Not A Conspiracy

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The same crap happened with the Wall Street bailout. Every time corporate “America” falls into a financial crisis, the government bails them out while ignoring the citizenry.

I didn’t get any “stimulus” check funds, not one cent. Nor did I apply for any loans, grants, gifts or freebies. I thought that $1200 check offered to some Americans was a complete joke.

It’s “not a conspiracy” (watch the video) – it’s gross incompetence. Government “works in the interests of large business”.  Always has, always will – unless we change government.

Americans have not had a “representative government” AT ANY TIME in our entire history. There have been, and always will be, disenfranchised, unrepresented Americans. To claim anything else is to simply perpetuate a lie.

Right now, Americans are screaming loudly about the “stolen election” and “make every vote count”. These are contradictions – the votes WERE counted, repeatedly. But they don’t like the results, so they changed their tune to false claims of a stolen election. As we have seen, it’s been all smoke and mirrors and endless bullshit. Fabrications built upon lies and phony allegations.

But if you were one of the millions of Americans that agree with the election outcome – does that mean you’re now going to be “represented”? Of course not. Nothing is really going to change. Were you sufficiently represented before? No? Then you’re not going to sufficiently represented now.

Trump did not represent anyone other then himself, ever. Nor did Obama, Bush, Clinton or any other President. You, the individual, are not represented by the American President, or the representatives in the Senate, or the House. Examine who they support, who they fund, who they protect, who they endorse. Examine how they get legislation passed. The lip-service given by these alleged “representatives” to individuals, working families and those who were not born with a silver spoon has always been easy to see. You have to be delusional to not know what is going on – America is the land of the fee and the home of the slave, and always has been.

Our form of government was specifically designed to protect monied interests above all else. Society is designed to do exactly the same thing, mirroring the intentions of government. The Constitutional “protections” afforded to the people as individual “rights” are really rights about money. Money gives you the platform, the voice, the audience and the means to express your Constitutional Amendment the strongest. But without money, you’re unable to do anything except shout into the wind.

Social media giants are “de-platforming” dissent (including yours truly) when my First Amendment rights challenged the status quo and the false narratives being posted. If I had lots of money, I could take them to court, but I’m not going to waste my time. Lawyers overly represent people with money, irregardless of who is actually guilty or at fault. Courts favor the most powerful and best funded cases, irregardless of who is actually guilty of wrong-doing. This is all part of the sham “democracy” we have received from the Constitution, upheld by the Courts and the final arbitrators, the Supreme Court, who continually “interpret” the document to suit the current political climate.

Within this byzantine mix of “interpretations”, limitations and restrictions, individual Americans have always had to navigate the treacherous waters created by the privileged (wealthy) in order to find a way to survive. It’s more then just making “ends meet”, it’s also surviving the shark-infested waters comprised of duplicity and double-standards, racism and hatred, and nationwide law enforcement that protects monied interests first and foremost.

None of this is accidental, it’s all by design, all “Constitutional”.

What should be obvious by now, especially since my past several articles have focused on Constitutional attempts to break the law, steal the recent Election, and violate the voting “rights” of hundreds of millions of Americans, is this:

We have a gross misrepresentation of laws in America that favor money and special interest groups, including corporations, above the rights of individuals. Whatever the Constitution was originally designed to do for individuals, it’s all been long since subverted through constant reinterpretations and manipulation by monied interest to place their interests first and foremost.

The individuals comprising the population of America are only meagerly represented if they belong to different groups in order to have any protections. The bigger the group, the more protections afforded. Government serves powerful and monied interests first and foremost, every time.

Millions of individuals came to realize this long ago, forcefully organizing themselves in an effort to gain some representation. Native Americans came to realize that they had to band together to gain any representation and some protection, but not before most of them were wiped out. Workers unions, organizations and co-operatives were formed to exert influence upon government representatives that weren’t adequately representing them before. Now, they’re still only representing the group’s interest – contrary to Constitutional protections allegedly afforded to all.

The great oddity that puzzles my mind (still) is how so many people thought that Trump actually tried to represent them. As an “outsider”, he made endless promises, none of which he was capable of keeping. He also drove the country apart (and still is), choosing to be President only to loyalists while hating and ignoring everyone else. He was the worst President in US history, creating the most divisive, non-representative government ever experienced by individual Americans, but corporate America loved him for his tax cuts and redistribution of wealth to the rich. He revealed just how much Americans hate government, while at the same time, falsely portraying himself as America’s savior.

This sordid episode of American history has revealed some glaring issues within government. We are not being represented by anyone in reality. You have to “belong” to one of the favored groups to achieve any sort of protection. The financial crisis revealed by the pandemic showed everyone just how unimportant and meaningless the average American really is in the eyes of government, with corporate America taking the largest shares of all, again. It’s what they always do.

This isn’t a conspiracy – it’s how things work in America. We have a seriously flawed from of government that protects money (and power) above everything else, refusing to do the right thing when it is essential and needed. Just ask the Americans in Puerto Rico how they feel about the crumbs they received after a devastating hurricane tore the country apart. Many Americans laughed at their plight because brown-skinned Americans aren’t really Americans after all. Do you need proof? They don’t get to vote in Presidential elections. Now it’s their turn as businesses are forced to close and customers are forced to stay home and the US government once again, utterly fails to protect them while once again, bailing out the rich and the wealthy corporations.

The stupid, ignorant little boxes everyone wants to draw around the “other” is part of the problem. We’re supposed to be one country, united, but we most certainly aren’t. We’re deeply divided over numerous issues, most of which are stupid, fabricated and false, but that doesn’t seem to matter. Ignorance to reality and how things actually work remains firmly entrenched. Our Constitution is not protecting us like we think, and clearly, neither are our laws. Our so-called representation within the halls of government is doing a piss-poor job of ensuring the every American is being looked after, sharing the same privileges and protections without favor afforded to the wealthy.

It’s a deeply flawed system, but we’re not alone. It is like this all over the planet where governments always cater to money first and foremost. No government truly represents the people fairly, but some are better then others, and there are others better then America, but money and power has always had a extreme influence on how much “representation” is received by the people. It’s no accident that millionaires and billionaires are often found within the halls of power, even the elections are manipulated – only the right kind of wealthy candidates are allowed to reach the prize of high office where the people are then “allowed to vote” exercising their sham “democracy”.

Americans are delusional in the extreme to believe in the lie that we have a representative government when we really don’t. Or that we are a “free people”. Our participation in the requirements of civil society is both mandatory and voluntary, but it’s not without cost. Government (and the edicts of government) was designed to extract as much as possible from as many people as they could – without your fully informed and implicit consent, with multiple tiers of threats of punishment if you don’t. That’s not “representation”, that’s extortion.

Our democracy is supposed to be a true representation of the people, but it’s actually a shamocracy, where disinformation and delusion is mixed with under-representation and forced compliance into a toxic brew of corporate servitude.

As for the Republic and for which it stands, it’s been long gone for centuries now, razed down and uprooted, supplanted with fertile fields of lobbyist and lawyers, rulings and deals, wherever the money flows. And it’s not coming back, not when a large percentage of the population remains ignorant, deceived and demanding for a fascist take-over that will only worsen our misrepresentation.




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