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I’m far too busy to even try to keep up with the onslaught of news, views, hype and hysteria.  Food sales have skyrocketed again and I’m barely keeping my head above water here.

So post your news, views, hype or hysteria here.  I’m sitting here watching and reading what I can, but withholding any further commentary on the present state of panic.


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  • April 29, 2009 at 8:52 pm
    This blog has covered many ‘worthy’ topics through the years. Well, I should note.
    Primary among these have been:
    – peak oil = peak food, aka peak everything
    – rise of corpo-fascist global tyranny
    – loss of privacy and rights, rising militant ignorance /police state
    – capitalism and resource destructive economics
    – fiat currency fairy tale, ntm fictional reserve wanking
    – culture (and sundry cults) all strictly premised on and directly energized by death
    – mass willful ignorance and the voluntary slavery of materialism (greed)
    – massive over population and resource consumption
    – complexity/societal collapse
    – mineral, nutrient resource limits
    – climate change (carbon extinction)
    – ecological disruption (collapse)
    – anthropocene mass extinction

    From this list, at the root, all but the last three are personal, selfish aka anthropocentric interests/concerns/effects.
    Legitimate concerns to be sure, especially when seen exclusively from our experientially developed expectation (so-called knowledge) base.

    IMO, by far the most significant ‘issue’ is climate chaos aka environmental stress aka functional ecosystem collapse. To me, this is the REALLY BIG DEAL as it’s not ‘just’ the literal life of every human on Earth and of every one of their potential heirs for untold generations that is directly at state (lost), but also quite literally is the extinction of every multicellular life form on Earth.

    That’s where my REAL utterly revolted disgust in ‘my’ species, and notably the ‘culture’ I was raised in (am immersed in) stems from. Meanwhile, back at reality, there is one and only one way that I can possibly envision ‘life on Earth as we knew it’ continuing. Specifically that is without humans – and soon.

    Selected clips (reverse order) from
    [‘translation’ in square brackets, based on current GMST of 15C and pre-ind mean of 14C]

    “A rise of 2 degrees Celsius over pre-industrial temperatures [+1C above today, 14% above pre-ind. e.g., 90F becomes 103F] will initiate large climate feedbacks in the oceans, on ice-sheets, and on the tundra, taking the Earth well past significant tipping points. Likely impacts include large-scale disintegration of the Greenland and West Antarctic ice-sheet; the extinction of an estimated 15– 40 per cent of plant and animal species; dangerous ocean acidification; increasing methane release; substantial soil and ocean carbon-cycle feedbacks; and widespread drought and desertification in Africa, Australia, Mediterranean Europe, and the western USA.”

    [ Adding: as with surface ice loss, desertification dramatically increases thermal albedo as more solar radiation is absorbed by the earth rather than by plants. Solar flux no longer ’employed’/captured in photosynthesis is therefore absorbed as heat by the ground to be re-radiated back into the atmosphere]

    “… from the Pliocene 3 million years ago we know what a +3 degrees Celsius world [= 21% above pre-ind., 90F becomes 109F] would likely be: a northern hemisphere free of glaciers and icesheets, where beech trees grew in the Transantarctic mountains, sea levels were 25 metres [82 feet]] higher, and probably permanent El Nino conditions. NASA climate chief Dr James Hansen (PDF) has warned that a 3 degrees Celsius warming “threatens even greater calamity, because it could unleash positive feedbacks such as melting of frozen methane in the Arctic, as occurred 55 million years ago, when more than 90 per cent of species on Earth went extinct”.”

    “At 4 degrees Celsius [+3C above today and >+29% pre-ind. 90F becomes 116F] hundreds of billions of tonnes of carbon locked up in Arctic permafrost – particularly in Siberia – would melt, releasing methane and carbon dioxide in immense quantities, and make further human action to mitigate emissions futile.”

    “Five degrees of warming [36% above pre-industrial mean or +4C above today, 90F becomes 123F] last occurred 55 million years ago: breadfruit trees grew on the coast of Greenland, while the Arctic Ocean saw water temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius [68F]. There was no ice at either pole (today that means a 70-metre sea-level rise [230 feet]), and much of the world would have been desertified.”

    ‘Never-mind’ [for the moment] the maximum survival temperatures of terrestrial vertebrates and plants. Here’s some data for the common house fly Musca domestica – a ‘tough critter’ on about anyone’s list – it’s maximal efficiency occurs at 27.9C [82.2F] and death by coma occurs within 5 minutes when exposed to 44.6C (112.3F)

    “When mammalian enzymes reach about 110 deg F (~43 C) they unwind and stop functioning. In the human body there are many vital functions that rely on enzymes. However because our body’s cooling system can keep the internal temperature below the ambient temperature, we can survive in environments hotter than 110 [for awhile].”

