One-Third of Gloal Coral Reefs Facing Extinction

I really wonder what it is going to take to wake this world up from it’s apathy and slumber.

Built over millions of years, coral reefs are home to more than 25 percent of marine species, making them the most biologically diverse of marine ecosystems. Corals produce reefs in shallow tropical and sub-tropical seas and have been shown to be highly sensitive to changes in their environment.

The authors selected 845 species of reef-building corals, discarded 141 on which the data were insufficient, and took a look at the conservation status of the rest.

Of the remaining 704 species, 231 are listed in the threatened categories, while 407 are in threatened and Near Threatened categories combined …. The only species that do not fall within threatened categories are those that inhabit deeper, lower reef slopes and those not solely dependent on reef habitats.

“These results show that as a group, reef-building corals are more at risk of extinction than all terrestrial groups, apart from amphibians, and are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change,” said Roger McManus, CI’s vice president for marine programs. “The loss of the corals will have profound implications for millions of people who depend on coral reefs for their livelihoods.” One Third Of Reef Building Corals Face Extinction

But of course, our Pretender in Chief has the EPA slam the door on climate change. This bastard-child of Satan should be prosecute for global genocide. But he’s not the only denier, you can read the idiotic and stupid comments by ignorant fools all over the Internet, who keep insisting against all the science and all the facts that climate change simply isn’t an issue.

EPA Won’t Act On Emissions This Year because to do so would undue a crapload of asinine policies and practices promoted by the Bush Axis of Evil. They’ve been hiding a lot from the American people and the world, such as censoring Congressional testimony of the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

The danger the Bush junta has proven to be to the entire world cannot be denied, but our disgustingly cowardly and complicit Congress, who should also be prosecuted for war crimes and global genocide, continues to stand utterly still on issues that affect the entire planet.

A tripling of the sea-ice melt is occurring (now). Melting permafrost could release vast stores of carbon (and methane) into the atmosphere, accelerating global warming dramatically.

The simulations revealed that during periods of sustained rapid ice loss, the rate of climate warming over northern Alaska, Canada, and Russia is 3.5 times greater than the average rates projected by climate models for this century. The warming can extend as much as 1500 kilometers inland and is strongest in autumn. Sea Ice Loss Threatens Permafrost


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5 thoughts on “One-Third of Gloal Coral Reefs Facing Extinction

  • July 12, 2008 at 7:03 pm

    Fall in tiny animals a ‘disaster’

    Experts on invertebrates have expressed “profound shock” over a government report showing a decline in zooplankton of more than 70% since the 1960s.

    Nothing to see here.


  • July 12, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    comment on above ‘report’

    “profound shock”
    “… zooplankton abundance has declined by about 73% since 1960 and about 50% since 1990.
    “This is a biodiversity disaster of enormous proportions.”

    (I’d like to ‘see’ how phytoplankton trends compare with zooplankton)

    But, believe you me, you do NOT want to see what that zoo-p curve (trend line, regression) looks like!
    Obviously ‘decline’ (crash) is accelerating -dramatically.

    50% loss in 17 years or ~ -3%/year currently (or more) and accelerating.
    (according to my read of that), 27% of 1960 level remains – in theory

    so (ball-parked)
    2008 : 27 – 3.5 = 23.5
    2009 : 23.5 – 4 = 19.5
    2010 : 19.5 – 5 = 14.5
    2011 : 14.5 – 6.25 = 7.75
    2012 : 7.75 – 7.75 = 0

    As plankton goes so goes all ‘higher’ life in the oceans, As the oceans go, so go we

    It’s check out time. Do you know where your baggage is?

  • July 12, 2008 at 10:04 pm

    A global state of emergency should be immediately declared throughout the world, something I’ve said several times here. The danger bells are ringing absolutely everywhere now.

    There is going to be extremely severe ecological crash, with tens of thousands of species going extinct nearly overnight (in just a few years). This will create a precipitous drop in the food supply.

    Humans will (very) shortly follow (massive population reduction, ie., starvation on a global scale).

  • July 14, 2008 at 12:35 pm

    In answer to your rhetorical question (“I really wonder what it is going to take to wake this world up from itâ’s apathy and slumber.”), the answer is “A decline in homo sapien population of 25% or more.” It will not be until billions of humans are dropping dead that serious action will even be contemplated on the environmental front. Humanity will happily s*** its bed until there is nothing left, and then it will ask “what, no more?”
    We are not (collectively) smarter than yeast.

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