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Another open thread.  This usually doesn’t work (no participation), but I don’t know why.

I’ve got a few ‘thoughts’ to share (ramblin’ format):

Another website dedicated to the rising police state – Police State USA. There is a article there on Police State Health Care: The Cost of Non-Compliance.

I didn’t find much on real non-compliance, just some info for non-participation in the AFA (Affordable Care Act, an oxymoron if there ever was one) and what it’s going to cost. The implication is there really isn’t any other choice (wrong).

Real non-compliance would be far more than anything this article suggests.  You don’t find much in print on what this means. The details are generally absent. The reason is either the authors don’t know anything about this (likely) or they’re afraid to write it down.

There is another possibility, just as likely. Americans have no intention of real non-compliance. The very concept is entirely foreign. Could be – look what they’re doing to any dissenters, protestors or school child. ANY restricted “unapproved behavior” or thought is viciously attacked.

I took a few minutes and watched the nightly news (ABC).  Not long, but enough to identify (again) that what passes for news in this country is simply psychological programming.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, turn off the television for a month. Unplug your mind from the incessant propaganda and advertising shown. Read some good books.

Hope your all reading Energy News. The Fukushima disaster is still getting worse. This is one of those “things” that you and I can’t do anything about.

I’ve been “off” the television for so long now that it’s really agitating to try and watch any of it.  Diane Sawyer is like every other talking head, reading carefully scripted “stories” that are solely intended to create “senseless infotainment”. The stories themselves are startling by the sheer fact that they even made it to the national news.

You’re not being told anything other than how to think. The carefully read script is intended to soothe and entertain. It’s not journalism. It’s pablum for poor minds.

Next year is going to be very bad.  Good chance that the “trigger event(s)” everyone has been waiting for (why?) will occur. The convergence of angst, demand and (limited) supply is projected to finally happen.

James Hansen produced an important paper back in September (along with many other climate scientists).  It’s a doozy, here’s a snippet:

Our calculated global warming in this case is 16°C, with warming at the poles approximately 30°C. Calculated warming over land areas averages approximately 20°C. Such temperatures would eliminate grain production in almost all agricultural regions in the world. Increased stratospheric water vapour would diminish the stratospheric ozone layer.

More ominously, global warming of that magnitude would make most of the planet uninhabitable by humans. The human body generates about 100?W of metabolic heat that must be carried away to maintain a core body temperature near 37°C, which implies that sustained wet bulb temperatures above 35°C can result in lethal hyperthermia. Today, the summer temperature varies widely over the Earth’s surface, but wet bulb temperature is more narrowly confined by the effect of humidity, with the most common value of approximately 26–27°C and the highest approximately of 31°C. A warming of 10–12°C would put most of today’s world population in regions with wet a bulb temperature above 35°C…. Note also that increased heat stress due to warming of the past few decades is already enough to affect health and workplace productivity at low latitudes, where the impact falls most heavily on low- and middle-income countries

Full paper here:

I was asked recently to take a look at another opinion on the IPCC Report, “The IPCC rebukes the climate doomsters. Will we listen?“, I didn’t find the optimism (or title) presented to be accurate or warranted. A few comments:

The IPCC process does not “do science”, they simply review scientific papers.  The IPCC is political, not scientific. It’s also years out of date (at least 3 – 4 years).  And did not include many known positive feedbacks in their report.

 The long and short of it, whatever the IPCC “produces” as an assessment, we must take all of this into account. It’s not an accurate “timestamp” of the state-of-the-art known science.

Virtually ALL of the estimate are off.  ALL of them. The proof is in the constant “updates” given by the scientist themselves. Examples are faster sea level rise than previously thought, less ice than expected, increased warming of land, air and ocean temperatures and so forth.

 What this means is the science continues to play “catch-up” to their own estimates against real-world measurements (and effects). I do expect this continue for some time because of cumulative and accelerating effects.

 There are other problems, such as the 2°C “acceptance”.  We will blow right past that as far, far more than this is already “given” due to positive feedbacks already in place (and virtually unstoppable), and the decades-long lag times of past and present emissions.  Therefore, such talk of a 2°C limit is entirely bogus.

 The 2°C limit is also bogus as a desirable figure for humanity as I’ve explained in the “This Means Extinction” article on my blog, all sources are from the scientists themselves.  Essentially, 2°C is just “politically convenient” to prevent panic.

 Point #3 – How much warming can we expect – is an average figure globally – and means absolutely diddly squat for this reason. Temperatures over land already exceed 15F and more in Arctic regions, and as much as 15F in the ocean (over norms). These are real measurements, not “estimates” or “models”.