    A core body temp. of 42C [107.6F] is often lethal in humans and irreversible brain damage can start to occur at 41C.

    From WIKI on Thermoregulation
    ” … too high a temperature hurries on the metabolism of the various tissues at such a rate that their capital is soon exhausted. Blood that is too warm produces dyspnea and soon exhausts the metabolic capital of the respiratory centre. Heart rate is increased, the beats then become arrhythmic and finally cease. The central nervous system is also profoundly affected, consciousness may be lost, and the patient falls into a comatose condition, or delirium and convulsions may set in. All these changes can be watched in any patient suffering from an acute fever. The lower limit of temperature that man can endure depends on many things, but no one can survive a temperature of 45°C (113°F) or above for very long. Mammalian muscle becomes rigid with heat rigor at about 50°C, and obviously should this temperature be reached the sudden rigidity of the whole body would render life impossible.”

    H.M. Vernon has done work on the death temperature and paralysis temperature (temperature of heat rigor) of various animals. He found that animals of the same class of the animal kingdom showed very similar temperature values, those from the Amphibia examined being 38.5°C (101.3F) , Fish 39°C (102.2F), Reptilia 45°C (113F), and various Molluscs 46°C (114.8F). …”

    No known vascular plant (including succulents e.g. cacti) can survive (high’s of) 52C (125.6F) [short-term] and most species well before than. Or, in other words, no place on Earth that currently typical experiences ‘regular’ 90F temperatures at some point of the year will not have any plants of any kind at (if not before) +5C, entirely regardless of any/all other survival parameters. No plants = no animals, insects, etc. aka life.

    IMO, there is no FKN way that any life on Earth survives the impacts imposed by 7 billion, ntm 9, ntm 11+ selfish simians. NTM with BAU (religion of greed via destructive materialism). Global carbon-extinction is that guaranteed result. And that’s ‘assuming’ aka denying that, in fact, it is already too late to maintain (preserve, ‘save’ much less reverse) any semblance of ‘life as we knew it’ on Earth (stable, productive ecosystems) that’s even without ‘civilized’ humans to keep making shit worse (actually, just making shit up to suit personal ego-expediency). Much too late. Not remotely approaching that we ‘knew’ (we’ve never “known”, if simians ever did, that was 500+ generations ago).

    Done deal.

    All over but the dying.

    We’re Toast.

    Bye-bye bipeds,

    Have a nice die-off.

    Yadda yadda.

    Want to blame someone?


    Blame me. I FKN did it.

    Anyone feeling nauseatingly ‘guilty as sin’?

    think think rant rant slobber slobber

    gnash gnash gnaw gnaw twitch twitch

  • April 30, 2009 at 8:11 am

    I take your point. But telling everyone it’s over and we’re all going to die is not a popular view. I’ve argued for the immediate shutdown of industrial civilization, which will not happen, can not happen and would not even prevent the dangerous feedback loops if it miraculously did happen.

    The truth is — nobody gets it. They do not believe we are already past the tipping points (we are), that we have now made it quite impossible to reverse, slow down or decline, and that this means we are going to face an inhospitable climate that will decimate life on Earth.

    The indifference and apathy to these events, past, present, future is a fine reason for the loathing and ‘literal disgust’ you mentioned.

    We’re still rather stupidly “debating” (you can’t debate with morons) whether or not climate change is “real”, or human caused, or irreversible (now) or whether or not it will have any ‘serious impacts’ on our greedy lifestyles, all the while species extinction and ecosystem collapse continues at an increasing accelerated pace around the world.

    Nobody even ‘gets it’ on the “mere” 2C increase and the significance of what this means. They’re all arguing about their “willingness to accept” 450ppm or 550ppm or even 850ppm carbon dioxide like it’s some sort of ‘choice’ now and minor lifestyle adaption (which we can conveniently do later when it’s ‘necessary’ and thereby place the burden upon someone else).

    Once the ecosystem collapses completely — we collapse, pure and simple. There will be no food, no water, no plants, no animals and finally, no people. But I am already confident that we will consume our way (like now) right down the food chain, where our near-descendants will soon be eating algae as there will be nothing else left.

