sickness of the heart in America today, and along with it, reason and common sense have also fled. We’ve become a morally and spiritually bankrupt nation. How did this happen?

I suspect the reasons for this are because we have stopped believing in traditional institutions. Not just religion (although many will make this claim), but the institutions of man too. A great many of us simply don’t believe in government anymore – or authority (I don’t). Or other so-called pillars of institutions, such as the education system, modern medicine, capitalism, “democracy”, even America.

What has caused this lack of faith? I think it is is because we are unconsciously realizing that we have taken the wrong path in our quest for life and meaning on planet earth. Our institutions have failed us – and we know it. Deep down inside we recognize that they have failed. We see this evidence everywhere. The old paradigms are fast becoming obsolete and we are adrift in a sea of confusion and headed for disaster, unable to cope with the human-caused crisis we have manufactured.

We have severely damaged the biosphere that sustains us to the point where our future survival is in serious question and we have forever lost a significant part of our heritage. We are being informed daily, whether we like it or not, just how far off the mark humans really are, with hurricanes, dead sea life, global warming, melting ice caps, the changing jet stream, the decimation of arable lands, rain forest destruction, species extinction, desertification, mad-cow disease, bird-flue, billowing populations, massive pollution and overcrowding, the list is nearly endless.

An increasingly desperate “government” and “authorities” are reacting to all of this by their now typical over-reacting stupidity, which only fuels the panic and makes things worse. 9/11 was a gargantuan over-reaction by the US government (and widely supported by the majority of people). We are now witnessing (and God forbid), participating in some of the most horrifying human atrocities ever committed on earth, with the invasion by America into Iraq and Afghanistan and the bogus War on Terror, sanctioned torture and covert murder (the Brits were not the only ones who been caught blowing people up to perpetuate the war, the US Army has also been caught). Deep down inside, we know what America is doing is dead-wrong, but we cannot seem to help ourselves as we witness the rest of our society and institutions also committing evils and atrocities, and so the downward moral and spiritual spiral continues – leading where? What exactly IS rock bottom anyway?

Well, we will all soon find out. Because that IS where we are headed. Rock bottom. The human species has overshot it’s ability to both govern and to sustain itself and has instead embarked now on a voracious cycle of consuming each other and the world in which it lives like some insatiable monster. Such is the fate of all empires.

We may be an “Empire Now” – but that is certainly nothing to boast of as so many stupid people are wont to do. All empires FAIL – and we are no different. And quite frankly, we should. We have utterly no business seeking to dictate to the world American policy (and lifestyle). Not only is our way a life a complete and dismal failure, nobody appointed Americans to be global policeman, judge, jury and executioner. I’m well aware that if it were not “us”, it would be someone else, China perhaps, or Russia. But the fate of every nation that has tried to rule the world and create an empire has always remained the same.

Don’t people yet realize that the real enemy of the people of the world is not the people themselves, but the governments under which they live? People don’t cause wars – governments do. It’s like a pissing match between two nations and the people are cast into the grinding jaws betwixt the two, filled with patriotic propaganda and bullshit, throwing their lives away so that one side can claim a hollow “victory”, while the other side seeths in hatred and revenge. This is what has happened in every war, even now in Iraq and Afghanistan. The reality is – the world doesn’t change very much afterwards. The rich get richer, the defense industries get bigger and the shattered lives on both sides are still horribly and forever injured. Nothing really changes. The people remain enslaved to their governments as always. The victor sides keep changing down through history – but nothing much ever really changes.

But war is not the only example by which we must judge the so-called “progress” of nations and human history. Our higher institutions of learning and reason are also measures of progress. But where are they leading us? Isn’t it now glaringly obvious that for all of our knowledge, science, research, computers and vast libraries of human intelligence, that we aren’t really any better off then before? We still engage in the same stupid and insane behaviors as we always have, essentially ignoring our wealth of knowledge and experience which we oh so self-righteously claim as evidence of our superiority. Sure, we can now kill from a thousands of miles away with a push of a button, as if that is supposed to be an accomplishment, but what of it? Haven’t we yet learned that our technology and our science has still failed to address the root human condition?