 The “forecast” is useless imo because it doesn’t even represent real life, what is happening NOW on the ground (ie., Planet Earth, the real world).

The global hydrological cycle has been VASTLY disrupted, as evidenced by the historic superstorms we’re now presently experiencing. This is but a small part of the actual “evidence” along with droughts, floods, apocalyptic rainfall events, etc.  The “forecast” in Point #3 just ignores all of this and therefore, I find the IPCC report to be basically useless as a tool for what is actually happening.

Point #5 – the so-called “pause in warming” is bogus.  Most went into the world’s oceans. We are most definitely still heating up.

Fabius say’s “The consequences of failure to convert to non-carbon-based energy sources will be severe for the second half of the 21st century; but we have time if we start now (which we should do anyway, for sound environmental and economic reasons).”

We should “start now” but it is entirely presumptive to assume we “have time”.  I still find it amazing that so many think we can just “replace the ice” with our pitiful “efforts”. Or draw heat out of the oceans. Or reduce the acidification. Or any number of things that would take immense effort lasting over a thousand years.  And that is EXACTLY what the science is stating: that we will experience constant warming for at least 1000 years. We won’t even have a stable climate until generations into the future.

Finally, “science” doesn’t rule or control the world. It’s just a method, nothing more.  Nature and the physics involved “runs the world”.  We can simply look to the “ground-effects” of what is happening to determine if we are in peril or not. I think that we are is very obvious, millions are being affected, displaced, made homeless and suffering. This “trend” is accelerating.

(There are many daily reports being published by just how severe the climate effects actually are – right now)

The IPCC is NOT the “standard” by any means by which we should judge the current state of the climate or even the science, which is evolving all of the time. It’s a useful tool, but it’s also inaccurate (but better than nothing).  Many have called for the IPCC to be abandoned for these and other reasons.

We made it through the orchestrated “shutdown” (as expected). And no, it was not the end of the world, not even close. I had already determined that this would not be the ‘event’ others were claiming, but there is little point to trying to argue about such things. Time will always tell what is what (if you’re paying attention).

Leave it to the U.S. Government to enact a law and then promptly (and consistently) ignore it.  It’s a joke, everybody knows it, but the media and pundits get a lot of mileage out of spreading this ‘gospel’.

You can turn this off too and free your mind and your life.  Most of this hoopla doesn’t have anything to do with anybody unless you happen to be in their employ (please quit).

We can be assurred that another “crisis” will soon be forthcoming… they’ve got to keep up appearances after all…



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  • October 17, 2013 at 11:13 pm

    think think rant rant slobber slobber
    squeal squeal squirm squirm screech screech
    stroke stroke spurt spurt splat splat
    grunt grunt snort snort twitch twitch
    gnash gnash gnaw gnaw giggle giggle
    swirl swirl swish swish glug glug
    chortle chortle guffaw guffaw snigger snigger

    life is but a dream … that you don’t wake up from.

  • October 17, 2013 at 11:36 pm

    Hello Admin,
    Since it’s an open thread I’m going to jump at the opportunity to say a few things:

    I’ve been a long time reader, probably close to eight years now. I’ve sent a donation in the past to show my appreciation for the work you do on this site, and of course I’ve ordered many products from you over the years as well. I feel I need to thank you again for keeping the blog going, it’s a excellent resource and I’m grateful of the effort you invest. I’m sure I’m not alone in my sentiment.

    If you haven’t already seen the documentary “Chasing Ice” I recommend it. The imagery is both spectacular and horrific at the same time.

    keep pushing.

    • October 18, 2013 at 7:30 am

      Yes, I’ve seen it. Recommended it here someplace on the blog.

      Thanks for the comments. I appreciate your support.

  • October 18, 2013 at 8:40 am

    I second FVK’s appreciation for your work.
    I also appreciate your willingness to look at Fabius Maximus’s interpretation of the IPCC report.
    More generally, I find that he whitewashes almost everything, while pretending to be alarmist enough to try to motivate Americans to stand up and take back their government. He is, in my opinion a purveyor of what you call “hopium,” because the thinks the republic can actually be saved. He refuses to admit the republic is dead – the Constitution is a dead letter. It’s all form now – everyone runs around pretending the Constitution still has any force, when all of its protections have been killed, except for certain showcase events that are meant to make people think they still have protections.

    But back to climate change: his main issue seems to be the idea that when the “alamist” claims do not happen on schedule, the public will lose faith in science, thus making future policy-making based on science less effective. He also obviously has an innate bias against the idea the climate change might be a civilization (let alone biosphere) wrecker.