    The Green Planet everyone envisions is going to be a Desert Planet of blasted wasteland and uninhabitable countries, formerly occupied by billions of people in ‘thriving cities’.

    We’ve screwed the pooch, it’s pregnant with a mongrelized monstrosity of human-error and bad judgment and arrogance and disbelief. And no amount of ‘data’, facts, scientific evidence, reports, analysis and logic is going to change the outcome now. It is not in our capacity it seems to care enough to stop ‘the good life’.

  • April 30, 2009 at 8:59 am
    “… telling everyone itâ’s over and weâ’re all going to die is not a popular view.” That’s okay, I’ve never aspired to be popular and I’ve been highly successful in that effort. Nevertheless, I am outstanding in my field – throwing up.

    It never fails to amaze me (as in ‘overwhelmingly) just how exercised people, nearly all of them, can get about ‘the economy’ as it impacts (real or imaginary) on their selfish future expectations of/on the planet. Or, for another current example, Fear Flu hysteria. And thousands of other ‘issues’ from American Idol to Zionist hegemony.

    The so-called ‘economy’ is utter fakery (a wholesale illusion) regardless of what anyone happens to ‘think’ or feel about (want) it. So too is Flu Fear. More people literally die of/while attempting to pull their pants on every FKN hour of every stinking day than have died in two-plus weeks of the Fear Flu panic-demic, To say nothing of infants and young children dying of dehydration, kwashikor and warfare (brutality) at a rate of 10 or more a SECOND for centuries.

    The ecology sustaining the web of life on Earth, however, is VERY aka absolutely, completely, totally REAL. And it’s ‘really’ dying, too. Fast. And, therefore, so are we. But, ‘don’t bother me’ with FKN worthless facts. Just give me a good ol’fashioned wanton delusion to believe in. Super-size it, with cheese.

    Would I push the button for human extinction? Abso-FKN-lutely. Set on “fast”. Too bad I don’t have access to that remote control – since we’re going to do it anyway – the long suffering slow way – thereby guaranteeing that we humans extinct ALL other life in the process of our committing mass suicide.

    Some folks apparently thrive on impaling voodoo dolls with pins and sharpened sticks. Perhaps, if I fashioned my own personal (imaginary) “extinction device” I too could experience some fleeting satisfaction, if not momentary voodoo relief, in pushing the start button on a continuing basis. Hey, that’s not any more (or less) insane that praying for Sky God to destroy ‘mine enemies’ so ‘He’ can love me more fully as I wallow in my willful ignorance and eternally consume the Earth.

  • April 30, 2009 at 11:59 am
    Plan says to stockpile but officials say don’t panic

    Thermal scanners, used to detect travellers with elevated body temperatures, were turned on last night at Australia’s eight international airports. Travellers with fevers were referred to doctors and made to submit to nose and throat swabs. From tonight all travellers entering the country will have to fill out health declaration cards, giving their contact details so they can be traced if swine flu is later detected among fellow passengers.

    No cases have been confirmed in Australia yet …

  • April 30, 2009 at 12:41 pm
    April 30,09 WHO

    “The global body said the number of confirmed cases in Mexico rose to 97 from 26, with seven deaths [NOT 150). The WHO confirmed tally from the United States now stands at 109, with one death.
    Other confirmed cases include 19 in Canada, 13 in Spain, eight in Britain, three each in Germany and New Zealand, two in Israel and one each in Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.”

    Total of 8 deaths since April 2, 09 (with most cases probably resultant to any number of complicating factors).

    Meanwhile, in the US alone, deaths from ‘seasonal flu’ exceeds 100 every FKN day (on avg).

  • May 2, 2009 at 11:16 am
    My friend works at a hospital as security.
    Very small town, very small hospital. He just started 12 hour shifts due to the outbreak of the swine flu smoke and mirrors.

    Read on another site that someone has noticed more C-130 activity near CO Springs CO and contrails that have blocked the view from below.

    Coincidentally, i am working in that area and have seen 2 to 6 flyovers daily in the last couple weeks. Wonder what they are moving and where.

    I get blank stares ( more than usual) when I point out the folly of fearing this dis-ease. The folly of pretty designer dust masks and still so few can believe this is part of the plan. Beta Test anyone.

    More guns, more food, more privacy.

    AS admin says –nothing to see here, go back to American Idol and Don’t miss the next episode of LOST. Everything is fine
    have some Tamiflu with your breakfast.

    Tamiflu from the last scare expires soon and now they have unloaded all of it.

    Al; Gore and Rummy are partners in a company that is exploiting this. Who could have guessed that.

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