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An open thread, but first a thank you to 10past10 for the blog donation, and Anonymous for the GoFundMe donation. Pretty sure I know who this person is, but your generosity and support is greatly appreciated.

Open threads don’t seem to garner much traffic, but I’ll do this again anyway. I have been desperately trying to gain ranking and traffic with not much success. Either Google is punishing me or the government is or people just don’t have any interest in the topics covered here. I’ve moved onto Facebook as part of this effort. There are additional posts and videos found there that won’t get published here.

I found this interesting, the Humanity Party (see yesterday’s video post).

It’s idealistic of course, but it does speak to a lot of the issues that humanity has been wrestling with. The New Constitution they’re proposing (draft so it’s nothing more then their suggestions) is another matter altogether. I slept on it last night after reading through it quickly and it leaves a lot out, unanswered and some things just not right.

But it’s a start. World leaders have pretty much run the entire planet into the ground from a civilization and environmental standpoint. Irregardless of what may happen to our future habitat, we need to change things and fast.

England’s exit for the European Union will undoubtedly have major effects. Lot’s of turmoil over this one. Maybe the dominoes are starting to fall, but I’m not able to comment much on this.


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