    I myself am predisposed to think that human activity is destroying the biosphere. I based my conclusions long ago on the fact that the human population is increasing exponentially. Every organism that does this destroys the basis for its own existence.

    I next concluded that it would fall out one of two ways:
    1. Peak oil and resource depletion in general would lead to economic and political collapse, and a die-off that would save a good portion of the biosphere, once it recovers, or

    2. Human ingenuity and stupidity combined would find a way to exploit every last drop of oil and coal, leading to an ecological collapse, which would cause the die-off. The biosphere would be much more damaged in this scenario, and humanity unlikely to survive.

    Obviously, you lean towards scenario #2. I do too, although the future is unknown. You seem to have more certainty personally about the inaccuracy of the IPCC and mainline groups. I suspect the mainstream is wrong, I just maintain more skepticism about all positions.

    Here’s the thing: even if both sides are wrong, human activity will still lead to a die-off. All species that reproduce and undergo exponential growth (in numbers and/or resource usage) experience a die-off.

    It’s a form of religious belief not based in reality that science and technology will save us.

    Two days ago, I spend my lunch break listening to the Panglossian ravings of John Mauldin (investment guru) make the case the “science will save the future.”

    There has never been more disagreement about the state of world, and thus never less chance of collective action.

    The choice: prepare for the worst while surfing the slide, or just sit back and enjoy the show, and get some suicide pills for emergency use.

    • October 18, 2013 at 9:11 am

      We’re on the same page!

      #2 is a definite possibility. I see virtually nothing that will stop this from happening. I think the evidence to support “human stupidity” is everywhere, embedded in attitudes, belief, religion, “exceptionalism” and so forth.

      My point in commenting on the IPCC in general is to make readers aware that this is not the definition of science or the actual state-of-the-art opinions on what the climate is doing. You have to keep up with the daily blogs and journals to really understand how fast things are accelerating. The IPCC is pretty far behind the curve.

      The Constitution is just as dead as Benjamin Franklin. It’s a sham government we live under that pretends to be constitutional. Everything they do screams otherwise. It’s also a seriously deluded illusion that we will get any of this “back”. All that lies ahead is war (here).

      • October 18, 2013 at 9:51 am

        One more thing:
        Could you list here or email me a good list of actual, current research, peer-reviewed journals or the blogs/web site of working climate scientists? I’d like to create my own list of researchers and journals to keep up with.


        • October 19, 2013 at 1:54 pm

          The vast majority of the information I obtain comes from online links I follow. I don’t create individual bookmarks but on occasions. Some get published here, but I’m not creating an index or library of these sources unfortunately. I do read what I can get my hands on, online and offline.

          I think because of that latter step, I’m convinced that things are going to get a lot worse then what some are predicting. There is a huge diversity of opinions out there. This diversity / divergence might be happening because the authors are not widely read, or are taking into account other research / evidence / discovery.

          I will try however, to share more.

          • October 21, 2013 at 9:13 am

            Gotcha. I realized in retrospect my last comment could be seen as a sign of laziness. I am willing to compile my own list, based on my own “research” (meaning searching for what seems to be quality research and commentary by people who don’t have an agenda and are not biased based on their fears and hopes). I will do my own work, but I would love to share links etc.

            Keep up the good work. It probably seems like a thankless task, but it is valuable.

  • October 18, 2013 at 9:47 am

    Hi Admin,
    I too truly appreciate you keeping this blog going. Most of the time I just read because I find it futile to hold intelligent conversation in many threads these days. It is not just because so many people are in denial, but also because there is purposeful sabotage and derailing of thread discussion, which I believe is a design of the police state. I don’t think anyone is fully prepared for true non-compliance, because it literally means putting your life and livelihood on the line. We as a society, I believe will reach that point one day, but at that point it will be too late to reverse it. What is most scary to me is that this police state will get in the way of our survival of what mother nature has in store. I have friends who think that the coming earth changes will get in the way of a police state taking hold; simply because everyone will be too concerned over their own survival to ‘police’ anybody. They are expecting all out anarchy and then some. Time will tell. I fully expect, as you stated above, that next year will be a good, hard smack in the face. In the meantime, keep preparing, and keep blogging, your valuable time and efforts are greatly appreciated!!

    May you all survive and thrive!

    • October 19, 2013 at 2:07 pm

      I think we’ve all seen that. Sabatoge, disassembling and distraction runs rampant on every forum / blog / site I’ve dared visit.

      Usually it’s the same old shit. By the same people. Utterly pointless to participate. Or read any of it.