That condition is our moral and spiritual being. Throughout history, many attempts have been made with various religions and philosophies to address and deal with the “human condition”, but every one of them has also failed. You may not like this fact, but it’s true. Religion has become a panacea to cover-up, but not cure, the human condition of depravity, wickedness and insensitivity. Modern man is further plagued by a almost complete lack of discipline in his miserable quest to govern himself, instead creating artificial constructs and institutions to enforce governmental fiat upon each other. Lately, a blending of government and religion has been attempted with the predictably disastrous results (as is always the case throughout human history).

I think it should be obvious that neither religion or philosophy or government can ever offer what mankind needs in order to live in harmony with his world. This evil trinity has become nothing more then the manipulative tools in the hands of government and used to the detriment of mankind. They should be abandoned. They have utterly failed us and we would do good to finally acknowledge this fact. We are very quick to insist that we build a artificial “construct” to govern ourselves, because we are very much afraid to live outside of one of these “protective” umbrellas. Horror of horrors! All kinds of evil await the unprotected!

Such thinking is immature and irresponsible. I’m well aware of the evils of the world, but I also realize that this stems from the cultured conditioning of the human population – and I know where this conditioning comes from. In other words, we don’t have to live like this. We can live without human-caused evils if we choose to stop causing them (and stop supporting them). These evils are cultured and propagated by the very institutions we have fabricated; religion, philosophy and government. I doubt if many people believe what I just wrote, but let it sink in for a while before you object. People are basically the same throughout the world, but they are conditioned to behave in certain ways by the cultures in which they live. This conditioning comes from their cultures which are orchestrated by their governments, their religions and their philosophies – all tools used by governments and manipulative people. As shown in the opening paragraphs of this article, Americans are being conditioned to over react – and to panic. They are also being conditioned to support great evils in the name of “empire”. It’s not hard to identify where this conditioning comes from.

But when you deal with people privately, they aren’t like that. They can “separate” themselves, if only for a moment and realize that the evil which they do – or support, isn’t really necessary. But when they return to the “real world”, they feel like they don’t have a choice, because the conditioning in which they’re subject to settles back in. But they do have a choice and they need to realize this.

It’s like that with people all over the world. People all basically want the same things, which isn’t war, but peace. We also don’t want overcrowding, pollution, starvation or greed. We also all want fairness, equity and justice. But what are we actually getting? What are the citizens of the world actually receiving?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Kobe Indian in South America or an Afghanistan mother, we all want (and need) basically the same things. But we have all been long manipulated like pliable pawns by the institutions which govern us, be it religion, philosophy or governments. And we are all being told by our lying institutions to “settle for what we get” in so many words. If you’re an American, you’re “settlement” is better then if you’re an Iraqi – or an African. Let me ask you – are you REALLY willing to settle for that and call if fair, justice or equity?

Herein lies the choice that each of us needs to make.

We don’t have to be their pawns anymore. We don’t have to support their evil anymore. We don’t have to keep funding their greedy enterprises and evil empires anymore. We do have a choice if we would grow up and take courage and make the choice. Maybe some of you already have and you are happy with your choice. But maybe a whole lot more of you will realize that you really can change the world – by changing yourself. Change your belief, your attitude and your support and by doing so, you will change a little bit of everything that goes on around you. Realize that you are but one of billions – who all want the same things. The evil that is among us all will begin to die from a lack of support, whether it be in funding, faith or furtherance, we don’t have to choose to be what the evil trinity wants us to be.

If we don’t choose – and choose soon – then the situation for the human race is already so severe that our extinction is a very likely possibility. The multitude of mistakes we have made as a species are already critical. We have over-reacted, over-consumed and over-depleted our world to a mind-numbing staggering point. I suggest you choose soon and choose wisely.


