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World At War With Iran

The headlines might as well say that — because this chart reveals why it will happen no matter what:

Spare Oil Capacity In The World

In a world that is 100% dependent upon cheap, plentiful energy, what do you suppose is going to happen as the energy runs out?  When demand exceeds the sum total of the world’s spare capacity (excluding Iran of course)?

The Iran rhetoric we are all being bombarded with is nearly all 100% all absolute bullshit, but the chart above reveals what it is really all about and why the propaganda machines are cranking the rhetoric up higher and higher.

Financial Collapse

Lost Vegas (youtube video link) – The future of America.  The collapse happening in Sin City is being repeated all over the nation.

Another Vanguard video – Outsourcing Unemployment.  Nobody seems to understand that the unending growth / consumption paradigm cannot possibly last. Even if China consumers take up the slack of American consumers – for how long can this possibly last?

This entire economic growth model is doomed to fail.   And nobody has a clue what happens next.

Police State

Police State Stupidity – Cold medication purchase results in arrest for drug arrests.  Even after explaining the very obvious to the fools in charge, she was still arrested.

Honduras Suspends Civil Liberties – Just like in the United States (G20 protests), voicing your dissent of any wrongdoing or speaking out against the evil machinations of government is ‘illegal’.  The decree prohibits unauthorized gatherings and allows police to arrest without a warrant “any person who poses a danger to his own life or those of others.” 

The Real Terrorists At The G20 Event – A good reason to never show up (unless you’re heavily armed).   That’d really make these goons shit their pants.  We still outnumber them 10,000 to 1.

Catastrophic Rise in Global Temperatures Now Predicted by Science

We have known for several years that if the planet exceeds a specific  “threshold” temperature, that this would mean the extinction of most life on Earth.  We have new data to support this finding, and it’s worse then anyone thought.

A 6.3 degree rise in global temperature is now considered a virtual certainty, even if the most ambitious reductions in greenhouse gas contributions are undertaken.

Who actually thinks we are going to be successful in meeting the “most ambitious reductions”? Who thinks we could even meet 50% of these targets?  Or just 25%?

But here is the really bad news:

‘Leemans and Eickhout (2004) found that adaptive capacity decreases rapidly with an increasing rate of climate change. Their study finds that five percent of all ecosystems cannot adapt more quickly than 0.1 C per decade over time. Forests will be among the ecosystems to experience problems first because their ability to migrate to stay within the climate zone they are adapted to is limited. If the rate is 0.3 C per decade, 15 percent of ecosystems will not be able to adapt.

If the rate should exceed 0.4 C per decade, all ecosystems will be quickly destroyed, opportunistic species will dominate, and the breakdown of biological material will lead to even greater emissions of CO2. This will in turn increase the rate of warming

–Leemans and Eickhout (2004), ‘Another reason for concern: regional and global impacts on ecosystems for different levels of climate change,’ Global Environmental Change 14, 219–228

A guaranteed 6.3 degree rise (Fahrenheit) in just 90 years equates to 1.42 degree rise per decade.  This exceeds the 0.4°C threshhold per decade by 50% whereby widespread ecosystem destruction on a global scale will have (irreversibly) commenced long before — even if we somehow met the most ambitious reductions in greehouse gas emissions!

We will STILL exceed the 0.4°C catastrophic threshold.  Global species and ecosystems collapse on a worldwide scale is now a virtual certainty.

This will result in all of the worst-case scenarios for humanity coming true.

Thermal death threshold for trees is reached at approximately 115°F. The thermal death threshold varies depending upon the duration of hot temperatures, the absolute highest temperature reached, tissue age, thermal mass, water content of tissue, and ability of the plant to make adjustments to temperature changes.  Tree Heat Stress Syndrome

We need to reminded (daily) that our lives and how we live them are directly impacting the remaining ecosystems on Earth.  This is what our consumption of all paper products is doing:

Crowning the Earth at the top of the world is a world’s largest ecosystem, even larger then the Amazon.  It is the boreal forest.  We are now cutting this forest down at one Connecticut  size clearcut — per day.

The devastation is being replaced with absolutely nothing, no tree plantings, no reseeding, nothing.  Almost no life can live in these now barren wastelands.

The wood being cut?  The majority is being shipped down to the United States for our consumption (paper products account for a lot of this).

Humans are doing everything possible to ensure their own destruction. The great tragedy is no matter how much evidence of this destruction is shown to world leaders or the world’s citizens, the destruction continues, non-stop.

Thinking Ahead

Perhaps the most crucial skill of all right now for modern humans, is the ability to be able to think ahead.

Because of the catastrophic conditions that are developing throughout the world in finance, climate, ecosystem collapse, food production, energy declines and even to the most basic tenents of civilization itself, the ability to think ahead and comprehend the interconnections and likely outcome of all these issues is of paramount importance.

Our worldview is woefully limited, hindering our ability to comprehend the “big picture”.  Instead, we only perceive through a glass darkly, the ghostly images of our severely lopsided ‘reality’.

Try explaining to a neophyte the impacts of climate change (and I’m talking about the factual, measurable impacts of climate change happening right now) and their eyes glaze over.  They’re immediately lost in a fog of too much information and too little understanding.

