Oil Companies Vastly Underreporting Volitile Organic Compounds Being Released

Researchers in Canada have finally gotten around to actually inspecting the amount of volatile organic compounds being released from surface mining activities. Prior to this, they simply relied upon the measurements provided by the oil companies themselves.

Well, duh! I’ve yet to read of a single, ethical oil company that has not engaged in deception, lying, coverup, fraud and even murder. Their track record of truth is absolutely horrendous. If and when they’re every actually held accountable for their actions (after DECADES of litigation), they pay armies of lawyers to forestall any penalties, fines or fees levied by the courts. In the meanwhile, they’re busy raping, polluting, poisoning and destroying the planet – and the living contingent of life within this sphere.

So of course it is of no real surprise to learn that they’ve been under represented their own emissions. It is what you would expect from greedy, pollutive, destructive companies that have also heavily funded climate change denialism and faked-science research.

A lot more research would need to be done to inspect them all – but this won’t happen. I’d hazard a educated guess that this sort of inspection will soon be outlawed by compliant governments. It will be deemed illegal to fly over mining activity. Or it will be deemed illegal to make inspections like this without prior authorization of the oil companies themselves.

These are the same companies that are not only helping to pollute the atmosphere, but their poisoning the water supplies too – which is another arena that has seen a lot malfeasance and denial.



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2 thoughts on “Oil Companies Vastly Underreporting Volitile Organic Compounds Being Released

  • April 27, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Business has always managed to ‘get away with murder’ in the past, and in recent times the mechanisms for holding big business to any sort of account have been dismantled……after all, the prime ‘purpose’ of government is to promote business activity and facilitate looting and polluting of the commons. And governments have become expert at allowing looting and polluting of the commons. Which is why we are all ultimately fucked. Well coning generations are.

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