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If you have wanted to know the true reasons for the environmental collapse of the planet, look no further then the page link below.

If you want to understand the impacts of our modern society upon the planet, follow the page link.

If you want to know why very few could possibly survive the “perfect storm” just ahead of resource depletion, peak oil, declining food production and catastrophic climate change, follow the page link.

If you want to know why the oceans are filled with continent sized heaps of trash, our landfills are overflowing and polluting the ground water, why the ‘legacy’ we are now leaving to our children will last tens of thousands of years of widespread environmental disaster, follow the page link.

If you want to know why Americans are so fat, lazy and indifferent to anything that affects their somnolent state of mind, follow the page link.

If you want to know why nobody gives a shit on any of the above, follow the page link.

If you want to remain asleep, leave now, delete the bookmarks to this blog and go far, far away where I can’t yell at you and make you think.

Is this the atypical American home of the sloth?

I don’t suppose I’ll ever know, but I’m certain I don’t want to:

Addiction has many forms, and it’s not just the piles of crushed butts above:

Signs of Corporate America invading the homes, minds and bodies of Americans:

Signs of a heart attack, probably long overdue:

Signs of god knows what:

Truly disgusting signs of pigs living in shit:

Unused bottles of soap:

The blue bucket is probably the real wash basin here, certainly nothing else is:

A “well used” E-Machine:

Signs of severe nicotine addiction:

This is where pigs feed:

Now, before you object that you don’t live like this (I sure hope not), consider that even if this home was clean, where does all this garbage go?

And what about all that damned junk injected into the human body?

Millions upon millions of Americans consume this shit each and everyday and think nothing of it. Most of them probably don’t live like this, they take out their trash and pay somebody else to haul it away, out of sight. But consider what kind of impact this lifestyle is having, clean house or not.

It’s stupendous. And it is destroying the planet. Pile by pile, cup by cup, butt by butt, wrapper by wrapper.

Corporate America is in league with this insanity, they’re the fuckers who are making this shit for Americans to buy. They paying millions of dollars for a 30 second ad space on your widescreen T.V., as millions of Americans sit spellbound in stupendous wonder at the latest boob job on the weather girl, sucking down on the latest fizz-whiz drink bought at the 7/11 two blocks away that they drove their $45,000 SUV (round trip) to get.

Cost: $1.98 for liquid junk, $.49 in gasoline, 95 years of land fill pollution, 100,000 years of greenhouse gas emissions, one entire mountain top removal (at least) with corresponding forest, wildlife and plant fauna, and 400,000 years of energy consumption.

For one damned drink.

And that’s not even counting the processing and manufacturing plants for the car, drink, television and the machinery and manufacturing and shipping of all these things combined, or the monoculture plantation to produce the flavors, chemicals and additives. Or the countless generations of human and non-human lives extinguished forever because of our waste and excess.

For one damned fizzy drink.

Now multiply this insanity by every conceivable consumable item, every product bought or sold, everything manufactured and made, every morsel eaten, every tinsel made, everything mined, fabricated, processed, refined, shipped or even grown. What is the real cost? Then multiply this by millions, then billions of daily levels of consumption and use, exclusively for the use of humans alone. Now do this daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.

Day in and day out, mountains and mountains of this shit being bought and sold, tossed out and piled up, higher and higher and higher, enough to build a Himalayan mountain chain of piled garbage and discarded trash from sea to polluted sea 70 times around the entire Earth. Do you want to know how much trash we throw away each day in America?

200,000,000 tons per day. Just in America.

Is it any wonder at all that nothing is getting through to these people? How could it, when their brains and their bodies are constantly being injected with a swirling mix of toxic chemicals and dangerous drugs, courtesy of corporate America who are lining their pockets with the life earnings and the savings of every heart attack and stroke victims that they helped create?

I’ve stated several times that we are literally eating our way down the food chain, and we are. Did you know that the latest data suggest that there will be no fish left in the world’s oceans by 2040?

We’ll either have eaten them all, or driven the fish into extinction because of acidity, pollution, or toxic waste. That’s when we start eating each other, as long as that will last. Try that with your next Big Gulp. Better stock up on some barbecue sauce, you’re going to need it.

Few people think it could get that bad, but I don’t. Not when you realize that we are in such severe population overshoot with global environmental collapse only being temporarily held back right now by our dwindling supplies of oil and petrochemicals to coax mega-yields from depleted farmlands.

We’re in huge, huge trouble folks, and you’re constantly being bombarded with happy-news that it’ll all be fixed for you, take another swig of your Big Gulp and chow down another slice of fake pizza with fake cheese, it’ll be a-ok soon enough.

Wake up. We are teetering on the edge of a truly catastrophic cataclysm that will have at the forefront, ravenous hordes of greedy, slothful, demanding zombies who deprived of their carbohydrate injections and sugar coated arteries and widescreen t.v’s, will tear this planet to pieces for their next fix. Are tearing this planet apart and think nothing of it. These people aren’t going to “save America” or even themselves, they’re going to devour it.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are ten thousand data points that flatly state that we’re not going to make it, certainly not intact, or anything even remotely representing what we have today.

If you want to save America, let me tell you something. You’re going to have to kill it first. If that isn’t obvious, then it should be. What is America today is a multi-headed Medusa monstrosity of overconsumption, greed, gluttony, bullying, lying and deception. Don’t even bother trying to save any of that. Do us all a favor, let it die.