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5 thoughts on “Over Reaction

  • September 24, 2005 at 10:43 pm
    excellent – you really got on a roll there, especially in midstream – this should be ‘picked up’ (linked to) by certain other sites IMO.

    “More than any other time in history, mankind faces a crossroads. One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness. The other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” – Woody Allen

  • September 24, 2005 at 11:02 pm
    “A society without religion is like a crazed psychopath without a .45.” (Unknown)

    “A man without a god is like a fish without a bicycle.”(G. Steinem)

    ???Theology: The study of elaborate verbal disguises for non-ideas.??? (unknown)

    ???Religion is like an ice cold whiskey on a hot day.??? (Ernest Hemingway)

    “Randomness scares people. Religion is a way to explain randomness.” (Fran Lebowitz)

    “I am treated as evil by those who feel persecuted because they are not allowed to force me to believe as they do.” (author unknown)

    ???All religions are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.??? (Stendhal)

    “I should like to see, and this will be the last and most ardent of my desires, I should like to see the last king strangled with the guts of the last priest.”
    (J. Messelier of Paris, 1733)

    “We must question the story logic of having an all-knowing, all-powerful God, who creates faulty humans, and then blames them for his own mistakes.” (Gene Roddenberry)


    ???I pledge non-allegiance, to the political fuckstains, of the Hypocritical States of America, and to the dumbfuckedness, for which Dubbya stands, one delusion, under theocracy, intolerable, with oppression and tyranny for all.???

  • September 28, 2005 at 11:05 pm
    Well done, I couldn’t agree more. We all do have a choice, and I think choosing the red pill is empowering, if a little scary. 🙂

    I really liked your thoughts about eco-villages, and would like to talk to you about it… email me pls.


  • September 29, 2005 at 10:48 am
    Outstandingly written and could not have explained it any better myself.

    Saying the word “conditioned” is an understatement. “Brain-Washed” perhaps describes the reality of life better.

    I am who I am. I do not need to be a Hindu, a Jew, a Christian, a Muslim, or a Republican or a Democrat, or any other creed.

    I just want to be treated decently with respect as I do the same to others. I think most people fall into that category.

    The Matrix and Those That Control IT.

    It is when they tell you that you must purchase the land from someone else and pay property taxes on it and all kinds of insurance. Vehicles too. You never really own anything. They can take it any time that they like for whatever made up rule or law comes to their mind. color of title, color of money, color of law = virtual or in other words “The Matrix” It seems like its real, but it is not.

    It is when they tell you that you have to go to war when no one has invaded or caused you any wrong.

    It is when they say this is how you should be. You should be a Christian. Because if you are not baptized you will go to hell.

    It is when they say that you should pay your taxes, (which goes towards the support of those that tell you what to do). In other words, World Controllers.

    The truth in America is:

    300 years ago there was FREEDOM: no need to pay taxes, you could claim property as your own, and/or/not worship anyone or anything in particular.

    In order to ensure that freedom we just had to make sure that there would be absolutely ZERO opposition or problems, so it seemed best to kill off the red man, even though they tried to make peace with us and shared their lands.

    Unfortunately, we stand a good chance of all becoming dead by those in control within the next year(s) if we can’t break free from our brain-washing.

    Notice the main theme: Theft and Killing

    Those that you let have power over you will commit atrocities against you and even steal your ultimate property – YOUR LIFE!


    My Allegiance, too!

    ???I pledge non-allegiance, to the political fuckstains, of the Hypocritical States of America, and to the dumbfuckedness, for which Dubbya stands, one delusion, under theocracy, intolerable, with oppression and tyranny for all.???

  • October 4, 2005 at 8:14 am

    I long for the day when we will have true freedom again, but don’t believe for an instant that I’ll ever see it. It will be multi-generations (maybe) if this ever returns to the planet. What we’ll have to do is prepare the way for the future generations to return to their homogenous roots. At least, that’s the way I see it. There is too much to be dismantled, restored and renewed (notice I did not say rebuilt).

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