  • October 18, 2013 at 9:10 pm

    New word(s) for the same old tired shit:

    Crudsaders = ‘Oath Keepers’ = Shit Savers = Crap Dispensers = Feces Flingers = Violence Creationists = Righteous Reprobates = Militant Morons
    crud/crude/rude + crusader

    Desanity (alt, delisanity): Deliberate insanity, rejection of rationality, an over-riding conscious preference for wanton delusion.

    Extinctivore: practitioner (connedsummer) of mass extinction events

    Feardiction: addiction to fear-based memes (seeking suicidal outcomes)

    Killrons: militant morons (see Crudsaders)

    Rabeous: Rabid ‘righteousness’

    Rademic: radiation + pandemic
    The ‘solution’ to peak oil/all/everything, climate chaos, population overshoot, ETC = radiation poisoned biosphere
    “When the ongoing designed disaster that is Fukushima is eventually concluded, no one will remain to even take notice.” – LW

    Renialist: an adherent of reality denial

    Retorgy: an orgy of retarded cretins

    Suidiction: terminal addiction to suicidal behaviors

    Teahadists (plural) aka Teahadii (singular)
    = American Taliban = Tea Party Jihadist = Life-Hating Fear-Mongering Rationallity-Rejecting, Fact-Denialists
    These fundamental-ly ill certified whackos are going to FKN kill us all – and all multicellular life forms in the process – if they haven’t forfeited a viable future already.

    Wantusion: Wanton delusion (see desanity)

    • October 19, 2013 at 1:55 pm

      Was wondering if you were going to share this. Hehehe, always on “target”.

      The self-deception is incredibly vast an all-inclusive. Labeling this accurately is definitely needed.

  • October 19, 2013 at 6:03 am

    A while ago I sat in an emergency room waiting area for several hours. During that time one or more TV’s, located on the ceiling and difficult to ignore, were blaring away. It was truly a shock to observe what passes for “news”. No kidding. Readers of this blog know this, but I had to wonder…do many of my friends who are still TV-hooked really watch this stuff and buy into ANY of it?

    Probably repeating myself here, but if someone were to write a sci-fi script in which a small group of very powerful but evil entities gained control over a planet somewhere in the galaxy, they would not need much of an imagination. All the writer would need to do is observe earth and he/she would have everything needed for that truly bizarre plot.

    Amazing how as a child I thought of the politicians in government as doing their jobs to “keep things going, etc.” and now I see them for what they are–a bunch of liars and thieves in a faraway land, looking to extract every last bit of everything of value from every living and non-living thing on this planet.

    And to end this fractured post on a positive note, I had been studying herbal remedies for dealing with intestinal parasites in goats, and one of the herbs I wanted was slippery elm bark. For weeks I read and studied and even walked our woods pondering how I can get the inner bark without damaging any of our elm trees. I cannot bring myself to cut a rectangular strip of bark from a healthy and beautiful tree. One day I was walking our doe goats in the woods when I noticed a strangely white looking patch on a tree about 50′ away. Went to investigate and what a surprise! The deer have taught me something very valuable.

    First they taught me that they have many things to teach us humans. Second, they taught me how and where to find slippery elm bark. I was looking at an elm tree whose top had broken off in a storm, and whose main trunk had also been damaged on one side. The undamaged side with good healthy bark had been stripped of the outer bark in a rectangular area nearly 2′ high and about 8″ wide. This area looks nearly white adjacent to the very dark bark. The stripped area is between 3-5′ off the ground–just right for deer. Inside the stripped area are horizontal teeth marks that are symmetrically gouged into the inner bark from top to bottom of the “white” area. It is the inner bark that deer know they need at times, probably due to intestinal parasites. So it was an easy task to bring my hatchet to this tree and get more of this “slippery elm bark” for my goats, and for humans who may have their own GI problems.

    In researching slippery elm bark, I discovered that people with Chron’s Disease are using it with some success, and many with more success that conventional medical treatments.

    In closing of this post, I thank admin for continuing to write, and also thank DEER for teaching me it’s not necessary to kill or maim a healthy tree for selfish uses, and I thank the UNIVERSE for my being alive and well.

    • October 19, 2013 at 2:01 pm

      I’m not sure the Universe even cares, I know the lying politicians certainly don’t (self-serving bastards) – but I too am thankful to be alive.

      Just wrote a VERY long letter to an old friend… and in it I told him about the moments of life that we still have, the “now” that I’ve mentioned before.

      I am very thankful to whoever / everything for the “now”. It’s a incredibly beautiful day outside. Life is still good.

  • October 22, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Probably a lot of the readers of this blog know about Guy McPherson’s blog, nature Bats Last, mostly about climate change: He echoes many of the points that Admin makes here.

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