And then you’re going to have to do it or watch it happen for the rest of the world. We cannot keep living like this, or even anything even remotely like this. It cannot possibly last. It won’t last.

Stop trying to prop it up. Let these industries die. Let these fat cat corporate big shots starve. Their not the pillars of America, they are the destroyers of everything that sustains life and makes life even possible. This is why I advocate leaving the system and turning your back upon everything that is making things worse and worse. Anything that tries to “fix it” is actually doing the exact opposite. It’s making things worse. Let it all die. It is the only answer there is.

We are not going to coax more out of the Earth forever, it’s not possible. We’ve only gotten this far because we ripped all of the the sunshine right out of the ground and burned it all off in a frenzy of bloodlust and gluttony. Our collapse is already “written” in stone by our own hand.

Our home, your home, my home — may not look like any of the pictures above, but they might as well because it is clear that is what is really going on all around us, even if it’s all being buried under a thin skin of dirt in a landfill, out of sight.

We are so far from the real meaning of the word “sustainable” that we are seriously, seriously deluded to even think we can retain any part of this civilization into the future. If you’ve ripped it out of the ground, then it’s not sustainable.

We’ll either learn to live on the local sunshine provided to us everyday, or we’ll go extinct. It’s that simple. Anybody that tells you differently is working against the future of all humanity.


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4 thoughts on “Our Home

  • June 8, 2009 at 7:40 am
    Is it possible to completely leave the system, right now?
    Let’s say that I continue my preps, and convince my deluded wife to head for the ‘stead next spring.

    Is installing solar power bad, because it’s using a product of the system that consumed a fair amount of resources (well, I already bought some solar cells, so I may as well use ’em.).

    Has anyone compiled a list of the essentials of homesteading that are necessary for making the transition? Is it ethical to use products of this system for survival, while dispensing with “luxuries”?

    Are any luxuries OK, such as my collection of recorded music? It would be nice to preserve some of the legacies (the good ones), of this culture… Books, too. It would be nice to have something to read, if there is time after a day of tilling, weeding, etc.

    Just wondering.
    I’m very concerned with the issues you bring up. As I’ve harped on before, I’m attempting to do what I can while “trapped” (by choice), trapped because I have a son whom I love, and a family that refuses to see.

  • June 8, 2009 at 8:49 am

    For modern man to “completely leave the system”, no it is not possible for 99.9999% of us. We lack everything that it actually takes.

    But that does not mean we should not abandon it as soon as possible and as much as possible because this is the only way any of us can learn to do “the impossible” (learn to survive without all this junk and dependency) and this is very, very important.

    It also means we should stop doing what we are doing as fast as possible. Even by any means as possible (kill the system, starve the beast, etc.) that is making all this waste, excess, gluttony and destruction possible.

    But it’s much too late to change the world (with the assumption that this would somehow prevent collapse, it won’t). You can only change yourself and what change you make is going to be woefully insignificant and inadequate to prevent the collapse.

    But you change anyway, as this is your only real choice for future survival.

    Your solar panels aren’t sustainable, but I suspect you know that. Nothing we do today is, because we ripped it out of the ground and we keep doing this over and over again to keep us going, which is to say, we are still always refusing to really change.

    The bottom line is two-parts:

    1) our refusal to change in meaningful ways;

    2) our population;

    Too few are expected to do too much and have it “matter”, ie., prevent collapse (it won’t).

    Too many will do too little and expect it to be sufficient (it isn’t).

    The numbers will never add up and amount to anything, it isn’t even possible now, the gap is far too wide and the hour is far too late.

    So you prepare for the inevitable. But I and Lonewolf have studied this at some great length and it is the reason this blog exists. What we (you and I) are doing isn’t enough, not even remotely enough.

    We prepare for our collapse of our society and civilization, but we ourselves still have not changed in fundamental and absolutely essential ways.

    There is a widespread general idea that we’re going to migrate ourselves with minimal pain to a ‘sustainable lifestyle’. It’s bogus concept, through and through. All the solar panels in the world can never achieve that. Nor can every other technical “fix” being offered. Not even local gardening is going to solve the problems with our current lifestyles.

    If we were truly serious about living on the local sunshine as I suggest, we’d rehabilitate as fast as possible the forests, woodlands, meadows, prairies, fields, streams, rivers and lakes and oceans to their natural habitats, and immediately stop their destruction, and adapt ourselves back to a lifestyle that can exist on that using truly renewable sources of local energy.

    Drastic? Not really. It’s human history, and the only sustainable living we can ever have. Everything else leads us to exactly where we are today.

  • June 9, 2009 at 1:39 pm
    Publius, installing solar panels is neither good nor bad. Think, though, of increasingly violent storms and how hail, wind, or ?? could destroy your system in seconds. And if that doesn’t happen, eventually you’ll encounter some techno-glitch which may or may not be fixable, depending on how deep into collapse you/we are.

    If you do go solar, always have some backup solution to every techno-solution–a backup which involves primarily manual labor, as that is where we’re heading anyway.

    It’s probably ethical to use certain products and gizmos during transition, especially if you already have them.

    As far as books, I consider them essential since few if any of us alive today were reared under the tutelage of elders teaching us how to live with nature instead of trying to tame her.

    Maybe the issue of whether to hang onto old records isn’t as important as your mindset, and it sounds as if your heart and mind are in the right place. That’s what counts.

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