Sometimes the opposite happens, with immediate denial, rejection and obfucation of facts and scientific evidence.  Even photographic or video evidence of clear signs of destruction are taken to mean anything but the actual truth.

Next, try to explain how this will effect the future of everything on the planet.  Even how obscure connections like space travel or the planned Mars Mission will be affected.  They’re intricately connected to the viability and health of the Earth, but there seems to be only a handful of people that can map these connections and how one effect causes another.

Basically, we’re still being terribly misinformed on some subjects, and we allow ourselves to be easily persuaded to any views that support our own prejudices or bias.  Ethnocentricism plays an important role in this self-deception, but whatever the cause of this human blindness is — we are flat out running out of time to tolerate much more of it.

Since humans simply cannot seem to grasp the dangerous folly of their situation, it’s pretty clear that visionary action will be necessary.  The ability to think ahead on cause and effect offers only a slim chance at all that some humans might yet survive the coming catastrophe.

The failure to think ahead, and to connect the dots and understand the big picture will undoubtedly be our undoing.  This is an extinction level event, the singularity of when blindness and ignorance dooms the human race.

Some visionary scientists are doubtful that we will make it.  I am too. We’re going backwards much more often then going forwards, doing as little as we can get away with towards ensuring a liveable planet.

We regulate “responsibility” to politicians and rule makers, agencies and bureaucratic incompetents, stupidly believing that this is sufficient “action”, and utterly failing to document their catastrophic failures or hold them accountable.

But the real fault must be ours, because as world citizens, we continue to let this happen.

It’s rather pointless to point blame anymore, because we’re all to blame in reality.  We should be actively working towards solutions and survival, but we can’t seem to get off the pot.  Most discussions revolve around how to continue our destruction at a more “manageable pace”, instead of simply abolishing all such activity.

Only one path is truly sustainable, the other inevitably still leads us to our destruction.  There is little doubt at all which path we will continue to take.

Nobody will ever accuse humans of being the species that deserved to live, but they will accuse us (whatever “they” might be) of being the only plague that destroyed the Earth.

Prepare Now!

I know that this is an old theme — but it remains as true as ever, or perhaps even more so.  Prepare now, while you still can.  Economic collapse is nothing when compare to environmental collapse.  Nothing triumphs over our environment in terms of effect.

Right now, you can still prepare at a fraction of the cost of what it’s going to be in the future.  As the environmental / energy doom worsens, this will drive up costs considerably more.  There will be a huge demand for land, water, food and resources as more and more people are affected and become deeply impacted by climate change.

Climate refugees are already a fact of life, but when it happens here on a big scale, we’ll see even the land of milk and honey struggling to accomodate the crush of humanity.  Think Katrina (after) effects on a national scale and you get the idea.

This is why I’m taking a generational view (100 year plan) for my own efforts.  Almost everything I’ve ever written and discussed will happen within the next 100 years.  There are some, such as increased planetary heating that we already know will last at least 1,000 years, even after all industrial activity has stopped!  But I can’t plan that far ahead, 100 years will have to do (and it wouldn’t matter if I could).

Food, water, land, renewable fuel (wood in my case) for heating, cooking, building are critical necessities.  Obtain these NOW.

I’m not planning for ANY cities to survive.  My guess is the world will revert to an agrigarian / village structure with a few cities (but I’d not want to live near one, as they will exploit their surrounding areas).

The hunter / gatherer future envisioned by some is probably over 100 years off, it’ll happen one day, but not for a long time yet.  The real future is what remains of our lives — and that of our children.  We CAN prepare us / them for this, at least to a degree.  And I think we should.

Why, I don’t really know.  The desire to survive is pretty strong in all humans.  We certainly don’t deserve to live here, but we ARE here after all.  I’d like to see humans return to an ethical based methodology of living on the planet, based upon cooperation and mutal respect.  But I won’t live to see that day, nobody alive today will.

I think that the remaining years of our lives ahead will be bad — very bad.  I see no other possible outcome to this. War, disease, fascism, slavery, impoverishment, destruction and destitution are ahead (for everyone).  There is no chance at all that we will “peacefully walk into the future” in world that is quickly declining in it’s ability to support us.

Humans will turn into rabid animals (as if they aren’t doing this already) as they are forced to compete for the essentials for life.  This is actually a normal animalistic response and should be expected.

What you decide to do about all of this is entirely up to you.  There is no point at all in “telling” you what to do, only what you can reasonably expect.  What you do is your choice and yours alone.

Do nothing at all if you want.  Most people will choose this option out of fear, ignorance, disbelief or denial.  Do everything you can out of fear, belief, awareness or acceptance.  It makes no real difference in all honesty, and that is a fact nobody else will probably ever tell you.

There are too many variables at work to guarantee anything anymore.  What we know about the future is that certain things will happen, but nobody knows what this will mean to you exactly.  Only that you will be affected just like everyone else.  The only ‘difference’ that can possibly be determined is how much you have planned and prepared for what lies ahead.  That’s it.  The rest is totally out of your hands.

But I’m inclined to take that small chance, that ‘difference’ that I can make by doing something for myself and my loved ones.  It’s better then nothing, after all.  And it’s my choice, one which I make fully aware and awake to all that I think is going to take place.

But that choice remains yours.



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