Odd Little Story

This is an odd little story: Door-to-door spies in Utah County?

They’re probably not Israeli spies, but do bear in mind, that the “art student” cover has been used many times before.

Most likely, this is a disinformation campaign, rather then an intelligence-gathering operation (who would be so clumsy and stupid to try something like this?).

But it still poses the question, “Why?”.

I don’t know, but often enough, things are not at all what they seem.  Could be simply a cloud-type intelligence operation — find out who talks to who and where by seeding a weird little story and watching for all the interaction and activity going on as it spreads.

And this is a disgusting story: US to apologize for “˜atrocious’ STD experiments in Guatemala

I’ve known about this for many years, and a lot of people believe that this could never happen or still does — but that would not be true.  The U.S. has a long history of illegal research and medical experimentation on humans all over the world.  We’re not alone in this either, most governments do this.
Most of these stories are buried, but we’ve seen recent examples with swine flu, avian flu and others.

This is worth reading to: Failed Washington-Sponsored Ecuadorean Coup Attempt


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